Photos From Tom Felton’s Teaser of “In Between the Waves” Now Online

As we have previously reported, Tom filmed a teaser for his upcoming film project In Between the Waves. Thanks to Backyards Surf & Skate shop and YDNA Boardriders, we now have photos from the event.

According to Backyards Surf & Skate shop, the short teaser “was shot on the picturesque cliffside at Highcliff in Dorset on the weekend of the 18th October 2009.” Along with Tom, co-star Ed Speelers of Eragon fame was also available for the promo shoot.

In Between the Waves
is scheduled for production in 2010. Check out our photo galleries for a few more images featuring Tom and his requisite VW Bus.

22 thoughts on “Photos From Tom Felton’s Teaser of “In Between the Waves” Now Online

    • Actually, I do possess a few and love to wear jumpers as well. The most notorious one was brought back from Down Under (Australia) *wink*.

      There are still some 1962 Wolkswagen into existence? Seems so, since there’s one in the shoots! *lol* I don’t know why, gets me thinking of Disney’s Lovebug, for some reasons.

      Can’t wait to see the result.

      With Love,


  1. Tom has very long, skinny, freaky white feet! I am surprised it was never mentioned when we saw them in HP6. I notice weird things like that. Plus I like feet. Not in a gross way, just in a philosophical, weirdo, observant, kind of way.

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