“If You Could Be Anywhere” Lyrics

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AUDIO: Tom discusses the lyrics in “If You Could Be Anywhere” with Misha from Feltbeats.com.

“If You Could Be Anywhere” Lyrics

By Tom Felton

If I had a plane,
then where would I fly to?
If I had to use my brain for something else
tell me what would I do?

And if I had a strange conversation with a lady in a waiting room about leaving all this doom and gloom…

If you could be anywhere
where would you be?
If you could be anywhere
would you be there with me?

If I could be anywhere
I’d be there.

If I could be anywhere
I’d be there with you, girl.

Take my chances,
Fake my glances,
Wake those answers
anywhere but…

take my chances,
I’ll fake my glances,
Wake my answers,
anywhere but here.

I’ll do it anywhere but here.
I’ll do it anywhere but here.

116 thoughts on ““If You Could Be Anywhere” Lyrics

        • I wouldn’t be so surprised sometimes celebs are so full of themselves they don’t realize what they say until they post it

          • Yeah ‘full of himself’, sheesh. Maybe he’s tired of people who have cemented him to Draco Malfoy permanently, and fail to see him as a real person in the midst of their frenzy.

            Just imagine if you were in a play a long time ago, let’s say ‘Cinderella’. You played a truly awesome wicked stepsister that stole the show and everyone loved you. You got newspaper reviews, interviews, people wrote you fan mail, etc.

            The show gets an encore performance, SEVEN TIMES.

            You still like playing Druscilla or whatever her name is, but now people who run into you on the street – while you aren’t even in costume – go ‘Hey Druscilla! You are the awesomest step-sister ever!’ or ‘Druscilla you b*tch, you leave poor Cinderella alone!’

            You can’t do anything without that name attached to you. Try to write a book? Try to write a song? People give feedback like ‘Oh, Druscilla’s writing a children’s book! Did you remember that part in the play where she slapped Cinderella? She was mean, but totally hot I’d so bang her, etc.”

            Not because YOU’RE hot or anything, not because YOU were a great actress, but because to certain people, the FICTIONAL CHARACTER that you played is just so much more important an entity than you are.

            Don’t you think that would get real annoying after oh, seven years?

            Sorry for the essay-long rant, but Tom Felton, the real person who wrote this awesome song, is not Draco Malfoy. If you want to give him props for being Draco, go to a HP related blog or site and fangirl all over the place. Paint the walls with your slobber over *there*.

            This place is Tom Felton’s. Give props to him for what he does, and what he writes and what he sings. It really is more impressive and beautiful than anything a fictional character like Draco Malfoy could do.

            Seriously, Draco Malfoy’s probably as tone-deaf as a post anyway. XD

          • Alright dude. I feel that you don’t know Tom AT ALL. Tom is anything but full of himself.

            He’s a sweetheart. And I’m not saying this because I’m a fangirl or because he’s cute. He’s a sweetheart to every person he meets. He cares for his fan, probably more than most of the people do. And he’s just so amazingly human !

            You will see video of him performing on the streets of Czech or Seattle and no one in the crowd recognizes him. He just plays the guitar like any other street performer without flaunting about his fame. That’s the real Tom Felton. Selfless and kind.

            Stop criticizing everything you see even before you know what it is about. Try writing an entire song first and then criticize the others.

  1. For tomorrow… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I say it today because i’m sure that tomorrow i will froget it 😉 so Happy Birthday again from Italy!! Buon Compleanno!!

  2. Oh my gosh Tom you are just amazing! I love your songs! I love you really♥.
    You’re such an amazing actor, singer & person.♥

  3. Tom, I love your songs, you’re SO cute and really wonderful. 🙂
    Don’t know if you’ll read this but maybe you can remember about meeting at RingCon in Bonn, I gave you a drawing with a letter and also autographed on the okulele from TomFeltonEU. :*
    Keep singing and acting! 🙂

  4. ur music is amazing love you, your acting, ur singing and i love what a great guy u r!! u and jade olivia make such a great couple!! good luck to you guys from canada 😉

  5. Tom i love this song . its so amazing ! i know tis whole song . i listen to it everyday . keep singing ! i love it .

  6. Great song! I listen to it when i am sad or desperate. It make me feel happy again and i love this tune! And the singer,too 🙂
    Love Elly 😉

  7. Beautiful song, I just found you while looking for new music! I like your lyrics too – very whimsical and sweet. I like love songs that are different.

  8. Tom, your music is so inspirational to me 🙂
    your songs are diffrent, not like the stuff on the radio. they are…fresh.
    i would be so happy if you recorded some new songs!
    lots of love , Nastja 🙂

  9. I REALLY LOVE YOU TOM FELTON!!!!! every1 in class makes fun of me as I’M CRAZY FOR UUUUUU!!!! but i don’t care, I LOVE U!!!
    P.S sorry, but, i’m 11 years old, I’M weird, right?? BUT I’M AWESOME (but you’re more awesome than me <3)

  10. tom it was amasing,I really glorify you because of your personality,your play in movies and your songs,good luck 4ever
    sorry speaking english is really hard for me!I find words in google translate:D

  11. tom it was amasing,I really glorify you because of your personality,your play in movies and your songs,good luck 4ever
    sorry speaking english is really hard for me!I find words in google translate:D

  12. Tom you are the best artist ever. I truly love your songs. You have inspired me to write my own songs. You are the best person. I have all your songs. You seem extremely nice and I hope you write even more songs. Sorry I didn’t wish you happy birthday on this website but I did on Instagram. Thank you for being you.

  13. I am definitely happy to find this site. I wanted to say thanks for the time you spent on this great article! I definitely enjoyed reading it and I have bookmarked you to check out new articles you post.

  14. I love you Tom.
    You are my favorite actor and singer.
    You should know that they are lots of fan in Iran who love that to see you just for one time.
    I love you Draco and your group SLYTHERIN.

  15. Hey Tom! M Kashish from India… M a huge fan of yours… You are a really good singer and I’m also good a singer… U are so cute! Please can you take my name?

  16. I love this song, I hear it straight into permanent loop so I can learn it xD
    sorry for my English:’D

    My favourite part is:
    “And if I had a strange conversation with a lady in a waiting room about leaving all this doom and gloom…”

  17. tom, i really love you and your music and your voice! so good! and if you could be anywhere is my favorite song. i’m at almost every live and i’m a big fan greetings!

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