New music from Tom Felton coming soon!

Tom mentioned on Twitter yesterday that he just finished recording another song, and hopes to have a new album released in a few months!

Recorded another song today. Got 4 done now for the next EP. Hoping to have it out around Christmas. Still needs a name though x

Just a reminder that Tom’s previous music is available on the following sources:

6 thoughts on “New music from Tom Felton coming soon!

  1. Yes, that’s indeed what I saw, and I managed precisely to get enough space on my Nano, just for it. If he can get it released on time around Christmas, this would be the best holidays seasons in my lifetime! It would be simply wonderful!

    As far as names go, I thought of “Inside My Cristal Ball”, “Predictions” and its synonym, “Foresights”, which is better sounding into my ears, since seemly your songs, Thomas, are a journey between past, present and future…

    With Love,


  2. When “In Good Hands” came out I had to buy it on Amazon because I couldn’t wait for the itunes release. I hope the next one is available on itunes right away, I prefer that music shop! Exciting!!

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