“And acccepting the award tonight we have Tom Felton!”

A couple new photos of Tom at Switch Live have been found, this time of Tom actually accepting the award he got to carry around with his pile o’ goodies.

Just to remind everyone, the award ceremony will be airing on BBC One at 3:00pm GMT on November 15th. We’ll be sure to have photos, screencaps, video, and everything else we can get our mouse to click on as soon after as we are able. Enjoy these little teasers until then!

Source: TomFeltonFans and Poudlard

14 thoughts on ““And acccepting the award tonight we have Tom Felton!”

  1. The first shoot featured atop above is excellent, you can see Thomas’s eyes twinkling under the spotlight. He’s very at ease and confident in himself, as he’s thanking for this award. It’s great to see that.

    He’s been all smile the whole evening, just happy to be there (second shoot below). He was in his elements, music and film.

    With Love,


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