Tom Felton Screencaps Galore And A Missing DVD Extra

Thanks to Feltbeats Junior Admin Estrella89san we now have screencaps via The Leaky Cauldron of Tom from all of his appearances in the DVD extras of the newly released (to some of you – Gah! I can’t wait.) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. However, a few of those captures make me want to cry as it seems there is another behind-the-scenes extra entitled “Behind the Camera with James Phelps” that Tom took part in, and I can’t find it! Virtual cookies to the first one that tweets us a link to the clip!

From the not-findable-yet-online clip:

And a few of the rest. You can see 40 some more here in our galleries.

8 thoughts on “Tom Felton Screencaps Galore And A Missing DVD Extra

  1. got the dvd on the 17th and watched gladly the extras which are pretty good. so nice to see so much of tom finally.
    I though didn’t spot too that extra you posted too: will keep looking and drop a line if I do find it.

    good job with the site.


  2. I saw the DVD in a store a few days ago, but I didn’t bring enough money to buy it! Silly me, I know. 🙂

    And I found a video of “Behind the Camera with James Phelps”, and tweeted you guys the link. No idea where it is on the dvd though.

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