Tom Felton, you have one minute to describe Draco Malfoy. Go!

In a bit titled One Minute Drills, the latest behind-the-scenes feature from the Half-Blood Prince DVD (when does it come out in my country? December 8th? *dies*) Tom and the gang are asked to describe their characters storyline from the first film through the 6th. Watch Tom describe Draco’s jealousy and childishness starting at the 4:28 mark.

Thanks Feltbeats Junior Admin Estrella89san for the tip!

9 thoughts on “Tom Felton, you have one minute to describe Draco Malfoy. Go!

  1. Haha Emma’s was the best.
    “This really annoying giggly stupid girl who likes pink called lavendar,…”
    I swear, she didnt breathe once…

  2. Yes, Draco’s childishness can be understood, because of the way Lucius has somehow treated him as still being a baby, although he was growing up right under his eyes. Nothing can be more displeasant than that, for he was being denied openly to make hios own choices and decisions. Jealousy for Harry grew akind, because Harry was being given the exact opposite, what he was truly looking for from his family’s share. And that’s where one can be mistaken on relying on deeds not necessarily acceptable to reach this goal, only to realize (Thank Goodness!), that life doesn’t work this way…

    With Love,


  3. nice vdo!! v lovely!

    and.. heyyy~
    talk about HBP DVD!!
    I’m Thai and today [19 Nov.] we have a HBP DVD Release Party!!

    I’m too busy to join that event cuz my homework and project from school, now i’m screaming jealously in my twitter to everyone who have free time this evening and go to that party….

    and the event is OPEN JUST NOW!!


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