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  1. tom,
    here in korea stays a korean fan, watching you in the movices and listening to ur songs 🙂
    lovely, peaceful n soothing music x
    i love every lyric, melody, rhythm just everything (especially the song ‘if that’s alright with you’ – nice harmony btw song n rap *blush*)
    please please visit us in korea where loads of ur fans r waiting
    hope you hv a wonderful life ahead n hope to hear ur news more frequently X)

  2. I wish the same thing. I also wish that he could visit Chicago again. I live in Chicago 🙂

  3. Dear Tom,
    I’ve watching all your movies and listened to all your songs. You are a fantastic actor and singer. I wish you could come to Denmark. No matter which island – I would drive all the way 😉
    – Malene

  4. Dear Tom,
    I’m a huge 11-year old fan of yours and I’ve only watched 2 movies that your in – the first two Harry Potter. Even in those, you’re hot. Just saying.
    Anyways, Today I got 6 teeth pulled and when I got a shot injected into my arm to make me fall asleep, I wanted to scream but I thought of my favorite actor/singer ever – You! Well. Draco, mostly, but yeah!

  5. Please come to Iran i realy want to meet you if you read this please reply and write something

  6. Tom,
    Come to Perry Georiga I know tons of people including myself who it would mean the world to. 🙂

  7. Dear Tom, l love your work! I am 12, almost 13, and am trying to see all movies that involve anything Tom Felton!!! I have gone to all lengths to see Anna and the King, and it is almost impossible to find a good copy in America!!! ”Ughh, it is all scratched!” ”Dirty f***ing Americans!” #FELTON FAN

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