“In My Arms” Lyrics

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AUDIO: Tom discusses the song “In My Arms” with Misha from Feltbeats.com.

“In My Arms” Lyrics

By Feltbeats (aka Tom Felton)

I won’t forget the first time
I saw you looking at me.
I had to hold you then and there.
Well, how could this be?

‘Cause your curves were oh so fine,
You just had to be mine.
And I will hold you in my arms
‘Til the end of time.
And I will work it out in my mind
How I got by without you in my life.

I feel so lucky to have you in my arms.
Damn, I feel so lucky to have you in arms.
And I feel so lucky to have you in my arms.
Damn, I feel so lucky to have you in my arms.

I can’t believe I got you home
Now we can be all alone.
Time with you is like no other –
I’m ignoring my phone.
‘Cause I feel like a king
Touching your G-string.
If you could walk away, and you did,
It would do me in.

And I, I will work it out in my mind
How I got by without you in my life.

I feel so lucky to have you in my arms.
Damn, I feel so lucky to have you in arms.
And I feel so lucky to have you in my arms.
Damn, I feel so lucky to have you in my arms.

In case you ain’t all clocked,
I’m talking ’bout my guitar!

52 thoughts on ““In My Arms” Lyrics

  1. OMG i took it so badly wow um ya sorry love the song you mite wont to take out the (touching your G-string) part with (touching you) um ya love your songs 🙂 .

  2. Did you read til the end of the lyrics?

    He’s talking about his guitar! The g-string on his guitar. It’s not a naughty song at all. Just a very tongue-in-cheek song.

    Hopefully now you’re all clocked! 🙂

  3. I love it, you actully made me laugh out loud, I was worried about it for the first part, if writing a song for your girlfriend is supposed to be romantic then that was worrying!(I asum if you wrote a song like that it would be for your girlfriend, I hope!)
    any way, I love it!

  4. tom, what a jokerrr of a song. 8) totally hilarious. this just made me bust out laughing like craazy, and i was in a library. 😳 so i got some pretty strange looks. but hey, it was worth it. love the end, wen you decide to tell us your on about the guitar instead of a certain someone. meeeee perhaps?? i wish. awesome song!! XXX

  5. I’ll be honest! I ador this song. G-string. Wow. That’s so funny. This is my second faorite song. Right behind Time Well Spent and tied with Time Isn’t Healing. Wow. Hahaha 😀

  6. ah jeez. i laughed so hard after reading the lyrics i just had to buy the song(:
    love it. :mrgreen: 🙂 😀 😛 😉 😆

  7. lol that made me laugh so much I almost fell out of the tree that I was climbing at the time… thank you so much that there were no neighbours around to give me strange looks.

    If you see this Tom: Great music. I love it.

    Cathy 8)

  8. althou i understand his goal here and i tink dat he does it well but to well dont you tink. by that mean that when he says “touching your g-string” it gets the listeners thinking……the other way to help it click with da listenrs understand dat dis is about guitar with a human personification orso i tink dat he should of said “strumming your g-string” insdead of saying “touching your g-string”

  9. omg lmao. everyone looked at me funny when i suddenly laughed at that last part, its real quiet here… 😀

  10. LOL
    i didn’t know this was about
    his guitar
    that is hilarious 😆 😛

  11. bahahaa!! this is by far my favourite of Toms songs now!

    He certainly likes singing about references to guitars! in ‘If thats alright with you’ he sings :

    hold you in my arms
    like you was a guitar
    and by now your
    guessing I’m liking you,


    Tom is absoloutly AMAZING! his songs are all so creative! I’m telling you, the Fiver I spent on ‘in good hands’ was the best fiver i have ever spent!

    -just think of the fan fictions you could come up with using toms songs! *squeals and runs off to Microsoft Word*

  12. HA! oh, when i read the end saying that it was about your guitar… I CRACKED UP LAUGHING but my mum was in the room with me, so she looked at me like i was a lunatic… 😛 that’s a real cute song. keep it up, man 🙂
    *thumbs up*

  13. LOL that was soooooooooooo funny i almost died of laughter.G-string?!!! I mean really!!!turns out it was his guitar

  14. This song is bloody hilarious. I was at my neighbors house when I heard it and there was a lot of people there and when I listened to the last part, I burst out laughing. They gave me really strange looks. Then I called my best friend and told her. We felt really bad after that because we had thought the song was about a girl…hehe.

  15. OMG!!! BRILLIANT!!! i was sitting in my form-room at school when i first heard this, and i was listening on my headphones – something i wasn’ meant to be doing and here i was thinking “hmmmmm, well, that’s a bit naughty…” then there was the last two lines and i just birst out laughing in the middle of class, and i couldn’t stop, and everyone was looking at me like i had suddenly grown two heads!!! lol! Sent it to all my friends!!! <3 it AND you Tom! xx

  16. Hilarious Tom! I actually thought you were talking about a girl! This is a really hard trick to pull off. I felt so embarrassed listening to it until I heard ‘guitar’ then I just smiled at my stupidity. I think you were laughing too at your lyrics. Well done, brillant word play! Humor in the music world is hard especially when its intentional. I listen to the song now and smile at the connecttions to the guitar. Truly brilliant! Try to do songs like that again! Again thanks for the laugh, and keep singing, we’re all behind you Tom.

  17. He’s bloddy twenty-something! Give him a break. In ‘Time isn’t healing’ and ‘Right place, right time’ he makes references to smoking! Is that wrong too?!?!?! Give him a break seriously. He uses the word correctly and isn’t insulting anyone so lay-off!!!!

  18. if you listen closely you can hear him laughter in his voice as he is singing.
    he also laughs in another song i dont remember which one but the lyrics are “cuz london roads scare this country boy”
    its adorable.

  19. Okay, me (being the EXTREMELY jealous type) I was starting to get mad until i saw the ending! OMG HILARIOUS! Love it! 🙂

  20. Lol this song is great. Amazing lyrics.. and then you decide to tell us you are talking abiout your guitar. G-string. You made me laugh. 🙂

  21. Its beautiful even if it is about his guitar. He has an amazing voice and I wish he would go on tour In the USA! I would beg my rents to let me go to his concert which hopefully he would have in St. Louis, MO.

  22. I’ve known that song for some time, but it was today I’ve decided to leave comment.

    Here it is:

    I’m obssesed with your songs. The best are I’ll be there, In my arms and If that’s all right with you. When I hear it my herar beat is much faster and I’m smiling. I’m happy, really happy to hear it.
    It’s probably because I’m able to faint hearing guitar. OBSSESED WITH GUITAR!!!!!

  23. I agree! Did you see the one of him shirtless with his back to the camera and the guitar neck barely visible? I loved that one.

  24. I just love this song, especially the ending! When I first heard it I was only thinking about how supermegafoxyawesome he was at singing, but the ending was epic! Tom, you should keep writing more songs and keep on singing! 😉

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  26. If this is possible, could I ever send a demo of one of my songs to Tom Felton himself? I really would like him to read one.

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