Will The Real Tom Felton Please Stand Up?

You may remember a post we did a few days ago, where we inquired as to what you thought about the various Tom Felton Look-A-Likes that have sprung up in the past. Well, we have one more for you! In a recent Q&A interview that David Inman conducted he asked this question:

Q: I am a fan of the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” The boy dressed as a cowboy who gets reduced in the television looks just like the boy who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter [website] movies. Is it his son?

The answer was this:

A: Nope. Paris Themmen played Mike Teevee in that 1971 film; Tom Felton plays Draco in the Harry Potter movies.

I mean, obviously he’s not Tom’s father [Would it be wrong if I made a “Tom, I am your father” comment at this moment in time?] Let’s check if Mr. Inman’s query matches up with ours. Does Paris Themmen look “JUST LIKE” Tom Felton? You decide:

It’s not a cowboy hat, but it’ll do, I think. And I thought it’d be fair if I posted a Young-Tom picture, anyway.

So, yea/nay? Tell us what you think. Which one out of the three contestants so far look the most like Tom Felton?

26 thoughts on “Will The Real Tom Felton Please Stand Up?

  1. I think the top two would be this guy and Tom Fletcher…right now I am thinking Tom Fletcher is the most Tom looking :).

    Luv ya TONS, Tom!
    Your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

  2. There’s two Tom Felton look-alikes at my school. I look like the younger Tom Felton and then there’s this guy I keep seeing around campus who looks like the current Tom Felton. I haven’t gotten a decent picture of him yet, though. I dun wanna seem stalkerish!

  3. English Schoolboys have a particular look, especially to American Audiances. We’ve had so many, although the English Schoolboy in the original Goodbye Mr Chips is the acme of the type. I mean come on, watch some English Boy Choirs and see if you can tell who is who, all peas in a pod to me.

    • No, Tom Fletcher doesn’t look like Tom Felton.
      Saying that they look because ther names of both are Tom and their last names begins with F, is absurd.
      Their faces complexion (elbrows, eyes, chins) and even, body structure is very different, Tom Felton is a lot thinner than Fletcher.

  4. no – i would say maybe yes to the guy who played mike tevee in the tim burton version. I reckon this other guy looks more like matt lewis

  5. It’s no for me too. I prefer the original, the very Petit Louis from “Anna & The King”, the very same kid who caught my eyesight back then, to never leave my mind everafter, even as being Draco Malfoy in the flesh.

    With Love,


  6. I say nay – sure there are similarities but nah!

    Now knoe Tom look-a-like that I believe everyone has spotted at one point (or should I say Draco-look-a-like) tends to be Eminem. I’ve never done a proper comparison, but maybe?

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