Heatworld posts a new picture of Tom Felton arriving at BBC’s Switch Live

Heatworld has just updated their site with more coverage of BBC’s Switch Live, which took place yesterday. They also refer to Tom as a “presenter” so we should expect to see much more of him when BBC airs the full concert and awards show Sunday, November 15th at 3:00 pm GMT on BBC One.

Tom Felton arrives at Switch Live

Heatworld is quickly becoming one of our favorite celebrity magazines because of their clear adoration of Tom! We don’t blame you, Heatworld! See yesterday’s coverage of the event to see what I mean!

Thanks to Feltbeats Admin Lilyginny27 for finding the photo (which I thought I found first, FOR ONCE!, but it was already uploaded to the gallery. Sigh! LOL).

12 thoughts on “Heatworld posts a new picture of Tom Felton arriving at BBC’s Switch Live

  1. A presenter? Looks like his previous performance as HBP making of host didn’t went unnoticed!

    He is so casual, at peace and at ease onto this pic, I just can’t escape feeling the same in return. This is the Thomas I love. Definitely.

    With Love,


  2. LMAO

    I was trolling through my photo sites in case I could find any others before posting to the front page… and then I realized I was late for work. Haven’t found any others yet! You did beat me to the post, though! 😛 lol

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