Tom Felton plays “Marry, Snog, or Stupefy” at T4’s Stars of 2009

Thanks to our friends at Snitchseeker for this clip of Tom, Matt Lewis, and Bonnie Wright answering T4’s Harry Potter version of “Marry, Kiss, Kill” at Sunday’s T4’s Stars of 2009. Watch the trio onstage as they pick between hard, and harder, choices as their fellow castmates are thrown into the ring.

Who would you “Marry, Snog, or Stupefy”?

10 thoughts on “Tom Felton plays “Marry, Snog, or Stupefy” at T4’s Stars of 2009

  1. haha I like that one! 😀 so cool…definately would snog and marry Tom-I mean Draco ;). Idk about Neville, but i wouldnt stupefy him :). What would you guys do? 😉

    Luv ya TONS, Tom!
    Your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

  2. cute video. lol at all ur reactions and answers especially tom’s and matt’s. bonnie the part pooper 😛 should’ve taken a stab and said which of those guys she’s want to marry and snog lol

    i LOVE how tom’s like “the other one with the other one” and it turns out to be snog ginny, & bonnie’s standing right next to him & he takes a step closer to her, haha. oh my d?g fan & shipper hearts continues to beat 😀

    i was hoping for bonnie to say that she’d snog draco so there might’ve been an on-stage smooch between “ginny” and “draco” 😉 haha

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