We at have been lucky to interview Tom many times over the past five years. You can find all of those interviews here.

The Ultimate Fan Interview conducted by Misha

The Twitter Interview conducted by Misha

Movie Premiere Interviews conducted by Lori and Betsy

Feltbeats Exclusive Interviews conducted by Lori, Betsy and Rotae

Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour Interview conducted by Lori and Betsy

We plan to interview Tom again in the near future – so let us know if there is anything you’d like us to ask? Just leave your question in the comments, below.

200 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. Whats Toms favourite song, ever and on the new album which will (hopefully) be here very shortly?

    Yes yes, ordinary question, but nonetheless interesting!!

  2. oh and yeah, sorry! Could you also ask abotu dedications inspirations etc? Just the normal really. If you can, please. I understand your busy though! (:

  3. He loves HP books right? Who are his favorite characters and pairings? I mean, every HP fan gotta has some favorites ^^

    Oh and one more, at what age does he plan to get married?

  4. This is kind of a silly question but..Did Jade really say you wallpaper wanted to make he vomit? ahah (reference to convinced)..Do you keep a song book?…when did u start writing music?..did you ever think ppl all over the world would be listening to it(and LOVING it) and how do you feel about having ppl all over the world,that you don’t even know love you and support you?

  5. Does Tom have a facebook.
    Does he live in London, England.Or another part of England?

    How did Tom start acting.
    He was 8 when he started right?
    Did he ever have a different girlfriend or is Jade his first one? Tell him he is lucky to have such a great girlfriend if you can. Great Job helping him out though guys.

  6. Tom ever begged a suggestion to us on his twitter where he should hold a musical live performance. So has he gotten any ideas?Where and when? Thank yoouuuu..

  7. I though he said he would be afraid to do it. But he really wants too though. I think that’s what he said on one of his interviews. IDK.

    (I Don’t Know)

  8. What is his opinion in pursuing a career (or as side jobs) in modelling? Does he think he has tallent and confidence for that..? (Coz we know he’s hot but he said something like “I’m the worst model, aren’t I” in a photoshoot in Japan)

    What time he goes to bed, and what time he wakes up? What’s his usual breakfast menu?

    What was the most important and happiest moment in his 22 years of life?

  9. Can you ask him if they have a song called teh Cha Cha Slide in England. DO they have michael Jackson songs in England.

  10. maybe Did you mean in part one “in good hands”, there some1 asked about touring? but i meant not touring. just like a little concert. :D.

  11. Of course we have the cha cha slide! evrybody get funky.. clap, clap, clap your hands… memories! haha
    and yeah We have MJ. Well his legacy anyhow.

  12. Is it true that Tom Felton’s favourite country is the United States. That is so wik=ckedly cool. Agh. I am so happy. Well this is true but my favourite country is England. [Planning To Go There Soon] Never been there before. Want to get an acting career in London actually. Or in the dumb United States. Gosh I sure do Hate JERSEY most of the times. It is so so so so boring….

  13. Imagine how stressful those events would be. All the actors in HP are world famous; I love them all to death cuz growing up watching the movies, reading the books etc,and like 10 years later, they’re still at it but wow, I’m surprised how chipper Tom, Rupert and some others are.

  14. What was the nicest thing anyones ever done for him? And out of all the the really cool stuf he’s done whatdoes he think was the most worthwhile?

  15. i was just wondering, how do you do it with people watching you all the time and people screaming at you? sorry its just a question i wanted to ask cause i dunno how you handle it. your a truely amazing actor you have real talent in acting and singing. cant wait for deathly hallows, yours truely madelinejoy.( L )

  16. My favorite actor is Tom Felton. He is a truely talented person and an amazing singer. One day i hope i get to meet him cause then my dream will come true. If i could say something to him right now this is what i would say,”You are amazing. I am so happy that you were in Harry Potter. then i would have never looked stuff up of you on youtube and i would have never heard your amazing voice. Thank you for being so talented. and keep on singing. YOUR VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL!”

  17. Hi Tom, first, let me say that your an amazing actor and a wonderful person in real life. second, I’ve been trying to convince my parents to let my take up acting for a long time now but they keep saying “no. your good but not that good.” so I was wondering, what did you say to convince your parents to let you start acting?

  18. I’m French and I would like to know if Tom had already spent a few days to France or if it had the intention to do it ?
    Sorry if I made errors.

  19. I’m Polish. I’m thirteen so i’m sorry if i make a mistakes. I want to know when Tom arrive to Poland… I’m hope i don’t make mistakes 😀 and please answer. Thanks 🙂

  20. I am 13 so please forgive me if I make a few typographical errors within this question.
    Does Tom Felton have the ability of perfect prallell parking of his vehicle? If not, could you please suggest this?
    Squareroute radius squared minus length squared add length plus distance squared minus squareroute radius squared minus length squared minus width minus length minus distance.
    R=Radius of your vehicle’s curb-to-curb turning circle.
    L=Your vehicle’s wheel-base:the distance between the front wheel and the corresponding back wheel.
    D=The distance from the centre of the front of your vehicle.
    W=The width of the parked vehicle to your vehicle.
    This scientifical/mathmatecal formula for perfect prallell parking of your vehicle gives you the minimum extra length that the parking space needs to be over the length of your vehicle.

  21. Personally I think he would be better as Alec. He’s the only person with round enough eyes to even begin to match Dakota Fanning’s.

  22. Yeah, random question that came into my head as I was writing my 10-page essay on Sir Isaac Newton’s studies on Kelper’s Las of Planetary Motion, is Tom Felton good at science? What’s his favourite sci-fi movie or videogame? Just had a sudden brainwave…are these questions more sensible than the Scientifical Formula for Perfect Parallell Parking of Your Car?

  23. Hi Tom, good?, I wondered if in the previous Harry Potter films Emma Watson estubiste love, greetings Delfina

  24. hi! i just want to say, ur so cute and handsome! i love u 2 much! pls come ankara(the capital of turkey)!!

  25. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

  26. oih moai goad.
    whut kind op qustion is dat???
    ob cuse it will be i loveeee dogsieee and dragossss.
    i need pedicuir
    you wan gif me 1?
    i happly acept’ ti.
    you are so buuuutiful’no matta what dey sey.
    gif me scafs.

  27. watashiwa gomo domo docomo!
    it&e wa domo tomoshomo kiki dois
    dora butt ditto
    honda civic

  28. darling.
    no mattur how many times you tell Tom that you love him.
    he probably wont say anything.
    you know what you should do?
    talk to…
    Daniel Radcliffe about him.
    he’d totally agree on what ever you say.
    its not gunna happen hun.

  29. Dear whoever posts in these type of crap.(jk)
    its nice to know that you all have an interest in tom felton,
    please when you’re posting,
    dont get so obsessive.
    “ooh I LOVE TOM FELTON!!”
    “oh my god your voice is beautiful, you’re the best actor EVER”
    etc. etc.
    im not hating,
    im just getting really irritated(:
    thank guys and gals.
    best luck and wishes.

  30. Does Tom ever play videogames such as Halo, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Mario, Spyro ect? Does he PLAY videogames?

    PS.-Does he know what laser stands for? =)

  31. Tom,are you proud of yourself?
    And another question.You sing your song just works,or other authors, too?I’m sorry if these questions you already answered

  32. Tom would be like.
    milking cows an shtuff.
    he be fishing in mah lake.
    ohhh yeahh

  33. Tom woulda be goin’ to my barn and milking my cows. He would be fishin’ for red snout and sallllllmon…. Tom felton is so HOT
    daniel radcliffe
    i like to spell
    i like to smell feet….

    im retarded….hahahahaha….






  35. THRILLER! I’m not the only one who’s getting a bit PHAIL with all the Crazy-Psycho-Schitzo-Weird-Mental-Insane-Wacko-Crap!

    Michael Jacksonface!

  36. OK, so when? Nobody answer me! 😀 english isn’t good for me….
    Jeżeli tu jest jakaś polka niech mi odpisze ! 😛 czekam 😉

  37. Firstly, he would TOTALLY write about you. Do doubt about it (sarcmarc)
    Secondly, His hair has been bleached 18 times (just found out that today, because is so awesome for telling me these things!)
    Thirdly, its “Draco”,
    its wonderful to know that
    but MY GOD, just learn to spell.
    Oh and sorry if this is offensive to anyone (sorry Joe, but it had to be said), I really do think Tom is an awesome actor and singer/songwriter/guitarist. He’s my inspiration! Thanks for posting the interview, by the way! You kick major po-po misha!

  38. Whoa fail on my part. I meant “No doubt about it,” not “Do doubt about it”.
    Stupid keyboard (*message to my keyboard* Why do you hate me when all i show you is love?!) LOL

  39. @its not gonna happen:
    LOL! Thats totally what i was thinking!
    *virtual high five!*

  40. I wholeheartedly agree with STOP SPAMMING WITH YOU LOVE COMMENTS.
    Tom Felton is awesome, and I think he’s the bestest and coolest person ever, but I’m getting annoyed at the random,
    I just get so mad about those kind of comments…
    If the people on this site really love Tom, then they’d educate themselves about him and know enough to say/spell/whatever his parts as they are…its DRACO. NOT DRAGO.
    ugh. Sorry for random ranting 😛

  41. Nah, I’m not panicking about most likely never meeting him.
    LOL, a bit dissapointing but hey, thats the way life works.

  42. Oh yeah, kind of going along with this…
    Tom, can you dance at all?
    Or… Do you see yourself as a good dancer?
    Thanks! :]

  43. you can find out the movies hes been in on IMDB website and type in his name it comes out with a list of movies and the part he played


  45. I saw you in the movie “The Borrowers”, which has grown up and read the last book of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

  46. if you had to film a movie whichever film star you wanted to, and you could choose who, who would it be and why?

    p.s. i luv ur music and movies

  47. I’d like to know what inspires you for your music?
    I want to know this because I write songs sometimes, too.
    But these aren’t so good.

  48. Tom Felton

    Just me interested in the relationship between Harry and Draco.
    but I think that Draco will change at least a little bit for the sake of his son, , I think that his son would help him in this.
    Read, please:

  49. Hi Tom
    How will you celebrate Christmas and what do you expect from Next Year?
    I love to watch Draco in the movie as it varies with each year.

  50. Hi Tom Felton
    There are new songs when you can hear them, or seeing clips?
    You have sent letters from Ukraine or Russia?
    Draco Malfoy is my favorite character from the bad, and I sincerely sympathize with him?
    Why Draco Malfoy so hate Harry Potter?
    If Draco and Astoria, was born to a daughter in the place of his son?

  51. Hi Tom Felton
    There are new songs when you can hear them, or seeing clips?
    You have sent letters from Ukraine or Russia?

  52. Hey, Tom. I was just wondering who gave you your inspiration to be the awesome singer/songwriter you are. You’re so amazing, Tom. You really are. Acting, singing, playing guitar… not to bad to look at either, haha 🙂
    do you send letters out to Australia? and, one last question and I’ll stop bothering you: Who plays little Scorpius? Please reply x

  53. Hi Tom
    I watched “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1” In fact the film is dark, scary.
    I am particularly sorry for Draco Malfoy and the truth is seen pressured by his father, but sorry that you can not change anything. The film saw fear.
    As Japan is like?
    What’s new for yourself out there you know what sort of people? Likes sushi?

    Please answer:)
    My Email:

  54. What kind of oldschool music, like Bob Dylan and the Beatles, do you like? I mean, since you are a classical, acoustic guitar player yourself. (Your songs give me the same happy, sometimes melancholic feeling as Dylan does; congratulations!)

  55. im fcking pist! i have his number i found on chacha answers and i called it. it was only jade talking i told her ummm im his little cousin so she hanged up on acciedent FUCK YOU TOM

  56. Hey Tom, big fan! how come you don’t reply to your fans? I know you’re busy and all but you should really have the time to send mails to us since we should be your source of inspiration.

  57. Gûten Tag,
    Ja, I’m just gonna go with everyone else and say Happy New Year.


    Have you ever been to a live concert?
    Do you have/play Guitar Hero?

    Ja, that’s it.

  58. Tom Felton
    Happy New Year 2011!
    I wish you happiness, good luck to be filled with all the dreams and all the bad things go away.

  59. Hey Tom,

    thanks for the amazing films with you. 🙂 I like you so much as Draco Malfoy. It’s sad that you don’t want to study fishery science. Think about it. 😉 It’s great do deal with every day.

    Greetings from Germany and Norwich

  60. hey tom =)
    I just wanted to write that you are a very very good Draco !
    I like your style, and the style that you give to Draco !
    I hope that you’ll be as succesfull as now after the ” Harry Potter ” saga !
    Continues Well !

  61. Hey Tom!

    I like your music.
    Came you to Germany too???
    Is your CD “In Good Hands” in germany???


    (sorry Tom my English isn`t verry good)

  62. hey. hi?
    well, tom, can you post your own cover for just the way you are by bruno mars?

    that would be so great(if yes, but if no its still great!!!)!

  63. i love your acting skills you are amazing, thank you for bringing a special talent to harry potter 🙂

  64. Hi Tom!
    I’ve just seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
    You are really great.
    I LOVE YOU <3 🙂

    Sabrina 🙂

  65. Why do you never come to West Palm Beach,Florida? I’m ready to yell blue murder ’cause i can’t find your album by the way. if anyone knows let me know.

  66. Hi did you see Kate.
    She looked fantastic.
    The two are a perfect couple.
    Unfortunately I could not see life as I live in Germany and it does not have to come to England.
    Tom, it’s really true that you will move to LA? 🙁
    Are you coming back?

    Sabrina 🙂

  67. Dear Mr. Thomas Andrew Felton,
    My four companions and I find your music snazzy! We listen to it everyday of every week of every month of every year! Oh dear, I got so excited there that I used improper grammar! How foolish of me! You have my apologies fine, blonde sir. I must flee the computer to go sniff my goldfish to check if he has lice,
    Farewell Thomas.

  68. Hi Tom!
    As your spa weekend?
    I am German (please keep in mind anything about my grammar mistakes)
    I have a question for you:

    I have chosen French branch of the school and was in English on a second Was this a good choice?

    Sabrina 🙂

  69. YOUR BIRTHDAY IS 5 DAYS BEFORE MINE!!!!! I love you Tom!!! Your very talented and I wish you could come to Colorado!!!!!! I’m seeing the midnight premiere at my theater and my friend and I are both just looking forward to seeing you!!!!!

  70. Tom,
    I’m from Argentina I love your songs I do mourn, in good sense, I think they’re very passionate. I feel a sadness that Harry Potter is finished, you were and are my favorite actor. if possible I will try to see your lates news.

  71. Hi. I was actually wondering where you found the inspiration for your music. It seems to be a mix of different genres.

  72. Hi. Tom, yuo are really great and I hope you continue acting. Say hi to Rupert, Daniel and Emma for me please if you can. 🙂

  73. Tom, I would really like to see something you like here in Russia, we’ll all just adore))) *

  74. Hey Tom! Lovely interview, you have a very great sense of humor! Stay beautiful ~ Cassidy.

  75. Hi I was wondering what inspired you to be an actor, and what inspired you to become a musician.
    Keep up the great work. I love you Tom

  76. Hi Tom, if you ever read this, my uncle saw you at fan expo in ontario! I love your acting skills. Your my favorite actor, singer, and your my hero.

    I love you Tom Felton! Keep up the great work!

    Love- Alyssa

  77. Hi Tom I love the interview when you talked in the jersey accent. ‘whats up baby, wanna smush’ lol


    keep on acting, singing, and being you

  78. actually its when angels come! so romsntic 🙂 makes me want to meet a decent boy (not in my town i wont)listening to when angels come! i listen to ur music every day when im doing my homework, ur music always cheers me up when im down im smileing like an idiot! u make me want to move to london… i think i will. how do you like it there?

  79. Im a china girl ,im 14 years ago i live in dezhou im very love you pieaes 回复我谢谢

  80. can you speak chinese?i hope you speak chinese talk to me !我是一名中国女孩,我14岁了,我希望tom你可以回复我thank

  81. Hello, I have always liked a little bad but good role, and Draco is such. You were very good, I also very much like you in the planet of the apes rising in the show, but I was wondering, why do you like fishing? This in our China is too much patience.You seem very like driving, want caution! Oh!
    Recommend to you a English song, you may have heard of, but I like it very much, is Draco and Hermione,” Because of you”,This should be for you and Jade。

  82. hi tom!!! i wish u a very happy valentine’s day!!! i know at this very moment you would be with Jade but i wish to meet you once on a valentine’s day…. Tom, will you be my Valentine??? i love you.

  83. I luuuuuuuuuuv yur hair!! Blond and brown!! U sooo nice for (playing) a bad person! Come to Canada!

  84. Hi Tom.I am a Chinese girl.I am 13.I am your fans .And I really like your movies verymuch.I like your eyes.Now,I have a question.What do you want be in your childhood?….I hope you can come to China.It is a really beatiful country.

  85. You are amazing Tom , I am your biggest fan in the whole world no one can compare you .
    You are the best 🙂

  86. Tom felton i from Iran and i know i can’t see you but iwant go to England or America because i want see you . Sorry you leave in America or England? I’m 13 years old but iloveeeeeeee you and. Iknow you don’t love me and love jade Olivia . I can’t speak english very well.

  87. Thank you for any other wonderful article. Where else may anyone get that type of
    information in such an ideal approach of writing?
    I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the look for such information.

  88. I have a few questions, but sorry, my English is not very good. I am from Germany and 13 years old. So, here are my questions:
    1. What is toms favourite colour?
    2. When you would really go to Hogwarts, in which house would you be?
    3. Which car do you have?
    4. Are there many people, who like to have your number or e-mail?

    Thanks for read and probably for ask this questions. Sweet greetings from Germany! 🙂
    Isabaul ♥♥

  89. سلام miss M اسم من الهامم منم ایرانی و کاملا درکت میکنم و اینم ایمیلم

  90. Hello, i’d like to ask you too, i’m french and my english is very bad, i’m sorry. Is it possible to me et you in France or in London ? (I’ll go in London on the 6 to the 13 of June) Is it possible to send you a letter ? Can I have maybe an addresse please ? For finish, will you continue music ? You’re a good actor ans a good musician, and I like what you do. I prefer your song “if that alright with you”. It’s si perfect. Thanks you so much if maybe you reply me. I love you, bye 🙂

  91. Somehow I missed that you sang as well . Very nice. You seem to be a nicely complex person . You should do more .

  92. Hey there, I just would like to know how Tom feels about turning 30 this year? Any panic attacks or thoughtful thoughts like unfamous people? 😉 The music is awesome by the way!

  93. Hey Tom! I’m Vani from India. Please visit India sometime. Also I wanted to ask if you ever lose your cool and burst out at someone. It seems impossible that a person can be so sweet and kind all the time!! Also how did you not let Fame and money get into head. I mean what keeps you so humble. Also tell him he is hottest man on the Earth.

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