Photos of Tom Felton and The Halloween Coloring Contest Now Online

As we have previously reported, Tom was scheduled to judge a Halloween Coloring Contest this past Saturday, October 31st, for local neighboring youth in Surrey.

It looks like Tom, his Mum, and all the kids had a fabulous time! Thanks to Feltbeats Admin Lumalfoy for finding them! You can see the rest here in our photo galleries.

Source: Andy Newbold

15 thoughts on “Photos of Tom Felton and The Halloween Coloring Contest Now Online

    • Sharon must be the last one standing to Thomas’s very left, her hand resting on the desk.

      And I’m agreeing with Becky, to see Thomas involved with his local community reveals he’s not forgotten where he’s coming from, what’s giving his true identity. And that the gentlemen farmers have not disappeared.

      He’s one of them. Not only with women, but with kids also. God Bless Him.

      With Love,


  1. hello tom is good that your in a another movie of harry potter i’m so excitedly to see your movie next week i going to see the movie with my mom i have to go bye you should make time for your fans

  2. what’s up tom what are you doing today when can you answer my question you should answer your fans letters if i were famous like you i would show my fans that i care for them by answering there letters tom don’t you ever get tired of begining in harry potter movies i kinda like you tom don’t tell nobody that ok i’ll write to you next week see you later tom felton lots of love from me xoxoxo

  3. hello tom how are you today are you fine i’m in your team i like you better then harry potter i think draco malfoy is the perfect part for you i vote for draco malfoy i want to be in your team tom felton well goodbye xoxo

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