Surf’s up for Tom Felton’s new movie, “In Between The Waves”

Finally we received some news regarding Tom’s movie, “In Between The Waves.” Last week, Tom revealed on Twitter that he was filming a teaser trailer for the movie! Many production companies will film teasers to help raise awareness for the movie. We hope to have more information and photos of the shoot this very soon!

This film, called a European buddy movie by Producer and Director Benjamin Johns, is slated to start production in 2010 and stars Tom Felton and Ed Speleers as Luke and Guy.

Here is a summary:

After winning their first heat in a French surfing competition, a massive accidental explosion propels best-of-friends Guy and Luke on a wild escape journey. Chance encounters and surprises around every corner, they hit the road down Europe’s Atlantic coast with their new beautiful mysterious companion Carli.

But all is not what is seems. Guy and Luke are pulled in different directions by Carli who gradually lures hem onto a new path – to a magical coastal region in Morocco.

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