13 thoughts on “Video of Tom Felton accepting Favourite Flick award now online

    • I just knew you would find it overnight! *lol*

      My Goodness, the atmosphere back over was electrical, for more electrical that any other concert I know of.

      Flutesong pointed it out nicely, Thomas handled out things very well, even if I couldn’t make out everything he had said. His emotion was obvious, how moved he was to be witnessed such support openly, as soon as he had walked in.

      With Love,


  1. This was great, he does the whole acceptance/screaming fans thing very well.

    I don’t know about other people, but being in a crowd like that or even listening and seeing a crowd like that makes my throat tight with emotion due just to the mass of screaming humanity.

    He was very cute and gracious.

  2. omg! Tom was amazing! I luved that they showed a Bellatrix Lestrange clip for the movie ;). Tom was amazing in HBP!!!! WE LOVE YOU, TOM!

    Luv ya TONS, Tom!
    Your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

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