Tom Felton and Tom Fletcher = brothers?

If you squint your eyes, Tom Fletcher (above) almost looks like our Tom, except Tom Fletcher (above) is apparently missing both ring fingers, which is very sad.

Tom Felton fans are probably already familiar with McFly singer, Tom Fletcher.

First, the two Toms are Twitter pals, frequently chatting back and forth about music, movie premieres and soccer (Mr. Felton previously played SoccerAid with Mr. Fletcher’s band mate, Danny Jones).

Additionally, you may recall that fans of the two Toms teamed up a few months ago during the TOMS UNITE campaign, an effort to boost both guys in the Mr. Twitter Universe contest.

Interestingly, you’ll notice that in that post, was quite keenly observant to mention how much the Toms look alike!

Then, yesterday, Tom Fletcher joked about their similarities and differences during a Twitter conversation with Tom Felton.

@TomFelton: Does anyone enjoy films the more you see them? seen pineapple express a dozen times and I’m enjoying now more than ever. Franco is brilliant

@TomMcFly: @TomFelton 2 words dude…Star Wars. Seen them all an uncountable amount of times and they get better and better.

@TomFelton: @TomMcFly this may harm your ears but I’ve never seen star wars. Any of them, And yes I have been terrorised for this before so be gentle x

@TomMcFly: @TomFelton Ha, I should unfollow you for that blaspheme! It’ll change your life. Start at the beginning with an open mind. You wont regret!

@TomFelton @TomMcFly will do good sir. One rainy Sunday I’ll get on it x

@TomMcFly @TomFelton Hey, If you stick your chin out and I bleach my hair we could switch jobs for a day. I’m sure no one would notice.

@TomFelton @TomMcFly deal. I’d be quite down with strumming the 6 string in front of thousands. Could steal some of your songs too x

Then today, the celebrity experts at Heatworld echoed what Tom Fletcher joked about, and what said a few months ago – the two guys do look similar!

Tom Felton and Tom McFly?

Here at heatworld, we spend quite a big chunk of our week giggling at all the celebrity lookalikes sent in by our dear readers, but it’s not very often that a celebrity themselves points out how much they look like someone else. Tom Fletcher from McFly looks so much like Harry Potter star Tom Felton (he does, look at them! They could so easily be brothers!) that he even sent the actor a message about it on Twitter. Tom wrote to Tom (this could get confusing), “Hey, if you stick your chin out and I bleach my hair we could switch jobs for a day. I’m sure no one would notice.” Bless.

For the record, Tom (Fletcher), we happen to think your chin is lovely just the way it is. Your whole face is lovely – so there!

After hearing all this, we’re going to be watching Draco Malfoy very closely in the next Harry Potter film. Just in case…

Interesting! Or, do you think Tom Felton looks more like a young Ryan Gosling, as asked in an earlier post?

What do you think?

35 thoughts on “Tom Felton and Tom Fletcher = brothers?

  1. He definitely looks like Tom Fletcher. If you cover their eyes, Tom Felton and young Ryan Gosling look exactly the same, like.. nose, lips and facial structure, haha.

  2. thats so cool! Tom and Tom lolz-i think Tom(Felton) looks more like Tom Fletcher than Ryan. idk…hard to tell on my phone sometimes ;).

    Luv ya TONS, Tom!
    your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

  3. I actually checked Heatworld’s echos about the similarities between both Toms when our Thomas posted about it on the 20th.

    And the following conversation between them isn’t dating from yesterday, but from the 16th. Thomas, the other Tom is right regarding Star Wars: It’ll change your life, start at the beginning open-mindly, it’s worth it!

    As far as you looking like young Ryan Gosling, I’ve already given my piece of mind previously. You’re too lumineous of features and of nature, Dear, compared to him. And I’m favoring light, anyway. *wink*

    With Love,


  4. mmm well en my opinion Tom Fletcher doesn’t look like Tom Felton. Don’t understand why say they really do. (The elbrows, eyes, facial estructure es completly different).
    But I agree that he looks a bit more like Ryan Gosling.

  5. tom felton & tom fletcher can pass off as cousins but they don’t really look like each other but he does look like ryan gosling (younger version), as the face structure, ears & nose but tom has bigger eyes & a alot fuller lips & yeah a darker haired ryan does look alot like matt dave lewis

  6. I always have said that tom fletcher looks alike tom felton,the truth is that the two are very handsome and talented.
    i ♥ tom (harry potter)
    i ♥ tom (mcfly)


    • so true!!! actually i think the resembelence between ryan key and tom felton is closer but stil is cool that you thought of that 2!!!

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