Feltbeats.com interviews Executive Producer and director of new TV show featuring Tom Felton, “Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie” (Part II)

Screenshot of Tom Felton’s introduction on “Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie.”

Feltbeats.com was lucky enough to sit down (electronically) with Craig Pickles, Executive Producer and director of “Jack Osborne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie,” a new reality show where Jack Osborne gets a group of celebrities (including Tom Felton) to perform crazy, dangerous stunts. Today we post the second half of our exclusive interview.

“Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie” is ITV2 on Wednesdays at 9pm. Tom’s episode will be the last one shown, at the end of November.

Our Interview

Feltbeats: As director, did you or your crew have to do anything dangerous during your filming with Tom?

Craig Pickles: We are often strapped in next to our celebrities as they take on death defying challenges, purely in order to film them. But on this particular shoot, Tom, Jack, Gemma and Wendi bore the brunt of the danger and that’s just fine by me!

Feltbeats: What are some of the funniest moments involving Tom we should expect to see on the show?

CP: One word: Ostrich!

Feltbeats: Was Tom wearing any good luck charms that you know of?

CP: I believe he had a photograph of his girlfriend with him at all times.

Feltbeats: What would you want Tom Felton fans to know about Tom, now that you’ve spent time with him?

CP: He’s really not cruel or mean spirited in any way (like his Potter character). He was an absolute stand up, rock solid, enthusiastic, hilarious guy who helped make the shoot one of the best I have ever been on across four seasons.

Feltbeats: Lastly, Tom has recently released some original music on the internet where he sang and played the guitar. Have you heard it, and if so, what do you think? Did he bring his guitar to film the show in South Africa?

CP: I have not heard his music, but I did hear a guitar solo through the hotel wall at 5AM after our end of shoot party… if that answers the question.

Feltbeats.com would like to thank Craig Pickles so much! You’re the best!

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Short video of Tom Felton’s introductory clip in the show.


Lastly, as a tribute to Tom’s bravery in the show, FeltForum member Rotae made this icon. Don’t know what BAMF is? Just Google it. 🙂

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