“If You Could Be Anywhere” Video

This video features a snippet of Tom Felton’s song, “If You Could Be Anywhere.” It is one of six songs which will be available on iTunes soon.

“If You Could Be Anywhere” Lyrics

By Tom Felton

If I had a plane,
then where would I fly to?
If I had to use my brain for something else
tell me what would I do?

And if I had a strange conversation with a lady in a waiting room about leaving all this doom and gloom…

If you could be anywhere
where would you be?
If you could be anywhere
would you be there with me?

If I could be anywhere
I’d be there.

If I could be anywhere
I’d be there with you, girl.

Take my chances,
Fake my glances,
Wait those answers
anywhere but…

take my chances,
I’ll fake my glances,
Wait my answers,
anywhere but here.

oh oh
I’ll do it anywhere but here
I’ll do it anywhere but here

419 thoughts on ““If You Could Be Anywhere” Video

  1. 😉 i was surprise to know that you have the ability to sing..
    i was amaze by your voice
    😳 wish i can sing with you…….. in person

  2. Ok, I knew he was recording those songs since a few months. This is the first time I am actually listening to one of them and WOW!! he’s really good! he’s got an awesome voice. pretty much talented in everything, eh, Tom?

  3. All I can say is “AWESOME” . His music is so UNIQUE. He is like something for himself, haven’t heard music like that before.


  4. I love your song Tom!

    Drakito :P!!!!!!

    i from Brazil

    Eu te amoooooooo

    beijos. 😛

  5. You have such a great voice, i really like your music and will definately be looking for your album. Your voice is so signature, i really hope you keep going with a music career

  6. wow that was rather amaazing!:mrgreen:
    love the harmonica bit it actually made me crack up laughing (in a good way that is!)
    what cant this guy do?!
    jumping out planes, being totally awesome at playing the guitar, a talented actor and amaazing singer…
    i just dont get how you can do all these amazingly cool things ALL at the same time. 8)
    and they say men cant multitask!
    and greetings from epsom bytheway tom! 😀

  7. I was pleasantly surprised. Really, that was quite brilliant with the harmonica thrown in there as well. You really are talented, not only acting. And it’s a breath of fresh air to see an actor that can actually sing. We always see actors going for singing careers (or visa versa) but the often times just screw it up. And few of them actually have talent, they fix it up with the recording. Which is why I’m really glad that you posted acoustic versions of your songs- it lets your fans know that you’re genuine, which is always a plus.

    Oh, and your lyrics are pretty amazing. You remind me of Death Cab for Cutie/Jason Mraz/James Morrison mix. Which is a huge compliment, since those are a few of my favorite artists/bands. They actually seem to have some thought in them, which is nice to hear.

  8. It’s a very laid back sort of song. After lines and lines of Henry the Fifth, it’s time for something nice for my ears.


  9. =] yay
    i’m gonna be singing that for the next week now….thanx for taking me closer to home

  10. i personly love the face all you see is his crotch area inat the start.. don’e lie i know have of you liked it aswell

  11. I just have to say how amazing Tom is! I absolutely adore him. This new song is excellent, and a lot more fast paced than some of his others, though they’re all amazing. 🙂 Can’t wait till HBP!

  12. Hey Tom, I liked much ur songs.

    I think that you really have the talent to translate feelings into words.
    The lyrics are amazing!! Congrats Dude! :mrgreen

    i’m from Fortaleza, Brazil. And i’d like to say that your a real good actor and that ur songs have broken the limits of the whole world.

  13. Awww. Hes so cute.
    He needs to do stuff with more instruments, not just guitar though.

  14. Hey Tom,
    you are coooool,I never knew that you were this good at guitar and singing.Keep it up

  15. I really liked the words and the casual tone of the song. It was just simply adorable and Tom really can sing, lol. Lucky guy.

  16. my goodness i love this song so much. and you look like you’re having so much fun too. but if i could be anywhere i’d be at home having a nice home-cooked meal. :mrgreen: lol but really i liked to be somewhere calm and beautiful. that would be so nice.

  17. Like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I like Love you Tom! At this very moment, I’m making a video saying how HOT U R, well, until basketball practice that is, I’m on the all star team! 😳 Said 2 much… :mrgreen:

  18. XD Did he kinda do that Secondhand Serenade thing where he is also the second voice on his song? or were those other background singers~ XD

    i like the tune, you can actually do a giddy dance to it XDD

  19. OMG I love this song!!! 😀
    I think in my opininon that this is the best song yuove written! 😛

  20. i luv ur music and…..well…U!!! 😳 (blushing)
    if i could go anywere it would be there with u defenitly!!
    ur music speaks to me and really it can rellate to everyone!
    ur amazing/awesome!!!! :mrgreen:
    keep up the good work!!!!! 😉

  21. Bleeeeeeeeee… I wasze durne angielskie gadki. A ja dalej nie łapie i macie głupio, bo nie wiecie, co to jest ,,Ł”. Haha!

  22. A filmik się zaciął i Felton ma okropna fryzię; normalnie dwa nieszczęścia w jednym. MASAKRA!

  23. Tom- you are the best singer I’ve ever known. Keep on singing, it makes me smile:0 I like you a lot and if I were to ever want someone by my side,my dear Tom,it would be you. I wish you the very best. You are a very gifted and charming young man. Keep singing. I love you:)~hugs~

    Love Always,

  24. I co, słucham tego badziewia, tak samo umiem na paletce od batmintona, (…) bez koma, bo nie mogę z tego, naprawdę i już się skończyło. Super.

  25. How can you be so handsome and talented?
    i love you 😳
    i hope ı can hear your voice for ever 😉
    your song and voice is amazing 😛 😛 😛

  26. Hi !

    Sorry for mistakes… I’m a French Fan 😉
    I love this song and the other too !
    Beautiful voice =)

  27. Umarłam!!!!!!! Boskie….tak szczerze./…to po
    1- to może ładniej śpiewam
    2-dysponuje głosem sopranu xD
    3-gram na flecie… xDDD HAhahaH
    ale ogółem jest ok xDD :mrgreen:

  28. I,m girl.. xDD
    really xDD
    ale tak szczerze…to niegustuje w muzyce takiej…ale jest ok xD

  29. so multi-talented. you can act, sing, play instruments. what next? and so hot….

  30. this british accent is too hot 😀
    except this long hairs he’s sexy…

    but he has a girlfriend,right ? 🙁

  31. Wow… I had no clue you sang! I really like you in harry potter, but you can sing too. Your have many talents. Oh and the song is beautiful by the way. 🙂

    Does it show I’m anonymous?

  32. These songs are remarkable, at us, in Russia everyone the second has a guitar, but not everyone is able so fine and beautifully to sing! 🙄

  33. WOW, didnt know you have it, mate. well done! that was sooooo cute. ^^ (and yeah, maybe ‘cute’ isnt exactly what you wanted to hear, but it WAS cute. teehee. ^^”)

  34. i’ve been a big fan of yours since hp1, you were my little crush growing up with the movies haha so i obvi love your acting. but who knew you were such a talented singer/songwriter?! i had just added you on twitter and saw that you are about to put out an album and i was shocked. i’m super excited that you are pursuing this and i can’t wait to hear the whole album. i fell in love with your voice as soon as i heard it.

    best of luck with your new singing career and i can’t wait to see hp6 in july! 😀

  35. О боже! Том, ты крут!
    Обожаю тебя)) Продолжай в том же духе!
    Русские тоже с тобой! 😀

  36. iLove this soooong. 🙂 iLove you voice. its music to my ears. 🙂 AWESOMEE. can’t wait for the aLbum. woot!. 😀

  37. iLove this sooooong. 🙂 iLove your voice. its music to my ears. 🙂 AWESOMEE. can’t wait for the aLbum. woot!. 😀

  38. again i loved it your songs are amazing cant waite to hear more love ya tom hello from flordia by the way ~! you where actually here no long ago at islands of adventure cant waite to see the new hp ride

  39. i love the song its freakin awesome I <3 U!!!!!!!!!! ❗ 😀 😀 😀 😳

  40. OH.MY.GOSH
    that was amazing


    I am lost for words

    i never thought he would be able to sing, he just dosn’t seem the type with his voice and so on …

  41. i really love the tune hes playing on the guitar here – his music is so original i love it n i love him XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  42. he is sooo beyond hot i cant w8 to c him in hnp and his songs are just amazin never knew he cud sing till 2dai but trust me he works it out there
    i never thought that outa all the guys in the harry potter movies id fall for felton, but i think i just did 😳 😳 😳

  43. We love Tom Felton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He sings very well!!!!!

    We are Italian…will exit the cd in Italy?
    Goodbye! 😀

  44. I cannot get enough. Oh my gosh, you have no idea…
    My new favorite song.
    I really like Toms voice.
    Bravo, well done.

  45. this song is so addictive…..:] reminds me of the band Matt & Kim…..in a weird kinda way.

  46. im normally quite picky with music… but this is pretty good. I really do like it. There are a lot of cool placees llike the key chang, and when the music sounds like it could be a different song by how it sounds. There are some places that could be worked on, but its nothing that couldnt be fixed. I like the chord progression, and the words. Some things shouls be articulated a bit more and a few things are pitchy, but its really well done. I look forward to seeing new songs.

  47. I’ve just found out you’re a singer, and you’re a really good one !! I love the lyrics …

  48. hey..
    i was surprised to see you are talented in singing as well as acting.
    i really loved your songs, i’ve been playing them over and over again. i mean, you have a nice voice, the songs are original and the lyrics are good.
    what more can i say except you’re amazing 😉

  49. OMG! I love your music, Tom! I never knew that you could act AND sing!!!

  50. u have a really good voice and along with your singing u rock too ❗ 😯 😆 😉 😀 🙂

  51. OMG! My best friend has send me the link and I was so amazed *_* you’re a great actor AND singer… beautiful <3

  52. Hi Tom! Your songs are really great, so sweet and very nice to listen to. Keep on singing as well as playing the guitar and acting!
    Greetings from Germany

  53. 😯 OHMIGOSH! I never knew you were at all musical, but that was BRILLIANT! Keep it up, and all the best in future Tom!

    Kisses from Canada! x

  54. i love you, you are simply amazing! i knew you could act extremely well, but i didn’t know that you could sing AND play the guitar! and this song is just plain brilliant!!! i wish you all the luck!!

    Hugs and Kisses from Michigan


  56. eeeek!! Tom! You are sooo talented at acting!! But now singing and playing guitar!! Ive fallen in love with your music….and YOU of course…*blushes* I cant stop smiling when i hear your music. This is my favorite song out of all of them! And your voice is amazing! An of course, the british accent is sooo hot. I cant wait for half blood prince! im looking forward to seeing you in it! Keep it up!

    (jealous of british accents)

  57. Wow! Cool song!
    I love your songs, I love your voice, I love you))) You are so cute when you are singing your songs on this videos! =))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    Your Russian girl Alisa 🙂

  58. it’s beautiful
    it’s hall simply beuatiful
    i love tom felnord and i love harry potter end the half blood prince

    ps: i am french ^^

  59. i am to deceive

    it’s beautiful
    it’s hall simply beautiful
    i love tom felton and i love harry potter end the half blood prince
    i am crazy about tom felton
    as a would say has my friend: toooom feeeeltoooooon !!XD

    ps: i am belgian ^^

  60. Tom you are just sooo amazing! I cant help listneing to them over and over again. You are so different from your character Draco! You’re not evil at all! I love you and your music! You seem sooo happy when you play! I love all of your songs!!

    see you in the new movie!
    (u.s. fan who wants a british accent) lol

  61. Wow. Just wow. Tom you continue to amaze us again and again with your talents. When did you grow up so fast?? First you’re Draco and now you’re a HOT singing sensation, whoo slow down! 😉 Keep up the awesome beats, I’ll be lookin out for more!

  62. DANGGGG your super super super hot and you can sing. dear lord boy give the other men a chance! seriously, i think i might love you. i was always cheering for you in hp as well.

  63. awww he has an amazing voice love tom felton hes soo hot =]
    i wish i could be the girl hes singing for hehe x

  64. because i only saw u on harry potter when i looked u up on the net it said u were a actor\singer so i went on youtube and im like OMG ur awesome and i fall in love. 8)

  65. OMG ur like best im like on facebook right and i mad a photo album and its mostly of u tom i wrote to my friend omg tom felton is sooo hot. if i could by any where i well be there be ur side singing with u thats my dream really8)i dont know u could sing thats awesome if u were my and still 13 i well be madly in love cya ur a hottie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. sorry there was some spelling stuff ups like i made a photo album and if u were still my age and 13. im ur biggest fan oh back off girlfriends toms mine.

  67. I listened to your music by chance and I love ! It’s very promising ! Very good guitar player and I love the harmonica ! I wish you a great musical future. Even if I come from the depths of France, you have all my encouragement 🙂


  68. Hey you are an amazing singer and I like your songs very much. So keep on singing. And your song “If you could be anywhere is my favorite one.
    You are great.
    Love Summerdream

  69. Hi there! Haha, I think it’s brillent that it looks like you are having fun and really enjoy what you do; makes me smile as well.

    This acustic version is very nice. I like the sound of the guitar. It’s something that could easily get stuck in my head.

    The song sorta gives me a carefree feeling when I listen to it. It would be a good thing to listen to when I’m having a bad day to lift me back up.

    Lol, I like the ‘Thank you’ at the end BTW. Nice touch. ;P

  70. OME (Oh My Edward)!!!!!! I love your voice not trying to be mean to Robert Pattinson but you can sing WAY better than Robert Pattinson!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  71. i really like your voice, and i think you look sexier with your natural hair 🙂
    your lyrics really mean something to me
    – M.

  72. Wow! I dindn’t knew you could sing! I found you on twitter thats how i came here! You are a talented actor and I enjoyed youre performance in hp6. But this is great too! You’re are cute when you are siging! haha a big opposite with draco 😉
    Good luck!

  73. I love this song!!!!!! I would go anywhere with you if i could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. It is awesome. He has a good voice, and his music is adorable, but I still think that he has to follow his career like actor an not just like musician, because I’m sure a lot of opportunities will appear for him ’cause he is an AWESOME actor (I’m not saying he has to give up with the music but acting is the best thing he cans do, and I’d give every everything to have the chances that he had/will have).

    If I could be anywhere, I’d be there with you, boy.

  75. Absolutely amazing! I’ve listened to this over 10 times in the last little bit! So so so talented. I would have never expected him to sing, but he’s got the voice of an angel! xoxo

  76. heyy. i’m a big fan. you are so good at singing and i luv ur voice. and in the new movie, u were so HOT!!

    email me at my email adress…….

    u look so much sexier with ur natural hair color. keep looking hot.

  77. you’re so talented! :’D
    i can’t wait to see you in Half-blood Prince,
    it comes out on the 23rd where i live 🙁

    Much love all the way from Puerto Rico <3


  78. In the last couple verses, his accent is so heavy, I thought he was saying:

    Take my chances,
    Fake my glasses,
    Wait those answers
    anywhere but…

    take my chances,
    I’ll fake my glasses,
    Wait my answers,
    anywhere but here.

    >>;; Living in Southwestern America, most British people always seem to mumble what they’re saying.

    Not that I don’t love the song. Because I do. 🙂

  79. Whoops, forgot something. I mean:

    Take my chances,
    Fake my glasses,
    Wake those answers
    anywhere but…

    take my chances,
    I’ll fake my glasses,
    Wake my answers,
    anywhere but here.

  80. This music is incredible and beautifull….Perfect
    I whish Tom Felton has a lots of success…
    Congratulations to you,Tom
    I’m, really, your fan

  81. I must say that I was VERY apprehensive to watch this(because it’s happened before that I have been thoroughly put off a guy when he opens his mouth to sing), but I am VERY pleasantly surprised… such a cute song for such a cute voice on such a cute boy… oh god, I sound like a fan girl… =D

  82. I may not like your singing, but your guitar playing is good. Actually you sound cute. Like a fun-boyish kind. *smile*

  83. WOOOOOW tom felton I’m so amazed! You’re such a talented person… =)) You’re my favorite actor and also my favorite music artist! <3 Keep it up always and never forget to smile ^^

  84. I love you soooooooooooo much you are an AMAZING singer im gonna buy all your songs on itunes!!! i would give anything to meet you… <3


  86. Hi tom …
    I love the music you are very talented … congratulations 🙂 Wish you all success in the world


  87. umm…it was interesting. it wasnt too bad but i think he acts better then he can sing.

    i know there will be people out there who will want to kill me for my comment, so i tell you sorry right now but i have listened to people like james morrison and gavin degraw and justin nozuka, so i’m not greatly impressed with this. though i did love the guitar playing

    sorry again but dont bite my head off just because i have an opinion.

  88. love this song
    Congratulations Tom, you sing very well

    sorry if the English is wrong. I am Brazilian and I did not speak much English 😡

    But I love his work, both in film and in music
    thanks for exist *o*

  89. I’m always amazed at how clear-cut your voice is, and how much your accent comes through ^^
    Congrats on the new movie and I hope it opens up a whole new movie scene for you =]

    Oh, and thanks for posting your music on YouTube!! It’s a really nice thing to listen to when I need cheering up =] It would be such an honour to sing with you if I ever got the chance.

  90. This comment is coming from very trained ears. although you may have a heavy accent, your music is unlike anyone else’s in this day and age. You have very melodic songs rather than just synthesizer and screaming. I appreciate your music, Mr. Felton.

    Music Extraordinaire

  91. i luv u i really bad want to sing with u sssssssssoooooooo bad and u are my favorite person on harry potter i only watch harry potter because u are in it

  92. i luv u ssssssssssooooooo much tomfelton and i wish i could sing with u and plz email me back plz

  93. I am very very proud. I am a humugus fan.. Did I spell that righ???. Probably not. My family thinks i talk way to much about you.

    Too me they are totally wrong. I go on youtube.com all the time to here you sing. And I really wish I could meet you in person. But I can tell you that right now that it would never happen. Unless you started doing concerts and I got backstage passes. I live in New Jersey. Near beaches and all that. Kind of a boring state to live in sometimes. At least it feels like that. Except when I dance 4 nights a week. You are a MAGNIGICENT SINGER… I also write songs and i am learning how to play the guitar. Wondering if you have ever been to France. It is a very beautiful Place. I have been there. When I was 7 I went. And I have like 50 cousings who live in France.

    I am going into 6th Grade and still have 6 years until highschool. What a drag. Your the most amazing singer I have ever heard. I wish I could be with you singing right now.

    Wondering if you were a vegetarian. I am because I don’t like to eat animals. That’s why. But the thing is i have to eat chicken and turkey. I started being a vegetarian when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. Always wondered if you would actually reply to me.

    Always remeber to beleive in your dreams, Wish my dreams would come true. But never happened before. I have beena dancer ever since i was 4 or 5 years old and I am 11 years old right now.

    Au Revoir,
    Thats French for good bye…

  94. Hey Tom…

    That was totally Magnificent. I wish I could be singing with you rihgt now.

    I live in New Jersey. Kind of a boring state to be living in sometimes. Nothing really happens in New Jersey. Thats why I call it boring where I live in New jersey.

    At least that’s what it seems like WHERE I LIVE IN NSEW JERSEY.

    Have you ever been to France. I have. Beautiful place ever.

    Contact me on Facebook.

  95. So Tom. You would come to New Jersey in The United Sates Of America and come and visit me. I think that would be totally awesome. I live near all the beaches an deverything. If you know where the bay in new jersey is I live near there.

  96. You’re the cuttest guy of the world !
    We Love this song !
    YOU’RE GOD !

  97. New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey.

    Tom Felton,
    Would you come and visit me at my house In New Jersey with your girlfriend. I would really love to meet you. YOu should to concerts in New Jersey.

  98. Would Thomas Andrew Felton ever come and visit me In the most boring stae in the World which is New Jersey.

    If he did that would make my life so exciting. I wish Tom Felton lived right across the street from me. I also wish he was my age again. Then I could totally date him. Ahhhhhhh.
    Actually I wish Tom felton was a year older than me becaus then we would be ab;e to date because if he was a younger than me I would be the oldest.

  99. ur r soo amazing i fell in love with you after the first movie i just wish i was 10 years older then i might have a chance with u but i live in the usa and you live in england im sad now.

  100. If you could be anywhere
    where would you be?– Hawaii ^^
    If you could be anywhere
    would you be there with me? — Sure 😉

    Tnx for posting the video Misha 😉 Like everybody says , He is sexy, hot , cute and awesome 😉 And ofcourse he’s nice 🙂

    You know , everybody hopes he will be in their country but i cant be everywhere at once or visite 5 countries at one day , but i know he will be in our countries someday 😉 Just think positive and keep believe that he will be in your country 🙂

    And for me, i will never be his girlfriend… It is impossible – well… maybe its possible but i dont know – Im saying that because … wel because… Im 8 years younger than Tom … But everybody can be his fan right ? 😉

    And something els about the video , I listen to this song the hole day XD Just love it 😉

    Tom , I hope you wright some more songs … No matter where its going about , it wil be a great song 😉 And ofcourse , I will ( at least i will try xD) see all of your movies (where you play in 😉 ) Your a great draco , i would never play an evil guy… Im just to ”good” for that , not good from im really good at it but, im just a sweet girl that woud never could play an evil girl… I would be to nervice if i ever would act…

    Well i hope i will see you at a lot movies or something 😉

    Bye Bye

    Me , Bianca From the netherlands/holland 😉

    PS: Im happy that your happy with jade 😉

  101. OMG I LOVE4 TOM!!! i am following you on twitter and i want this song on my ipod!!!!!! i love you

  102. VERY, VERY good song! I like “If You Could Be Anywhere”!
    I’m from Indonesia…

  103. 🙂
    he is GORGEOUS 😀
    i love his voice
    and him.
    he is fricking BEAUTIFUL <3

  104. Ahh! You are an amazing singer.. you play soccer.. you are A BRILLIANT ACTOR!!!!!! Well aren’t you just perfect? :D. Ahh you remind me somewhat of jack johnson. And I have to admit, I’ve had a crush on you since like what.. the first movie? haha ew how lammee. anyways.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! YOU ARE soooooooo..I dont even know how to describe you are just.. WOW <33? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    click here for myspace~

  105. hey tom, i’m laura, i’m from germany 🙂
    you’re so great, i love your voice ♥
    and you’re the best in “harry potter”
    i want to meet you <3
    you must come to germany (frankfurt)
    ♥ please write me in youtube!
    my youtube name is LauraInvisible

    and sorry for my bad english 🙂

  106. is he more famous in england than america plzz tell me in a comment on this vid.please thnx =)

  107. Wow. You are amazing. An amazing actor and an amazing singer. I love you 😀 well, I guess all the girls on this reply-site do. ^-^

    Best wishes for the future ;D

    marie from germany

  108. I love that song is amazing you are A BRILLIANT ACTOR!!!!!and you are nice boy))))im from Poland but I live in Ireland in Trim i want to meet you YOu should to concerts
    in Ireland please write to me on an e mile angel818@o2.pl ania from Poland and Ireland

  109. OMG this is an absolutely BRILLIANT song!!! I bought it off itunes along with the all the rest of the songs!
    Best wishes

  110. Thank you, Tom for your lovely songs…..=)) They are good.. Not professional, but good

  111. This isnt a song from him.
    Its from Jesse McCartney 🙂
    but ilove it!
    “We can go anywhere”

  112. OMG,
    i totally love this song.
    Nice work Tom. I will happily buy this song!
    I love the lyrics
    ‘and if i had a strange conversation with a lady in a waiting room’
    i like them alot!
    i have to say, i like your hair brown, it suits you.
    xxxx, laura

  113. Oh,Tom,I love your song~
    U are a nice boy!
    since you have been Japan,why don’t you come to China?
    We are waiting for you!

  114. Wow! Great tune, really catchy I’m going to have it in my head now lol.

    First time I’ve listened to your music…what can I say…youre wonderful 😀

  115. I just got to say that Tom is themost beutiful actor in Harry Potter. He got all of that a actor should have. And he´s vocie wow. I love that voice on a boy. He´s all that a girl want.

  116. How can you love the person, whom you don’t realy know!All of you don’t know his likes and dislikes,turn of mind,character,the soul of this person.SO,you know him only as like an talanted,good actor,but nothing else!And about the song – it’s rather nice.

  117. О.о
    Супер! 🙂
    Кто против – вон от сюда!
    Шикарно! 🙂

  118. О.о
    Супер! 🙂
    Кто против – вон от сюда!
    Шикарно! 🙂

  119. DEFINITELY!!! omg come to my house in buffalo, NY! prove my brothers wrong about you being a bad singer! show them your hotness!

  120. Целый день смотрела! 🙂
    глаза отсохли :))
    мне очень нравиться 🙂

  121. can anyone tell me where i can buy this other than itunes? I’d rather a CD if there is one.

    plz n thank u.

  122. Hey, so you got all these fangirls on here. I am a fan, but I’m kinda curious about British culture, was just wondering if you’d like to have a real conversation, like differences between America (since I’m from America) and ( you’re from Europe) Europe… I understand you’re pretty busy. I mean you’re getting paid for a reason, (lols) I HOPE you’re getting paid for a reason, although models do get paid to look sexy (winks) jkjk.. Anyways… I could go into discussing the shallowness of people based on looks but that would take forever to go through…(ahem…fangirls… laughs)
    anyway the only Brit I did know was my best friends ex-fiancee so it’s a touchy subject there. Well, if you care to answer me back my e-mail is sixteenandsingle@hotmail.com, it’s a little over 3 years old… okay, well anyways, take care! :)s oh and my name’s Amanda by the way if you didn’t get that (laughs, probably didn’t mention that) Anyways, bye! Oh, yeah, and that last song was probably your best that you’ve sung! KUDOS!

  123. good one. Actor, miusican, do you have something more for suprise me ? 🙂

    I can seem, that usic makes you really happy,
    do what you love and be yourself man

  124. ur voice is really good.
    but ur guitar playin is so-so. u should sing only nd let some1 else do guitar

  125. Wow…I have seen this videoo…it is vey wonderful..You are amazing actor and musician… Keep on this way!!!

  126. Well I am happy that you are an actor…!because for some reason I think about u all the time! Your personality well its a lot better than most celeberties but I think your really awesome and you probably won’t reaply back because most celeberties don’t…and yes I like your hair blonde always! Lol from hailey b…
    Bye tom

  127. Hey. No one should comment like that he’s good at a lot of stuff… He has a lot of talents and that’s sing,acting,and can play guitar… And he has a wonderful smile! And beautiful hair! I think your awesome but not perfect because nobodys perfect only jesus is perfect so all of us have flaunts so I am a big fan so reply back if u can love hailey b bye thomas

  128. lol…well Tom you probably already know but you really are a really talented person keep it up!

  129. snap, crackle, pop! that sounds mad cool 🙂 i kno i’d rather b anywhere cool than studying 2 get into grad school…lol

  130. Hey there Tom (or whomever is reading this),

    Take no offence but I was quite shocked and amazed of how beautiful your voice is, great lyrics…awesome fingerwork!

    Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  131. beautiful voice, and wonderful acting! i didn’t know you can sing! and for your guitar not really holding down the strings enough but either way 10/10.love your songs! and might want to try using a grip master! it what i used and it helped alot for me when first started playing my acoustic, ;P

  132. I agree how dare you(sarah)tell tom felton that hes “so-so” in hes guitar playing skills.:,[ {sorry i was in tears}

    jk didnt mean to scream or sound rude but i just get very protective…

  133. Porque no traen su musik a América porfa aca se escucha pero muy poco esta relinda su musik y el es todo un guapo esta relindo.

  134. Like the way your music goes.
    Just makes me feel so good – even if I’m just down at the moment XD
    Hope you will go on with this…
    Love u(not in a frekey way though)

  135. Tom Can you PLEASE make a video for “If That’s Alright With You?”(Puppy dog Pout)-> 🙁

  136. I liked the song. And your guitar playing is not so-so. It appears good, but it’s not like this song was meant to have complicated chords of mixed and matched notes. It fit the song. You have a nice voice as well. Hmmm. So, it’s a good song for me.

  137. ahh i love your music.. I listen to it every day.. really!! ^^
    I’d like to play the guitare like this.. xD i’m trying 😉
    greetings from germany!

  138. I agree, he is such a talented guy; he plays soccer, sings and he is a great actor. I love tom!

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    Thank you Tom, you are very talented <3 I smile each time I hear you play of the guitar 🙂

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    Your amazing at playing Draco Malfoy no one can replace u every!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Im every thing u!
    I have u as my back round 4 my phone computers and i have 2 pics of u near my bed!

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    U look so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I hope I can see you in more movies in the future and hear your voice on the radio someday.
    Keep well Tom,

  145. your voice is awesome and i can’t help fallin love with it lol
    of course, the song is good and it can make me happy all day after i listen to it.
    cheer up, Tom!

  146. I love you Tom!
    You’re my life!!!
    My name is Fanny,i’m Hungarian and i love you very,very!!!

  147. guys,he’s a good singer,right?it’s really happy to hear those songs,i can smell of breeze from them~
    And i’m a harry potter fan,you did great in those films,better than daniel~hope to see your next film soon~

  148. i missed u when you came to new york =/ wish i could of seen u atleast in person =) i love you voice and im happy to see that your getting more out there =D come back to ny when you can =P

  149. something between larrikin love and robbie williams.. but stil oryginal.. [that’s rare nowadays] i guess, it would be nice listen more:> so.. do ur best;)

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    Cant wait 4 the new hp film i am goin on the first day it comes out!!!!!!!

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    (omg, i can’t listen it ,i guess it must sound good !

  153. I compleatly understand the smile he gets when he’s playing his music and singing! When music like that hits you, you’ve got no pain or worries, just fun! And ok, I’ll say it, he looks really good with his hair like that!

  154. OMG I simply Love it +.+ I’m from Portugal, and I soud this site westerday, and I love ir alredy 😀 I an very big Tom Felton’s fan +.+


  156. You are an amazing actor and singer!!! And I love yur hair in this vid!! 🙂

  157. You look absolutely amazing with long hair! Short hair too of course, but I love this video. You have a beautiful voice Tom, I really wish it were singing for me though! Haha. 😀

  158. any one who say’s this sucks will answer to my knife.

    tom, it’s beautiful. 😀

  159. I Usually dont listen to this kind of music, But Seriously, That was Amazing!<3 :O
    I Love your singing and acting! Its Awesome! (:
    I wish I could play that good =/

  160. i love toms music makes me smile so much and even calms me down my friends didn’t belive me that he sung but bully them he’s great and should defo keep going after all we need more music and we dnt wanna forget the memories that he has brought us not just through harry potter but through his music aswell xxx

  161. The guitar is horribly out of tune. Your singing is out of tune. The lyrics are a bit lame. Other than that, it was great.

  162. tom! please read this reply. Hi i’m lananh. i’m 14.
    Firstly, I am a troublesome girl(my mom said that)
    secondly, i don’t write this note to teach u how to live
    thirdly, i’m ur fan and i love u
    this is my note
    i really wish u would have a happy life with Jade
    but i want to say that i love u
    i wrote some notes to u and i think u have not read them
    so i am writing this reply
    i hope u will live in a happy way
    u should help to people…etc..
    Finally, i want to know if u like onion. I like it as much as u
    Bless you
    Love u

  163. I LOVE THis Song, The Way Tomm Plays The Guitar, The Way He Sings, How He Accts And Of Course Tomm. I Reaally Think He Is Amazing With What He Does.
    Cant Wait Untill The Next HarryPotter Film Comes Out About 2 Months?
    Draco. A Favorite Character. Love <3

  164. am 12 years old and I wish you to read this note first Turkish Tom is a great guy to me lover When it comes to love, especially your eyes if you ask me, Emma Watson, a partner with her better, but if you are happy with it karışamam Olivia Jade thank you for listening to me (or rather you read this note to) I LOVE YOU VERY Tom Felton
    As for the song very nice (though very nice tom of each song), but pretty short

  165. am 12 years old and I wish you to read this note first Turkish Tom is a great guy to me lover When it comes to love, especially your eyes if you ask me, Emma Watson, a partner with her better, but if you are happy with it interfere Olivia Jade thank you for listening to me (or rather you read this note to) I LOVE YOU VERY Tom Felton
    As for the song very nice (though very nice tom of each song), but pretty short

  166. what a tremendous song ! i wish i could play the guitar as good as you ! hmm i wish i could watching hp7 part 1 , but there aren’t any theater , how sad is it ?! 🙁 I’ve to wait until hp7 available in vcd or dvd , poor me . .

  167. Hello. 🙂
    This video is amazing. I think, Tom has great voice. ( Excuse me for my English, it´s bad, I ´m from Czech Republic).
    I would like to knew, how i can send message for Tom to him. :). Can yuo give me an advice?

  168. I just loves his songs Their texts so sweet and romantic without beeing cheesy at all. I love “When angles come” especially the line: “make-up was designed for other girls who try to look you!” and the song “Convinced”. He’s just a great artist both as actor and musician!

  169. Yes,it is amazing. And incredibly beautiful. And,oh,let me just say it. I LOVE your hair in this song.

  170. HOW DARE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Nice one, just short…but still, you’re great! Once again, I’d like to see you in ecranisation of Soul Music singing( 🙂 ):

    The Messenger

    From the broken dreams
    Of a restless mind
    In a world spinning out of control
    This is the last goodbye
    You are the hero now
    I am the music Im driving your soul

    Reach out to the messenger tonight
    Feel the heartbeat
    Sing out pass the message on
    Call out for the captain of the night
    Take a back seat
    A new dawn, now that yesterday has gone
    It´s in the future you belong
    Kick away the doors find the way beyond

    Stay close to the messenger tonight
    He is the back beat
    Sing out pass the message on
    It´s in the future you belong
    Kick away the doors find the way beyond

  172. This song makes me happy. I’m gonna buy it as soon as my husband lets me have my credit card back.

  173. This song is beautiful, but I love all your songs Tom. I’m italian and we are all rooting for you (above all me). Many actors are found well in Italy,
    here why dont you make it a tought? 😉

  174. Awwww, that was a pretty good (and funny in my opinion)!
    I wasn’t so sure what to exspect in the music departement.
    SO now i have to listen to other of feltbeats songs…
    It is great that he/you (concerning who reads this) shares his music on youtube.
    Wish feltbeats lots of luck in the future!

  175. That song makes me smile with him. 😉

    it´s beautiful and perfect and… I don´t know, what else. 😀

    Every morning when I go to school, I´ve got a better mood and smile just with this song.

    And I admire Tom for his talent and amazing smile. 😀 I think, he is a best actor from Harry Potter and I’m sorry, so I have not seen any other film.

    But his music is great!!!

    So, I need to go listening any other song… 😉
    (And I am sorry for mistakes, but I´m from Czech and I´m learning English only one year… ;))

  176. why why why in Italy there are 2 other guys like you? (As a friend and as a boyfriend?) But I console myself by listening to your music and holding the friends I have, who are very special … :/ 😛

  177. you are so incredibly talented Tom!!! i didnt event know you were a singer!! I am a huge fan!!

  178. Sigh…………. Your songs are just AMAZING. I wonder if you could post up the chords for guitar players like me. 🙂 I just LOOOOVE your music

  179. Wish i could play as well as you do?!? could u post the chords pretty please i love your arrangements

  180. tom, you’re a very talented person! the lyrics are amazing. keep up the awesome work!

  181. Tom! you should definitely make an album (if u hv enough songs) then it will definitely be a best seller! well, personally, i would buy it without hesitation! lol

  182. Your songs are incredibly warm and lively)))

    I like your voice and manner of singing)))It’s makes me smile)))

    And now I see, that you are good guy, however I don’t know you well)))

    Well, always do your best)))

  183. I think that’s what all of us are thinking. I’m from the US, but my best friend is from Czech!! Cool right? Anyway, what you said… I don’t think anyone could describe his talent better =)

  184. Today, I discover songs of tom felton and that songs are so beautiful for me, a french girl, and so good if I can say that.

  185. TOM? omg! YOU’RE REALLY SO IDEAL 🙂 i love the way you sing.. im you’re biggest fan here in Philippines :)) I love everything about you. Im just here. (If you could be anywhere) ♥

  186. I love your songs they are cool and I am a fan of you more than anyone I’ve seen deathly hallows part 1 and you are an amazing actor cannot wait to see part 2 in cinemas:)

  187. Tom,you are great!
    I hope you can act like the Harry Potter movies again:)

    i always be your fans^^

  188. I want to play this song on the guiter , too !
    I want to know the chord progression.
    Please tell me it if you are good.

  189. Tom Felton, I loved you so much before I knew you could sing, and now I love you even more. I’d be anywhere with you. Come to Texas. Please <3

  190. Not only is this song amazing, but Tom looks like he’s having so much fun while he’s recording it. I just love that. <3

  191. AMAZING I LOVEEEE THAT SONG!!!!! Tom has the prettiest smile ever!!! I WOULD DIE IF I EVER SAW THAT SMILE in person!!!

  192. OMG!!! I couldn’t help but smile when i heard this song. I found myself singing along and i just heard it today for the first time.

    Tom Felton is one of a kind.

  193. I know what you mean about his smile. I would probably die if i ever saw his smile in person.

  194. I think this might help you if you want to play his song.

    If you go to this website


    this guy plays “If i could be anywhere” on the guitar and you can see the placement of his hands.


  195. i died because his smile is like awesomely awesome and so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! its like such an akward smile (yet ive seen it a million times)

  196. Tom, i’m from argentina, I love your songs meke me mourn, in good sense, I feel a sadness that HARRY POTTER is finished, you were and are my favorite actor

  197. Tom, i’m from argentina, I love your songs meke me mourn, in good sense, I feel a sadness that HARRY POTTER is finished, you were and are my favorite actor

  198. Tom, i’m from argentina, I love your songs meke me mourn, in good sense, I feel a sadness that HARRY POTTER is finished, you were and are my favorite actor

  199. Tom, i’m from argentina, I love your songs meke me mourn, in good sense, I feel a sadness that HARRY POTTER is finished, you were and are my favorite actor

  200. Tom, i’m from argentina, I love your songs meke me mourn, in good sense, I feel a sadness that HARRY POTTER is finished, you were and are my favorite actor

  201. Tom, i’m from argentina, I love your songs make me mourn, in good sense, I feel a sadness that HARRY POTTER is finished, you were and are my favorite actor

  202. Tom Felton is a singer too??? O.o That took me by surprise, really… I couldn’t imagine that! And where are these videos taken of? Sorry for the questions, I couldn’t help myself. XD

  203. OMG u are an AWESOME singer! {and a hottie not to be creepy but it kinda comes out creepy! :P} Love your songs!

  204. Well,I like your song,but my English is poor,so I have to use my language to explain my feeling.By the way ,I’m a Chinese.

  205. I have completely memorized this song, and I love it! Tom, you’re such an amazing singer! This will always be one of my top 10 songs! <3

  206. I have to say that it’s so difficult to find a website that have so much news about you,tom. just like Emma,you are the first one touched my heart.I’ll support you forever.

  207. Hi, Tom Felton!! I love you, your songs, slash with you. My friend Lera writes an ode devoted to you. Drako Malfoj forever. http://ficbook.net/readfic/87680 here it. Esteem. I feel grief that Harry Potther has ended!!! But Drako Malfoj always remains at us in heart. I love you!
    Call me! +79630068433

  208. Песня действительно хорошая…спорить даже нечего!))

  209. Люблю песни Тома…Раньше я думала,что Драко,это так мрачно,не интересно(Гарри Поттер),а теперь вижу,что это действительно талантливый человек!)

  210. Плохо,что на сайте в мп3 проигрывателе всего 2 песни…очень жалко(
    Стиль близкий к кантри Тому очень идет)(личное мнение)

  211. Tom I love your music and I hink you are a great actor and I hope you don’t die in anymore movies I cryed when you did in Th Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

  212. Hello,Tom.I am Chinese.新年快乐! Happy New year!I watched <>.I love Emma and you.I think you look cool and excellent.I love England,too.Your songs is good,though my English is not very good.Love you!Hope you have a good grade!

  213. Omgzz!! I never knew u could sing soooooooooo beautifully! I never knew u sung until the first time I heard this song which wasnt today! But I still luuuuuuuuuuuv it

  214. OMFG. Supermegafoxyawesomehot much? K, Tom. Will you marry my friend? Roisin. Ye, she loves you. I love you. But yeah. <3

  215. Tom! You’re amazing and awesome, but i think you already know. But i’m just saying! 😀 <3

  216. This is my FAVORITE song out of ALL of your Feltbeats! You just get better and better, don’t you? You have an ENCHANTINGLY beautiful voice! Continue to sing!

  217. o my god ur songs are AMAZING love them i mean inspiring!!!!!!!! uttlerly unbelivable

  218. OMG! I didn’t know that you can you could sing so wonderfully! That’s amazing! LOVE U ♥ ♥ ♥ <3

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