Tom Felton attends BBC’s Switch Live concert – Heatworld calls him their fav of the day!

As we announced yesterday, Tom Felton attended the BBC’s Switch Live concert and awards show earlier today in London.

Heatworld had mentioned on their Twitter that they were looking forward to seeing Tom, and they did!

Heatworld: We can see @TomFelton! yay

Heatworld: @TomFelton is having interviews now. He’s so charming. Our fave of the day!

While speaking with Heatworld, Tom even tweeted from the Heatworld account!

Heatworld: And here’s @TomFelton – he’s tweeting YOU!… Hey guys, Tom here. Lots of love to you all, and thank you for all the support. xx

Tom Felton with Heatworld at Switch Live
From Heatworld’s Twitpic: And finally the very lovely @TomFelton with Izzy (@Broomie29) and Karen (@KarenNEdwards). He was absolutely lovely and even tweeted YOU guys from our HW Twitter. What a sweetie! #BBCSwitchLive

After meeting Tom, the girls (pictured above) had some additional nice things to say about him.

From Broomie29 and @KarenNEdwards:

Broomie29: @TomFelton Was lovely to meet you at BBC Switch Live today! Still think you should carry Timber around with you! Hee hee!!

KarenNEdwards: Knackering day but got to meet some friendly faces. @TomFelton was by far the highlight. Really, really lovely guy.

Broomie29: @KarenNEdwards Totally agree! @TomFelton is charming and wonderful…and a dog-lover!! Doesn’t get much better…

We’re also happy to announce that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was awarded Switch’s Favourite Flick of the year.

While the concert and award ceremony was held earlier today, the ceremony will not be aired until Sunday, November 15th at 3:00 pm GMT on BBC One.

If you find more videos or photos, please let us know!

Thanks to Feltbeats Admin Estrella89San for letting us know about the photo!

6 thoughts on “Tom Felton attends BBC’s Switch Live concert – Heatworld calls him their fav of the day!

  1. The lovelier people meet, the merrier!

    Thrilled to know all of them enjoyed getting introduced to each other, and that as always, Thomas dropped us a thankful message along the way.

    Yes,charming, lovely and wonderful, a true highlight. I couldn’t posibly agree more!

    With Love,


  2. Lucky girls Broomie29 & Karen Nedwards to meet our Tom.
    Broomie29 suggestion of carrying Timber around with him I had the very same Idea when Tom was missing her when hes away & I do have a cuddly just like Timber he could take with him but unfortunately cannot pass it on to him.
    Love Tina XXX

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