“Convinced” Lyrics




By Tom Felton

‘Cause I bought a brand new jumper
And I hoped you won’t be ritzing me.
You smile and say you like it
But girl you’re not convincing me
‘cause I like your honesty.
You don’t like the colour of my bonnet
Love you told me my wallpaper makes you want to vomit,
Girl change the channel nothings on it
That’s alright with me
She’s as honest as can be
That’s why I’m convinced that she says she loves me

And half an hour in the mirror to show that I care,
Looks at me laughs, what have you done with your hair.
She won’t compare with anyone I’ve met so far
Never met someone so sharp, yet so blunt
She’s as honest as can be
That’s why I’m convinced that she says she loves me

‘Cause she’s as honest as can be
That’s why I’m convinced that she says she loves me

7 thoughts on ““Convinced” Lyrics

  1. We cracked up reading the lyrics and listening to the song. We also cracked up at the way he says “girl” and “like”.XD

  2. Yet another song I’m attempting to memorize. So far, I’ve only memorized the part where his wallpaper makes her want to vomit. 😛 Tom, I doubt your wall paper is /that/ bad. XD

  3. Do TOM FELTON had a wife?I promised my classmate not to be angry at her even if TOM FELTON dies and then I said “I will not be angry at you but TOM FELTON must not have a wife!”And then she said “I will be his wife!” and then I got angry at her and never speak to her and then she said “I don’t like TOM FELTON so I will not be his wife.My future husband will be GARY OLDMAN” and then I said “Are you sure?I’m not teasing you but just don’t hurt GARY OLDMAN because I love him to but TOM FELTON is my #1 love!”

  4. Hi. Tom. Felton. I. Have. A. Huge. Crush. On. You. Tom. Felton. That’s. All. Right. With. You. Can. I. Have. Sex. With. You. Tom. Felton. I. Watch. You. On. My. Computer. Tom. Felton. Under. Stars. Tom. Felton. You. Sing. To. Me. On. One. Did. That. For. Me. Before. Tom. Felton. We. Grow. Up. Together. Tom. Felton. We. Are. The. Same. Tom. Felton. You. Are. Trying. 28. As. Me. Tom. Felton. I. Truly. Know. You

  5. Ah Ben I totalllllly agree, I need a btteer memory too. The hardest part was compiling information. He has to have some amazing journal. Sometimes there is almost too much information or too much image. I found my self staring at his work for a really long time trying to take in all of the information. Although very fun to look at, I do agree with you in saying it probably isn’t the best way to display information

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