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Here is a list of songs released by Tom Felton so far:

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  1. I really want the guitar tabs to “Silhouettes in Sunsets”. I’ve been trying to figure it out but I have issues with playing by ear..

  2. Now i wanna learn how2 play the giutar;D LOL!!! Kisses Tom! ;^* Keep Singing AND ACTING! LUVN’U MMMMMWWWAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

  3. Actually the one that is thought of as ‘Fly Away’ is actually called ‘One of These Days’ and all the songs are avaliable on iTunes now.

  4. i think tom wrote the song “time well spent” for Melissa Tamschick, it’s a good song, though

  5. “Time Well Spent” and “Right Place, Right Time” are both about his ex-girlfriend Melissa Tamschick. But I love all his songs.

  6. Impressive ! After listening to the songs, I’d almost ask Tom to quit acting and work on his music only…

    Lövès frôm Fràncé !

  7. The link doesn’t seems to be working for the lyrics for “All I Need”. It just brings me back to this page 🙁 The others seem to work, though 🙂

  8. You have a very nice voice. And your songs are very good. Congratulation!!! 🙂

  9. oh wow! i didnt know u could sing AND play the guitar! damn ur good! Keep it up man!

  10. wow Tom u rock…u Sing, Play the guitar, AND act your a Classic Triple threat lol!!! Keep it up!!

  11. When I first learned that Tom Felton could sing I went “What?” I honestly thought that his music would never capture my interest. After I actually listened to him I realized that my assumptions had been terribly wrong. Felton’s amazing talent on the guitar combined with his husky British accent is sure to make any girl swoon over him. With a few voice lessons this Harry Potter star could rise in the music department quite quickly. Felton proved why music was created; his beautifully written songs are definitely worth the purchase. His relaxing and raw melodies are must have for any iTunes collection.

  12. I absolutely love the Brittish accent while singing.
    He makes me blush every time his songs play on my iPod.

  13. i got it all of his song as my background music on my site…
    i just really like him and the way he sings and his accent… :mrgreen:

  14. I love Toms music! Melissa Tamschick has her own music myspace and its amazing- she’s studying vocals at a music college. I think they are only her demo’s on there but they are so good! Check it out-


  15. Tom, you are so talented and amazing 🙂

    Let’s see, You: Sing, act, play the guitar, have swam with sharks, you’re like a professional fisherman, and i think you said you play the drums too!

    What more can you do?! 😀

  16. I HEART FELTBEATS WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 AND DRACO! AND HE FISHES!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  17. *sigh* i have to admit tom really has it all,
    charms, talent and lots of fans…

    i myself is a tom felton fan…

    i swear if i didn’t have a boyfriend i’d devote my whole life to adoring tom now he’s gone i think i might just do it…

    he’s one of a kind guy…

    for the past months tom has been my inspiration to writing songs for my band but right now i’m having a hard time writing any…

    my boyfriend(our base guitarist) broke up w/ me…
    i find it hard to find a replacementand to write songs…

    i hope tom writes more songs…

    yeah tom you ROCK!!!

  18. Hello, I am from Czech republic 😀 (so I’m sorry I do mystakes) and I have tell you something…Tom! If you have a tour, you must remember to our country! 😆 😆 😆
    I love you, and your playing (and acting) too


  19. well … I’ve bought all these songs … and honestly it’s really great! tom you’ve a huge talent! you’r amazing!(and personally with my band we like to sing and play these songs XD)
    sorry if you do not understand everything … (because I am French-_-°) 😳



  20. Том спасибо тебе большое,
    за твой талант, за твои песни 😉
    Мне нравится всё что ты делаешь 😀
    Привет из России!!!
    Я мысленно с тобой))
    И поддержу тебя во всех твоих начинаниях)))
    И с нетерпением жду продолжения
    твоих многочисленных творчеств и талантов!!! 😀

  21. I’ve always wanted to post an honest comment here about Toms music, so here it is:
    Tom’s voice is nothing special (no no one start hating me for that, its true!)but with his amazing guitar playing and his accent it sounds good, how ever some of his songs are kind of choppy (does that make sense?)and he hit his guitar rather than plays it kind of…
    I think to make his music softer he should do a duet, with a girl with a softer voice, just keeping it as good as it could be.
    I think the lyrics are amazing, if he fails as an actor he could be a lyricist! (not that he’s going to fail as an actor)

  22. Joyie,Please,tell me whats your site? I really want to listen to all Tom Felton’s songs very very much))

  23. Could you give your site?
    I’m sure a lot of people have problems downloading the songs so it would be great to be able to listen to them true your site..

  24. I was pleasantly surprised to find all his songs on Australia’s Itunes (which usually is very slow or just doesn’t have some songs), my favourite song is ‘time isn’t healing’ and ‘time well spent’ 🙂 His voice is very soothing and the lyrics aren’t cliche! I could rant on forever but i’ll stop here for everyone’s sake! (”,)

  25. On his Twitter account, Tom said he wrote a new song called ‘if you could be anywhere’ 😀

    He didnt say anything else though, and I don’t think it’s on youtube or iTunes yet, but… watch out for it!!!

  26. Pewnie i tak tego nie zrozumiesz ale uważam, że świetnie grasz na gitarze! Twoje piosenki są świetne! Uwielbiam je śpiewać z przyjaciółką…
    Jestem też zdanie, że jesteś bardzo dobrym aktorem. Widziałam wszystkie filmy w których grałeś…

    You are so beautiful. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😆

  27. I really am liking Tom’s music; the lyrics are simply but so meaningful, which is how I think it should be. He is absolutely amazing at guitar, and his voice is perfect for this type of music. It’s not like, “WOW, he should be on broadway!” type of perfect, but it is an honest voice that can speak to you.

    I am not a Tom Felton “fan girl”… I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter, but there is no way I’m am just saying any of this because of that. Forget his background, who he is, who he plays in some movie; this music is just amazing.

  28. 😀 WOW!!!
    i nevr knew dis man sings 😮
    but he sounds so sickk cuz of his english accent 😆
    he is toooo talented 😯
    not dat anybody rly cares 😉 my fav is TIME WELL SPENT <3
    LOL <3

  29. I love his songs. I will listen to these (some of them, I have not listened to yet) when I am not at school. He’s got a great rock/folk rock voice and he’s got heaps of talent, musically and acting-wise.

  30. Hi

    I’m also a fan of feltbeats, and if you want to rate their website go to links. I can’t wait for his music to come on itunes I will be tunning in so congrats!

    your pal, fvbrackat

  31. Hi 🙂
    Your voice is beautiful and you delightfully play the guitar 🙂

  32. you are fantastic!
    I always admired your acting very much , and then I heard your voice ….
    swoon x23246454
    you’re so good!
    your amazing
    lauren 🙂

  33. Omg i kinda just stummbled on his music videos on Youtube , i could wait to get them on my ipod. i didnt even know he sang or played the guitar. his songs always makes me smile 😀 i totally LOVE TOM 😀 😀

  34. hi tooooooooooom i love you much i love your act & music & avry thing about you your so cute !!! & sexy i even have a email 4 your name i will put a comment again to tell you what is it pleas see this comment if you dont i will die :c ok buy tomy

  35. i really want the lyrics to if thats all right with you
    but i cant find them anywhere.
    can someone help? :/

  36. Until about 5 minutes ago i didnt even know that tom felton is also a musician. But i really really like his voice and this cute British accent.
    But what he does is the best way to make music. Only a man and a guitar.Beautiful.

    ( i’m sorry for any mistakes, my english is not so good…)

  37. This isn’t all of his songs, right?? Where can I find lyrics to ‘We Belong’ ? 😮

  38. I love his songs and his voice 😀 And his acting too. I didn’t even knew he sang. I’ve always liked him from the borrowers and Harry Potter, and then yesterday someone played one of his songs and I just “I like this song, it’s very nice! Who is it? Wait, this voice seem familiar.. TOM?’ And now (if possible) I love him even more! :mrgreen:


  39. I totally love the new song “In You Could Be Anywhere”! Is that the short version? I would love to hear the full one 😀

  40. Hi! Thanks for guitar tabs… I am already practicing 🙂 Is there any more tabs?

  41. Wonderful voice! Nice words in each song! Though you are great actor you’re marvelous singer as well! Well done, Tom! 🙂

  42. i like another of Tom’s songs called “If Thats All Right With You” you guys should really check it out! its got a good hip-hip-ish beat to it 🙂

  43. oh and i love you! you are amazing! do not ever stop singing or acting! you have real talent that most artists dont have these days. <3 <3 <3 <3

  44. SIGH. i love his songs. I’m staying in Singapore and can’t purchase any item from Amazon and itunes. Is there any other way to buy Tom’s songs? ): Will appreciate any help ~!

  45. ‘if you could be anywhere’ is my favorite.=D
    i love this song.♥
    best wishes to u all from germany☻.

  46. (8) I can’t help the way I feel about you…
    &+ I can’t help the way I feel about you…
    &+ I can’t help the way I’m falling for you…(8)
    Just downloaded all the albums onto my iPod they are amaazing! Keep ’em coming 🙂 lots of love, Bethii. x xx x

  47. (8)If you could be anywhere, would you be there with me.? (8)
    Yes. x

  48. He’s a great singer, actor, guitar player!!! He’s the best! Definetly my favorite actor… Tom, if you read this… your awesome!

  49. I really like the ones I’ve seen on youtube. You really look like you’re enjoying yourself; it’s really something when you’re singing and smiling like you can’t help yourself. =) good job

    x a fan
    (well, i’ll be)

  50. Yeah, so I’m like in love with “Silhouettes in Sunsets” and I was wondering where I could find the sheet music for the song?
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. (:

  51. not! but I am a big fan of his acting skills and musical art 😉 😳 😡 😈

  52. I didn’t think I could be more in love with you than I already was. Then I found this page. I love you so much that I think about you constantly (not in the creepy stalker kind of way) and I dream about you at night. I think your music is beautiful and your acting skills are great. I know we probably will never meet, but I want you to know that there is someone out there who loves you more than anything else, and that she will stay dedicated to you, your acting, and your music forever.

  53. I’m missing Father of Mine in that index. Please post it, absolutely adore that song.

  54. Hello,

    I really love your songs, you’re really a good singer :O
    I know i’m not the first one who tell you that, but it’s a truth !
    Continue, I love to listen your songs ^-^

  55. OMG Tom your music is soo amazing! Watching you play your guitar makes me regret quitting my guitar lessons. I might start them again, and I kind of need a knowledge of music if I want to become a movie maker. Love you!

  56. i love u tom felton.u are the best.i’m going to buy all your songs.i love u.u r the best.ur so cute i love u.ur the best.
    Your Biggest Fan
    Ashlyn 🙂

  57. i really want the tabs to “under the stars”!!!! i really want to make a cover for it!!!!

  58. it was only until a few months bac tht i found out he was a musician an now if possible i luvv hi even mor!!!!
    i luvv his song ‘if you could be anywhere’ which is AMAZIN!!!!
    i luvv him so much tht i carnt put it into words and sum of his song make me cry coz they r so gorgus like him lol!!! LUVV U TOM!!! xxx

  59. I found out today that Tom was a musician.
    I love your songs, they’re beautiful, I love them all.

    Come to Sweden at the premiere of HP 7?? 😀 If you come, then I’ll be there. Love you Tom <3

  60. I also like ” Under stars”. Because of melody as well as the lines.

    especially the line “..You think you know me, I guarantee there’s alot more to see…”

    (did i get that right? correct me if i’m wrong (-;)

    *been listening

  61. OMG!! That is my FAVORITE Tom Song. When he said he would be rapping I laughed, then I heard it and fell in love. Now I make my friends and nieces and nephews and family listen to it 😀

  62. Hi there =)
    I just wanted to say that the last song that is listed has a mistake, I think.
    Doesn’t it is named “IF you could be anywhere”?

    Keep going like that =)

  63. these songs have officially made it to my top list. theres nothing better than a guy singing and playing his guitar.

    please keep making songs, i’ll be real sad if you dont. xx

  64. ohmygodddd!
    i love your songsss 🙂
    i absolutely love:
    if that’s alright with you
    time well spent
    if you could be anywhere
    those are my favs.

  65. Tom Ti Amo!!!
    Ma secondo voi, Tom entra in questo sito?
    E legge i commenti?
    Tom <3 ti amo

  66. I’m your Bruneian fan, Tom..x) hope you know where Brunei is..i use to listen to your songs before going to bed..time isn’t healing..i love it..<3..n i love you…x)

  67. omg omg omg! there’s GUITAR TABS!!! i’ve been playing guitar since i was six or seven, this is AWESOME! can’t wait to figure this out!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    thnx sooooo much!

  68. i am angry there is a person i recently talked to who said he is “an ugly ass fag who sucks at acting” and he also said he was emo =( if i wasnt talking to him over the computer i would have smashed his head into a wall haha i dont understand how anyone could despise him enough to say that…oh well

  69. oh yes and he also refused to listen to any of toms songs…HEY if ur out there…you kno who u r…u asked for it!

  70. Do you guys ever stop talking about him… Give him a break.
    He would like a break probably every once in a while I bet. Sure you guys help him out and everything but Jeese. Never think I would see this many people go so crazy about a GUY who already has a wonderful girlfriend. Good Job though guys helping him out.

  71. Okay Advice for the girls.
    Be cool. Breath and don’t get to over excited. I am sure it would make Tom feel alittle better. I give advice so just think about it okay.

    Thank You!

  72. Dear Usagi,

    I give advice so I am never mean. If you meet him or you haven’t and looking forward to it. I would be totally cool. I would breathe and not go crazy.
    Tom I bet would appreciate it.
    Say Hi can you sign this for me like whatever you would have him sign or whatever and say it was nice meeting you.. Thank you so much for your time. You could do something like that okay.

    Thank You!

  73. Dear Anonymous,

    Would Tom be excited if he had some one freak out infront of him. I think not. Just keep cool and breathe. I do give advice so contact me on this.
    If you need advice!!

    Thank You!
    (Also To All The Girls Out There)

  74. Okay. He has a girlfriend.
    Sure you can say you love him.
    But Randii. Just Keep COOL!
    You people seriously need to breathe and not get over to excited….

    Thank You!

  75. Dear Tom Felton Fans,

    If you have not met Tom and looking forward to it. Write down what your going to say. Don’t get too over excited. Be happy though that you were givin
    this chance to meet him. When you are done say Thank you so much for your time Tom. Give a little complement and than just walk away. Breathe and don’t get to over excited.

  76. I can’t really sing,

    I have had a guitar ever since I was 4 or 5 and still haven’t had lessons or learn,

    But I was talented too,

    DANCE!!! & ACT!!!

  77. Happy birthday, Tom. I know it’s an early birthday, but I might not be able to get back online by your birthday. Good luck with your careers. I think you’d make a great Riley in the Twilight movie Eclipse.
    Bye! 🙂

  78. tom i love your music and your acting rox. 99% of the girls i meet love you and i don’t blame them you are absolutely hot and are amazingly talented. i love you!

  79. Hello Tom!
    Just wanted to say happy early birthday, and that you’re an inspiration to us all! 😀 I hope to actually meet you one day, so I can give you a huuuuge hug. :3
    Thanks for reading!



  81. God Tom has an amaizing voice. I can’t wait to his birthday.Happy birthday TOM. a bit early.I’m gonna mad with you.someone help me. please.Love you TOMMY!!

  82. hey guys.
    you did a mistake in the last song. It’s called “If you could be anywhere”. Ok.

    and to tom: i love you!!!!

  83. tom i love you, you are so pretty you are the beast of the beast i love you and you are so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you sing very well.

  84. Im looking forward for the Deathly Hallows.Also I am a TOm fan but not a screaming girl who tries to touch him and never was my hand again. That would be gross…anyways i sent a letter to you tom for your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!

  85. and what i said about happy birthday i meant happy birthday soon. ill get on and post something. im writing a song and i need help.

  86. LOL… Does anyone know where I can get some lessons from HIM!!!MAYBE!!! THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!!! BUT I LIVE IN NEW JERSEY!!! SO IT’S IMPOSSIBLE….

  87. lol…. i live in maryland so i would be impossible too.. it would be cool to get lessons from him. i hope he has a fun vaction then…… he gets on the wrong plane.. woops he ends up at my house. lol.

  88. i cant have any of then. i would love to but you cant tell which actors profile is the real one. my moms says i cant have them yet but i still get on when shes not home. hehe.

  89. yea.. i do hope he does get the part of Riley….. then I can also be a twilight freak. (i a harry potter freak all the way)

  90. hey maddi… i could give you lessons… my sisters love when i sing demi lovato songs.. they always say i would be a good singer one day.. my problem is i dont have a guitar.

  91. sorry one more thing… i meant about the singing thing you posted like umm…… 15 days ago. i had to count .i hate being wrong.

  92. i would really be excited but i wouldnt have to right down what i was going to say. i would talk to him like i do with my crush.. i do get a little jumpy when my crush talks to me and is near me. if we are alone its like im talking to my best friend.

  93. I love him..and his music 🙂 hes sooo gorgeous and the only reason im so obsessed with harry potter is cuz of him!!! <3

  94. Hello Amber
    I was just visiting Tom’s website and happening to come across your comment about being a Harry Potter freak, and this isn’t something you may expect, but I am also a HP freak. So looks like you are not alone.

  95. Well… I can’t sining, play guitar and speak (write) very well in English. BUT! Is one thing that I know: Tom, you’re great actor and singer. You’ve fantastic life (that I think)…
    And what else? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  96. yay!! everyone at school says in weird and stuff about harry potter and im obssessed so i just say thanks and us it as a good thing they said. im a harry potter freak but i like the dark side.u know like draco.. and the magic…. and draco and draco. hehe im obbsessed

  97. same here but hey you never know. he’s a celebrity you just might go blank. i wouldn’t nescesarilly WRITE it down but i would probably rehearse it a few times lolz.

  98. Hey Tom,
    Your music is really cool, great job in everything you do! Even when things get tough don’t forget; you can still have fun!

  99. I am another HP freak also! haha luv the boks, movies, collectors items lolz. I looooooooove Tom! i cant say that i side with the evil peeps tho..but if it was all real then i would be dating Draco ;). haha and Bellatrix is hilarious-one of my fav characters so i guess in a way i am on both good and bad sides oh well as long as i am with Draco 😉 and his crazy aunt lolz.
    luv ya TONs, Tom
    your biggest fan, Mkay<3 xxx

  100. hey Tom! you are such an amazing singer! I’m a big fan of Harry Potter too and I loved watching you grow up (well…I was like seven when HP 1 came out so….). I really really enjoyed the last movie. Deffinately grew Draco up. But yeah…you have such a gift. Keep it up and have fun!
    -Katie Caskey (USA)

  101. Hello Tom !
    I find your music very beautiful and romantic.Quite the right thing for relaxed evenings with friends.I come from Germany and I do love the Harry Potter films and books since my 8th birthday.Now I’m 17 and I still find it great to watch them.I couldn’t imagine someone who would play your role more marvellous.I love both of you:Draco,because I feel so sorry for him and you Tom who is I think a very sweet and nice person.Thank you very much for your wonderful music!

  102. Hey Tom.
    I don’t think you will be reading this, but just so you know, you’re a great actor, and it is not only because of the fact that I like Harry Potter. (; You have an amazing voice, and I hope that one day I will have a chance to meet you, or at least get your autograph!
    We love you Tom . <3

  103. I sing.
    I play the guitar.
    I have written two songs.:))
    I can even act.

    But no matter that I think Tom is cool.:)) I don’t think he has a great voice or him to be a great composer, but he puts his soul into his songs. And I love this best of all.:)

    Tom, I wish you inspiration and many good roles. You are talented, so I wish you the ways to develop your talent.:)

  104. Hi Tom. I love you now thanks to you playing Draco. When I say now, I mean really just liking you as Draco this year. I actually hated you since I was 7, and now im 15. I guess you just grew on me. By the way do u read the HP books? Draco is so much more evil then they make you. You are kinda like the comedy relief. Especially when you were turned into a ferret!;) I wanted to thank you for being so good looking, because my boyfriend James looks just like you in the movies 3-5! Eerie coincidence no? That’s actually what got me intrested in him, as what got him intrested in me, Lord only knows! Thanks again, wish me luck with my Tom look-a-like boyfriend! Keep singing, we’re all behind you. Even James!

  105. This is what I would say. ‘ Hello my name is Isabelle I guess your a pretty normal guy If you weren’t in the harry potter movies and stuff. i love you British accent i know it sounds weird but still.. I hope that your not that guy that just beacuse your a movie star you act all mean and blah beacuse thats really boring. So.. Do you want to continue being in movies in the future or what? Whats your favorite book ?

    And I would say that and more

  106. Hey Amanda, y not send him a letter instead? I sent one to Dan Radcliffe, and got an autographed photo and a letter. I have the address of the studio if ud like it.

    Tom Felton
    c/o Leavesden Studios
    P.O. box 3000
    Leavesden, Hertfordshire England
    WD25 7LT

    I may have made a couple of errors in the address. Expect it to take atleast 6 weeks if shipping from the U.S.
    Good Luck!

  107. I would say:Hi!I`m Angelica really big fan!love your music and your acting.I just wanted to let you know your music inspires me I was always looking for an acoustic guitarist who created songs that actually made sence,and also,have meaning.You are a very talented actor, musician and much,much more!you just keep on finding ways to surprise us fans!Draco has always been my favorite character when I first started reading the books and will always be!I cant imagine any one else playing that part more perfectly than you.and I just wanted to say thanks for being a good role model,positive influence and “chap” 🙂 I hope you continue on with your dreams and prosper!Good luck and cant wait to see you in more movies! maybe even in concert! I play guitar,piano,keyboard,and drums I have written songs and draw my own comics.And I was just wondering if you have ever had any random or funny/And or odd moments? then i would say thank you for taking your time off.and hug him. n

  108. Your music is amazing Tom. It really speaks to me and when I heard one I hadn’t before I started to jump up and down. Your lyrics move me and that makes you an amazing writer. Don’t ever stop because we will be behind you every step of the way.

  109. Dear Tom,

    You music is such in inspiration and i want to thank your for it. i love sitting up late night and writing poetry to your music and i hope that to meet you in person someday! Heres to long life and happiness!!!


  110. Hey Tom
    Oh my god, I just have to say that I love your music. Your lyrics are so beautiful, where do you get the inspiration from?
    There’s no need for official videos because I think we will all be jealous of the girl that’s in it…
    Thank you so much for your music! It’s like, heaven, for my ears

  111. I just wanted to say that we love you in Holland too!! I live in Amsterdam and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think your songs are great.
    I think you did very well as Draco in the Halfblood Prince and even when you only saw you bullying Harry we always thought you were coolest person on the film.
    Thank you for being (that sounds really dramatic)

    ps-I, of course, don’t know you in person, but you always seemed like a nice guy in interviews (I hope that makes you happy XD)

  112. Tom… i saw the number of times you has bleached your hair for “Deathly Hallows.”… and if not speaking about all preavious part of HP movies… i wanted to ask…is your hair still on?! lols

    Your music is great, so wtg!

    Take care!

  113. Hello Mr felton ( or what he likes to be called) I appreciate your music and your acting mostly in the harry potter movies. I always wondered how it is to live in a world where everyone or almost every one knows you. So when you write your songs your songs is it momentarily or you write it for a certain someone? If you continue making music do you think you will release a cd that is not on Itunes? Thank you for your time Tom ( or what he wants to be called) Nice meeting you

  114. hi. I think your music is brilliant tom. it gave me the inspiration to write my own songs and continue playing guitar even though i was failing … i can now play well! your songs never fail to cheer me up. most of your songs are out of my vocal range (too low… im a first soprano) but i love to sing the harmonies to them. (its times like this i wish i could colab with u… lol) keep going hopefully see some new material soon! good Luck!

  115. Hello Tom. Big fan. You were, actually one of the stars, I’ve looked up to my whole life, and inspired me to be an actress and a musician. Though I never thought you were a musician, but you have a great voice, and you are a very talented actor. Keep up the awesome work.


  116. Hello Mr. Felton! Though I am a Harry Potter fan, I don’t want to ask you about that. I really want to know your best fishing experience. I love to fish and have had a lot of funny, and exciting, things happen. I hope I will get to meet you one day and talk about fishing!


  117. Thank you so much for creating this website! I think its really sweet to think of your many fans, and let them interact back with you! Im a big fan, and I think your songs are awesome! Im definitly putting a T-shirt on my Christmas list 🙂

  118. hello tom, i love your music. it’s very peaceful and calm. you are a very good actor.keep up the good work in Harry Potter. 🙂

  119. Hi. I’m Bugra. I love Tom Felton’s songs.Can you put tabs or chords to this website.I can play only If you could be anywhere,Time Well Spent,Time isn’t healing and Under Stars.If you put all i need,in my arms,i’ll be there…. it will be awesome :)))

  120. Hey, Tom. I’m in a band called: The Bloody Snowmen. And could you please help us relese our first CD it’s called: “A Tom Felton Christmas.” The songs I would like you to do are: “Tim McGraw is creepy at Christmas.” And please come up with some of your own to put on our album. Post our album at:

    Your Pal: Teddy Belair.

  121. his songs and singing are just soso,i can not hear any special features. his singing is not beyond his appearances.

  122. loveeeee his songss!!!!!!! they are not my type of music but it relaxes me soooo much!!! he is perfectt

  123. Dear Tom Felton,
    You are such a great singer and actor. I sing too and I am in chorus and was in a select chorus for three years. I wish I could meet you, but I am a good couple of hours, maybe even a day away. All I can say is that my favorite song of yours is I’ll Be There. Thanks for being an inspiration in my life.

  124. Sorry, but I don’t really like his music…he often sings out of tunes and really needs some vocal coaching….

  125. Tom, YOU ARE AMAZING! Is there anything you can’t do?! By the way, you are VERY hot!

  126. doesnt he have a song called if thats alright with you? i saw a video on youtube…. it a rlly good sond 😀

  127. “Anonymous says:
    January 6, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    Great guitar, lyrics, and acting but not that great at singing.”

    Quite agree.Singing might be better(on my opinion.Expected smth more impressive 🙁

  128. Because sometimes when you dye your hair, you accidentally keep it in too long your hair will turn green and it will fall out (some of the time at least.) And anyway, there is no dye out there that can make your hair THAT blond. Dying it takes too long, bleach doesn’t. Does that answer your question quite clearly? 🙂

  129. Yeah, I agree. I think he has a pleasant voice, personally, but he needs to work on his singing.
    Yet even so, I find it charming. Hahaha

  130. you should do a tour 😀 i would soo come and i would drag my frineds along..
    your music rocks

  131. Hahahaha XD

    He has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.

    Just go and judge someone else, he is just too perfect. (:

  132. Потрясающий голос и классная музыка!!! Жаль, что он не приезжал в Россию:( Это был бы фурор!!!!

  133. Почему здесь все на английском? неудобно( Но Том-это один из лучших актеров современности!! Честно!!!!

  134. I L<3VE his voice. Not like other singers we have who have to use the computer to fix their voice.

    TOM 4EVER!!

  135. Keep in mind i’m only try to help u! sorry honey tommie all these people are lying bout u havin a good voice thier blinded by ur good looks.fwi u use 2 much of ur pommie acient in your voice, abit like lili ellen i can tell u now that is NOT singing.So stop doin all dis nonsense i don’t want u to embrass ur self coz if u open ur eyes everyone else is laughin at u n its kinda embrassin to say ur my celeb crush.and remember i’m only tryna help u

  136. sorry tom bout tin tin (my b) did that to see my reaction its a little game we play all da time. i love u and ur voice n don’t worry i’ll kill her 4 u 2night.

  137. i love ur singing tom.dude ur a legend i dont care if other people say u have to practice singing or woteva iv got most ur songs on my fone.

  138. I love your music. It’s unique to everything I listen to. It’s soothing and simple. The songs are personal and real. You sing about normal everyday things.

  139. Excuse me, but not all of us are blinded by his hotness. Some of us ACTUALLY like his singing. So, next time get some evidence, make a survey… do something! Sorry I am being a bit mean and I appologize for my rude behavior, but it’s true.

  140. Oh, I’m so sorry! I read your freind’s comment and I misunderstood. I am SO sorry. Please forgive me.

  141. I think that he’s awesome! I love his acting skill, but when I found out he’s also a musician, he just got more awesome (if that’s possible). He’s got an energetic style that I really like, and his voice is quite charming. Also I appriciate the way he can actually play an instrument unlike most singers.

  142. Hey Tom it’s me again, I just wanted to let you know that james turned out to be more like Malfoy than you, and i mean it. he was such a jerk he could play the role of Malfoy really well. we’re finished and i’m very thankful for that. did you get my letter or are you extremely busy at the moment? i want to know when your new album is coming out, i want something new from you. Bye!

  143. Also, they can repeatedly do it over top of the original layer. and when you’re playing someone with that color for as long as he has, a quick bleaching is much better than a continuous dye. Ally explained it perfectly before, i’m just adding what i know.

  144. not with all the songs. but you can go to iTunes and download all the different albums from there.

  145. Tom I think you are amazing at singing, I love your voice!!! My favourite song is “Under Stars”, I love it! I wish I could meet you… *sigh* I am one of your biggest fans 🙂 keep doing what you are doing, good luck! x

  146. You are so right. His singing and guitar playing are perfect. He couldn’t get much better. He’s our inspiration for our band, The Rebel Roses.

  147. Wish I could finnish the songs I start writing. Tom, you’re great! You are one of the many inspirations for our band, The Rebel Roses. Could you give us any help on song writing? We would would greatly apressiate any hints.

  148. Sorry for the bad spelling. I did my best as a 14 year-old and manager of a band.

  149. He has such a beautiful voice. I could listen to him over and over again. Not to mention he is gorgeous 🙂 but I do love his music xx

  150. Dude, he´s great, but even if he wasn’t, WHO CARES? I’d do him even if he sounded like Håkan Hellström.

  151. I love “Let’s Take It Back”. It reminds me of the day in college when my husband and I stopped on the way to our first class of the day, looked at each other, and agreed that the weather was too perfect to spend inside classrooms. So we just turned around and went camping instead.
    When will I be able to buy “Let’s Take It Back”?

  152. REALLY???? HIS SINGING IS GOD-LIKE! Here, try this….sit in a quiet room and listen to his music. Pay close attention to the singing and the accent, especially the accent. Then judge. If you still think that he is a bad singer, you might wanna get your ears checked.

  153. oh my gosh i love tom, he is like amazing at everything <3
    i love his songs, he should so do a tour, id definately be there and so would my friends <3
    who else thinks there should be a feltbeats tour? that comes to manchester, england 'spesh 😛 x

  154. Is it just me, or does, “Hold you in my arms like you was a guitar” make anyone else hot? Or am I just too much into musical stuff? 🙂

  155. I love “we belong”!!
    in this song is so much emotion.
    Jade can be so lucky.

    he´s perfect…<3

    I don´t know how some people can say he can´t sing…

  156. Isn’t it supposed to be: “If” I Could Be Anywhere? 🙂 I think there’s a typo.

    Anyway, every time I listen to his songs, I can’t help but smile. And sometimes, I’d like to make myself believe that his songs are about Emma Watson. Anyone share the same sentiments?

    But then, I see that he is truly happy with Jade. So, I’m just stuck with Dramione FanFics – LOL.

  157. Keep in mind i’m only try to help u! sorry honey tommie all these people are lying bout u havin a good voice thier blinded by ur good looks.fwi u use 2 much of ur pommie acient in your voice, abit like lili ellen i can tell u now that is NOT singing.So stop doin all dis nonsense i don’t want u to embrass ur self coz if u open ur eyes everyone else is laughin at u n its kinda embrassin to say ur my celeb crush.and remember i’m only tryna help u

  158. Maybe it’s a new thing, but iTunes over here is not loading any of Tom’s music, either by his name or by feltbeats. It’s rather unfortunate, as I finally got a gift card to buy the songs… Is this happening to anyone else?

  159. yeah itunes won’t show his stuff up and i got a new card and was totally ready to get his album but it wasnt there.

  160. I was trying to be patient and hoping “Let’s Take It Back” Would be put back up here or made available for purchase, but today I really need to hear it. Please, tell me what I have to do to hear it or get a copy of it!

  161. I dunno, i just lke more of a melody to the voice. Now, since I wrote this, I’ve heard, “When Angles Come” and “If That’s Alright With You” and I hae to say his singing has gotten much better. Seriously, compare his most recent stuff to the things they have on the website, here. It’s much better now than it was then. There is still room for improvement, but i have faith that the next time I hear him sing, it will be just that much better. He continues to amaze.

    Ok, so I’m starting to sound like a fangirl, but honestly, he’s gotten me through some pretty horrible times in my life and I respect him enough as a person to say my true opinion.

    I listen to him all the time, my roommates are sick of him lol.

    I like him more as a human being than anything else, though.

  162. Half of his songs make him sound like he’s singing to a dream girl, on he hasn’t met yet. It’s almost like he’s not even thinking of Jade, exactly, or maybe he’s writing these as befofre he met her and he dreamt about her and knew her befor ehe even met her. It’s a strange thougt…OH! maybe shared dreams!

    Either way, if he has his dream girl, congratualations, my very best to you may lovers never part, congratulations, from deep down in my heart.

    Anyone that’s loved by you is lucky, that’s very plain to see.

    and if you still dream of her and don’t yet hold her in your arms, I hope you do, very soon.

  163. Really? hon, have you heard hgim recently. If you have, you’d agree that his voice is of the angels, but in comparrison, he wasn’t near as good as he is now.

  164. aw i think that’s sweet, you’re prbably right. he’s thinking of before they met. aw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet

  165. oh yes i’ve got the same problem with itunes.
    it’s strange, because a few months ago i could download some songs,
    so what happened?

  166. You guys probably have the newer version of itunes. i don’t think Tom is really keeping up with the advances on the technology.

  167. Tom’s voice is very nice…but i cant find any traces of feltbeats in itunes. Everytime i clicked on the link in the site to connect to itunes, it says that no results are found.why? Reli wanna buy his songs.

  168. Just wondering, does anyone know if his music isn’t available on Canadian iTunes? I can’t find any of his songs and I am deeply saddened I can’t buy them to support his music. 🙁 I really want to buy these songs.

  169. Is there any reason why it’s not on itunes anymore? I can’t find it! It’s slightly freaking me out, you know? And his songs aren’t available on amazon either? Why??? 🙁


  171. Noooooo! D:

    I wonder if they’d bring it back if we kept on requesting the album….

    I’d also like to know the reason why it was removed, that’s kind of upsetting 🙁

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  174. Tom Felton is an amazing actor and singer!
    If only he came to Brazil so I could go to one of his concerts!
    I would love to meet him, he seems to be such a nice person!

  175. I really love this music
    it´s so fantastic
    he is really a great singer and guitar player

  176. I use to downloaded Tom’s music on iTunes. I tried to look him up for my friends to download his music too and he’s not on iTunes any longer. Is this true?

  177. Really? thats awesome. im 14 too and my friend and i just started a wrock band! we’ll try to get music up soon lol. my heart goes with the rebel roses! good luck! 🙂

  178. i like brazil nuts
    they once gave me a rash tho
    not fun
    neville longbottom is in my closet!!!!!!!!!
    not joking
    so is voldemort

  179. I LIKE SALSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    WHO ELSE LIKES SALSA!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LIKE TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. As some here have already stated, I’d really REALLY like to buy his songs on iTunes… could anyone explain why Feltbeats is nowhere to be found?

  181. As some here have already stated, I’d really REALLY like to buy his songs on iTunes… could anyone explain why Feltbeats is nowhere to be found? 🙁

  182. At first, i don’t like tom because of his role in harry potter series. then i realized that he’s amazing. An actor, a guitar player, a singer, and gosh he’s so handsome and cute.
    it’s kinda embarrassing to tell u ur my celeb crush but there’s no problem. besides, i’m still 13 yrs. old. keep composing songs!

  183. London roads scare us too
    This is why we’re just like you.
    We, we need to exercise.
    We also ate too many pies.
    Tick tock, goes the clock
    Keep an eye on your sock!
    We wish you would drive us in your car
    Because we know you will go far.
    We end this poem, with you knowing
    That we’re your biggest fans, and won’t be going!

  184. London roads scare us too
    This is why we’re just like you.
    We, we need to exercise.
    We also ate too many pies.
    Tick tock, goes the clock
    Keep an eye on your sock!
    We wish you would drive us in your car
    Because we know you will go far.
    We end this poem, with you knowing
    That we’re your biggest fans, and won’t be going!<3

  185. London roads scare us too
    This is why we’re just like you.
    We, we need to exercise.
    We also ate too many pies.
    Tick tock, goes the clock
    Keep an eye on your sock!
    We wish you would drive us in your car
    Because we know you will go far.
    We end this poem, with you knowing
    That we’re your biggest fans, and won’t be going!

  186. London roads scare us too
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    We wish you would drive us in your car
    Because we know you will go far.
    We end this poem, with you knowing
    That we’re your biggest fans, and won’t be going!
    …do you like it?

  187. London roads scare us too
    This is why we’re just like you.
    We, we need to exercise.
    We also ate too many pies.
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    Keep an eye on your sock!
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    Because we know you will go far.
    We end this poem, with you knowing
    That we’re your biggest fans, and won’t be going!! 😀
    thanks for reading.

  188. London roads scare us too
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    We, we need to exercise.
    We also ate too many pies.
    Tick tock, goes the clock
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    We wish you would drive us in your car
    Because we know you will go far.
    We end this poem, with you knowing
    That we’re your biggest fans, and won’t be going!
    (sorry for spamming this and your twitter)

  189. I just wanted to say; HARRY/DRACO FOREVER! <3

    A friend introduced me to them, when I was ´bout 11 and Im 18 now and still a fan of them!


    The fan fiction Clear is the most romantic and lovable fic I´ve EVER READ! It makes you cry… <333

    I´ll continue being a fangirl 🙂

    Sorry, for pouring out my feelings here…

  190. hey… just dropp’n by to say… well. i’m a fan… and i’m proud of it. haha. lousiest comment i ever wrote. i really can’t do more than this cuz i’m just pass’n by… and I have many things to do… so…hope yall understand… just gudluck to you tom, we’re always behind you. 😀

  191. what tht person said only wen i say it it sounds much much cooler cause i am much cooler than the person tht originally said tht

  192. Tom, I just wanted to tell you that you are without a doubt my favorite celebrity. I absolutely love you. You are sooo incredibly talented. Your songs are the most listened to on my iPod. They are so feel good and they really show what a sensitive, caring, compassionate, perfect guy you are. Jade is very lucky to have you! Please keep on composing because you are brilliant. I love you sooooooo much!!!
    -Sophia <3 (14 years old)
    P.S: I'm a HUGE HP fan and you captured my attention the first time I saw you on screen. Your portrayal of Draco was exactly what I imagined. You are perfect for the role and nobody else could do it as well as you (Thats a compliment haha. And you are not the most hated person in the world!). Your performance in HBP was outstanding (50000 stars) and I was glad to see you go outside of Potter and do movies like "Get Him To The Greek" and "The Disappeared. I can't wait to see what else is in store for you! I could on and on about how amazing you are, but that would take FOREVER, and you most likely wont have time to read it all :DD

  193. Tom, if you ever read any of the msgs sent to you from silly fangirls such as myself I want you to know that your music is adorable and very soothing!! I have to say it grew on me and I listen to almost all of your songs all the time, and I even use them to calm me down before my exams- as dorky as that sounds^^
    Anyways, just letting you know that you have made a fan out of me (although I was already a fan of your role as Draco; i do have a thing for bad boys ;P) and if I ever had the opportunity to befriend you I’m sure I’d think that you are one of the coolest, most honest people that actually exist on this planet!
    Okay, now that I’ve rambled and hopefully put a smile on your face, I want to wish you luck in all your future endeavors and I hope to hear of your many successes in the upcoming years!!

    From One of Your Many Canadian Fans,

    Onika 🙂

  194. i listen some song of Tom Felton are: IF you could be anywhere, Time isn’t Heiling, Time well spent, Right place right time, under stars, one of these days. I love there song!!!!!

  195. My favourite song is if that’s alla right with you. Is very fantastic. Tom is the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. i have to agree with you. some of the pictures are quite weird sometimes, but most stories are so incredibly well written, and romantic offcourse, that it’s just amazing. some stories are quite…well, disturbing, but mostly, those fics cheer me up big time!
    peace out <3

  197. hey fans of tom
    can anyone tell me why i cant buy tom’s songs on Amazon anymore? Thanks


  198. ughhhhh i seriously love tom’s music but every time i go on itune it wont let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well anyway i LOVE tom

  199. hey! i
    I’m Lucie. I come from germany and I’m still 12 and I love feltbeats! now I’m going to try to play Tom’s songs on my guitar. I’m a big harry potter fan, too but tom is the best actor I think 😉
    in 4 day harry potter 7 comes in our cinemas! I’ve all feltbeat songs on my ipod 😀

  200. I’m 12 so that means I’m 10 yrs younger than him (sigh)if only I was born 9 yrs earlier but still my country is sooo far away from london but I already went there and it is super nice there I want to study there in high school and collage sorry I’m chatterbox bye

  201. Your classmate is not the only one daydreaming about him (sigh) but I never do it when there is classes I take classes very seriously (especially math since I’m lousy at it except in fractions)

  202. well it is not their fault they can’t look at their comments and respond because they are very busy with their career (sorry if I sound rude):)

  203. Beautiful simply beautiful.Another reason to keep myself posted on your endeavors in the future.Very talented actor and just realizing very talented musician.32yrs old but still love the Harry Potter Series and now more of a reason to like Tom as an individual.Nice to see him outside of his well known role the bad guy we love to hate and hate to love!!!

  204. I just want to say that, Tom, you are an amazing artist, both musiclly and as an actor. I don’t know how so much talent can fit into one person, but you are a lucky man and I hope nothing but the best for you. Thank you for sharing your amazing self with the world.

  205. Do you know what happened to his songs on iTunes? They only have new, single versions of “All I Need” and “If You Could Be Anywhere” now. :/

  206. Hi, I just wanted to say that I’m a big fan of you. Your acting and your music. Btw..I’m from sweden..Haha I don’t know why I wrote that but maybe you didn’t know you had fans here? Or maybe you did. You have fans everywhere! Sorry my bad english…
    Bye 🙂

  207. Look any girl in the world is crazy not to love Tom he is completly perfect . . .
    We all love you dearly keep up the songs I love them all lol <3 I'm gonna preform one for a talent show this year in your honor . . .

  208. Tooom !
    you are really talented singing 🙂
    I think you’ll be good in that job , you’re so clevver !
    And I wanna say that you’re so elegant and handsome too :)!
    I Hope you’ll have luck singing <3
    a lot of kisses
    Amanda 🙂

  209. i am 17 and love him too 🙂 i guess just everyone can love him, no matter how old they are 😀
    i mean hes really great, and looks great and sings great and hes just awesome :DD

  210. Hi,
    I’m 1 year and 7 days older than him. But what can I say he just as far as one can read out of interviews and the sorts a great personality and a very gifted artist. What ever his next project might be I hope it’s succeding.

  211. seriously you dont like him in HP series. omg! i like him since his first appearance “you must be weasley”. oh god, i felt in love with him since then……

  212. Just posting from Australia to say, god damn I hope we win the next ashes test!!! oh, and btw, Tom you rock!

  213. Yes, i am 20 to, but i find it oberactet, that you say you felt in love with him -.-

    I find, he is a great actor and singer, and he looks very good ^^

    But you can´t fall in love with somebody you never speak with -.-

    thats crank, sorry xD

    sorry my english is not very good, because i am from Austria.

  214. Tom is amazing one of my favorite movies growing up was the borrowers and he just so happens to play one of the main charactors XD!! i may have a slight crush on him but its totaly ok cause i know he is off limits im 16 and i accept that i can admire him in his movies and music because he is AMAZING!!!!!!

  215. Awesome! Crushes at 16 are really the best and you’ve picked a really good person. Enjoy, my dear! 😀

  216. hi, i just wanted to leave a note to say how much i love your acting and songs. i think your a great person, so keep it up!
    thanks x

  217. I suppose I’ll be one of the MANY girls to say that I’m in love with him, too. BUT I CAN’T HELP BUT SAY I DO LOVE HIM! ♥ I’m 17, turning 18 in a few months’ time. My birthday wish is for me to go to London, and at least get a glimpse of that pureblood 🙂
    If he’s reading this, know this, Tom. You’re awesome. It rhymes with your name.

  218. Is it so wrong to be in love with a celeb like Tom whom you know would probably never love you back, or even get to know you by your name?
    Anyways, keep up the GREAT work. Lots love,

    Milcah from the Philippines ♥

    (p.s. any chance of letting me know where exactly does Mr. Felton live? 🙂 )

  219. Oh gosh, I’m 13 & I absolutly adore Tom. He is amazing. An actor, singer, plays guitar & he’s into sports! Really it’s great; he’s also so handsome. 🙂 The Harry Potter series is like an escape & I just wanted to say I was totally into Draco from the very beginning. :)Oh, & I watched the borrowers when I was younger then I realized Tom was in it, oh my, I watched it again, & I have to say he was adorable. From Canada 🙂

  220. i love him in harry potter hes a great actor compared to his personality in the interviews hes so nice compared to Draco & he can sing lol im 14 just turned it there in december loved him since like 2008 hes stunning xxx

  221. Tom im listening to your song if thats alright with you because thats like amazing and if you could be anywhere (8) 😀 i love you keep bringing out songs please:) and please follow back on twitter @TF_Beccaxx that would be amazing and that would make my day xx (L)i think my favorite Harry Potter has to be the half blood prince it goes to show Draco not all that bad and i knew he would never be able to hurt anyone i was actually crying when the scene with you and harry felt so sorry for Draco xxx love you xxx <3

    follow back on twitter please xxx

    Becca xxx <3

  222. I love him and I’m 15. The songs are beautifull and very expresive about fellings and love…

  223. dontch worry kiddo. we will get you over this strange addiction to tom…just go on youtube and type in “the wanted all time low” your addiction will disappear in a few days. side affects include immediate obsession with the wanted, nathan sykes and all of the contents of the band. :/

  224. I love you so much, I think you are amazing, very talented and great singer and I’m trying to learn to play guitar watching his music videos ♥

  225. I love you so much, I think you are amazing, very talented and great singer and I’m trying to learn to play guitar watching his music videos

  226. i love you so much, i think you are amazing,very talented and great singer and i’m trying to learn to play guitar watching his music videos

  227. i am a chinese girl,and i like tom very much ,and we hope tom come to chine~(my english isn’t good…)

  228. your song amazing. Romantic song, simple but great. I like your song, and i like you.

  229. 我也很喜欢他!他的旋律有种不一样的感觉,很随和,让人感觉舒服~

  230. You should really pursue your music career when you acquire more time. The stuff’s great. 🙂

  231. I love him and I am 14.I found a boy who called Craco is handsome in the .Then I became to love Tom.How nice the boy !

  232. I Love his voiceand I Love him!!!! I can tell ya that right now he is my crush… but unfortunetly he is with Jade Olivia… UGH!!!!!!!! I hate her!!!!(I´m serious!!!!) he is the best!!!!

  233. i love your songs.. it make me feel comfortable because i can relate to it… especially the “under stars”

  234. “Father of Mine” really hit a cord with me. My parents are divorced and i didn’t see my dad for a few years afterward. it was beyond his control though. I cried when i first heard it and every time since.

  235. I love the music and wanted to buy”Time well spent” on itunes but it isnt there! so has it been removed because the new stuff is out! i like the acoustic versions more than the edited ones too, so is there anywhere to access them??

  236. Even though everyone I know thinks that he isn’t a very good singer, I think he is fantastic. They don’t like him because his voice is so different. I love his songs… Even though one of them is about his guitar(: I love him!

  237. This super! Superiority! Sorry, I from Russai. I don’t speak English.

  238. Hello, Tom! I’surprised how great you played Draco. You are with him are at your picture out of the picture of the role and the role of Draco and I see two different peoples. This is so cool! You are so talanted! You loved in Russia. I’d like you to visited out country. Your songs take me to the soul. Especially ” Fаthеr of mаnе”. Just as long as it’s the only song whose meaniny I understand. With English, I just really bad. I already write to you with an intepreter. Good luck in your future project will dedicate. Smile more often. You have a very beautiful smile.

  239. OMG!!!!! I love him and I’m 13!!!! I wish he wasn’t so old. I’m going to Europe next summer and all I want is to meet him while he’s crossing the street or something. TOM!!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!!!

  240. I really hope you read these, Tom. You have to come to COLORADO!!!!! That way I can finally meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Oh my goodness!
    He is a legend of voice!!!
    I love his voice and I love him in the movie also!!!
    He is just FANTASTIC!!!

  242. Yeah!!
    I hope I can meet him while I’m England!!
    I send him a mail today, you know..
    I’m 12 now!

  243. “Father of Mine” really hit me hard. My parents haven’t been divorced, but they are on their way. I heard this and I was just busy crying my head off.

  244. Tom Felton, I hope you see this, because:
    Time Well SPent is our favorite song in the WORLD and is our friendship song. Every time we hear it we sing along and we feel all sentimental.
    P.S. We are going to the midnight premiere of HP #7 Part II tonight! 😀
    We <3 you!

  245. OMG we’re from Colorado too and we agree! We want to meet you so bad Tom! <3

  246. I just love Tom Felton!
    The songs I like that he sings are: If that’s alright with you, We belone, All I need and Hawaii!
    <3 !

  247. Okay, so I just found out about Tom’s singing and guitarplaying a few days ago and I don’t even know what to say but… why is it not outthere a little more?… it’s real nice =]

  248. Okay, so I just found out about Tom’s singing and guitarplaying afew days ago. And I think it is freakin gorgeous! and im wondering why it’s not on the web a little more…

  249. umm, he’s 23 turning 24 in September… how could you not no that??? 🙂

  250. Absolutely adore your music.
    It was something that grew on me slowly, but now I find myself listening to you quite often. The lyrics behind your songs really are quite good. Personally, I love you acoustically, more so than with a band and edited. Continue doing what you’re doing.

  251. I wish Tom had an album I wouls soo buy like 20 copies! But I heard he’s signed a record deal so I hope 1 comes out soon.

  252. yeah but he makes her happy if you are a true fan you won’t hate!!!! I am a fan a huge fan but I don’t hate Jade because she makes him happy

  253. i dl-ed his songs from six string, but the older ones are not there. the links here seem to be dead as well. any idea where i can get them? thanks!

  254. Honestly I really wish he had an album because he really is a great artist, and if his music really got out there than he could become a great musician. I just hope he gets the encouragement he needs to this. Plus you know, he’s not bad to look at 😉 Just wish he was single. I would be getting my butt to england in a heart beat 🙂

  255. PSH. Forget Bieber. He’s the one and only (:
    My friend said he’s accent’s strong when he sings. Hmm.. He may have a strong accent.. But it one HOT STRONG accent. I’ve gotten use to the fact that boys have other girls who they are well accquainted with unlike me. *sigh* Dissapointing yes, but needs to be handled with maturity :/

  256. EH.
    If he has a CD out and about somewhere in Borneo like hell i would buy it ! OMR i just love him and his voice so much ! I wish he could do a concert here. That would be so cool. I’m jelly of Olivia. He’s funny,kind and handsome. And plus he’s blonde (not to be haircist or anything) and he has beautiful grey eyes. Total plus marks. I would love to have his eyes. 🙂 and him. But he’s taken *sadly* aw hell =.=

  257. my new fav song in the world is If That’s All Right With You. and want to buy it!! but u don’t sell it!
    I love ur songs.
    Harry potter helped me keep going when I bought the HPDH2 tics for me and my friends at midnight but the I got really sick. like really sick no one knew what was wrong for 2 weeks. I’m better now but I lost llbs. and I was already skiny. but when I was sick all I did was watch hp

  258. I love you Tom Felton, your songs always cheer me up when im down i love harry potter and the half blood prince. its my fav hp cause it has you the most. whenever i see u in a movie i always feel good. i wish someday i can meet you. I miss ur nice blond hair in hp!

    love alyssa delfino

  259. actually, i’m glad and pissed that he’s not more famous than he already is. if he’s really really famous (Which wouldn’t at all be a shock) it’ll just ruin him. I mean look at Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan. They’re pretty messed up! I just wish more people liked him. Everyone says he’s ugly and pale. PALE LOOKS PERFECT ON HIM!!!!!! i can’t picture him as Ron or Harry… and DEFIANTLY not Neville.

  260. These songs are the only thing that can keep me from going insane from all the stress in my life. Tom, I don’t know how you do it; you’re hilarious, you act, you sing, and you have the British accent. The complete package! 😀

  261. Lovely music and amazing songwriting. I have a playlist dedicated to his gorgeous voice… haha. 🙂

  262. I love everything that you. do. Thanks so much. Where’s ‘Hawaii’? Thank you so much 🙂

  263. Actually he has light brown hair but dyed it blonde for Draco in the Harry Potter series. He had it dyed 37 times! Eep!

  264. Hey if he makes her happy then I’m completely fine. Yes I do want to be his gf and all and I want him to be mine but if he loves her then thats what it is. I mean honestly i think him and Emma Watson would make a better couple but I mean Jade Olivia is REALLY pretty and seems REALLY nice and if she wasn’t then why would Tom be dating her? 🙂 that’s just my opinion and if you ppl can’t take it then why do you like him and his opinion!

  265. @Tomfeltonismine, absolutely agree with you! I would love for him to date me, but haha, Jade makes him happy, and it’s obvious they care about each other, and I don’t think people should be saying they hate Jade, just because she is dating Tom, like you said, it’s his opinion, and if they really like/love :3 him, then they would respect his opinion. 😀

  266. Yah. i mean honestly. It’s super fun to day dream but what are the chances that any of us will be with him?

  267. <3 … love. love. love. seriously love. loved tom when he did harry potter as Draco but now my level of fangirling will definitely shoot up as ton's voice is like a damn angel. i say this in the name of harry potter amen.

  268. i dnt like justin bieber.
    he’s not more attractive than dear tom and his voice isn’t good

    and i like you wonder he is not as famouse as justin

  269. we are limmeted in useing internet in my country

    i mean they filter most of sites

    pity…they aree going to filter feltbeats too.

    i’m so sad 🙁

  270. Can anyone tell me if TOM FELTON had a girlfriend/wife?Because I made a deal with my BFF at school.When TOM FELTON had a girlfriend/wife I will treat her for 10 weeks,but when TOM FELTON didn’t have a girlfriend/wife she will help to get a passport and help me get to LONDON and see TOM FELTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I am happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  272. Yes, a girlfriend. Her name is Olivia Jade. She starred with him in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 in the end as his wife

  273. i downloaded all of these songs right away
    i love him sooo much
    especially since he is a bad boy and i lovvvvvve bad boys

  274. I´m a german girl but I look all hp films first in english because i loooooooove the voice from tom felton and i love his rule and his music I sing all day he´s soo beautiful and talented !!!
    i write on skipe to the account i hope someone write back


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  288. Hi my tom!i want to say your musics are wonderful! I alway listen all of them and then sleep all night! They are sooo pretty!thank u to share your sound to us! I am Elham again…and I crazy for u…please talk to me I want to u and say you are a wonderful acter and singer…
    Bye Thomas Felton! Don’t forget me….

  289. I love u musics specially all I need, father of mine and time well spend!but everyone is beautiful! I am Elham

  290. Recently I am preparing for the IELTS.I wrote a long oral material about you,including Draco in Harry Potter and Edward in From the Rough,as well as your songs-your voice is really limpid and warm,I really love it.Anyway,bless me having a good IELTS score!I’m going to the UK for postgraduate studying!

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  292. wow, seriously, i had no idea he could sing, but i love his voice. it’s really nice and i love the guitar! he is amazing, never ceases to amaze me!

  293. Hi Tom,
    You are fabulous! We are just 2 American girls who appreciate your skills as an actor and singer, and we ecspesially love your song “‘Hawaii.” We are not like the other girls who say that they are super obsessed with you, although we can’t deny it. Our favorite acting job that you have done Besides Harry Potter is “White Other.” We have a ton of inside jokes circulated around you (all good things), there is even a boy at our school who looks exactly like you! We call him Draco (behind his back, of course). So, we live in Michigan, and one of us plays the piano and sings any would love to work with you. (BTW we are 13, so we aren’t those kinds of girls who have a picture of you in our sock drawer or something). Except for a 7th year Draco Malfoy cardboard cutout. One final piece of advice: Always be a postman in Hawaii. (Inside joke)

    Love ya,
    Pansy and Lily
    (P.S. tell Rupert Grint that Lily says hi)

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