We at have been lucky to interview Tom many times over the past five years. You can find all of those interviews here.

The Ultimate Fan Interview conducted by Misha

The Twitter Interview conducted by Misha

Movie Premiere Interviews conducted by Lori and Betsy

Feltbeats Exclusive Interviews conducted by Lori, Betsy and Rotae

Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour Interview conducted by Lori and Betsy

We plan to interview Tom again in the near future – so let us know if there is anything you’d like us to ask? Just leave your question in the comments, below.

200 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. Hi. I was actually wondering where you found the inspiration for your music. It seems to be a mix of different genres.

  2. Hi. Tom, yuo are really great and I hope you continue acting. Say hi to Rupert, Daniel and Emma for me please if you can. 🙂

  3. Hi I was wondering what inspired you to be an actor, and what inspired you to become a musician.
    Keep up the great work. I love you Tom

  4. Hi Tom, if you ever read this, my uncle saw you at fan expo in ontario! I love your acting skills. Your my favorite actor, singer, and your my hero.

    I love you Tom Felton! Keep up the great work!

    Love- Alyssa

  5. Hi Tom I love the interview when you talked in the jersey accent. ‘whats up baby, wanna smush’ lol


    keep on acting, singing, and being you

    • actually its when angels come! so romsntic 🙂 makes me want to meet a decent boy (not in my town i wont)listening to when angels come! i listen to ur music every day when im doing my homework, ur music always cheers me up when im down im smileing like an idiot! u make me want to move to london… i think i will. how do you like it there?

  6. can you speak chinese?i hope you speak chinese talk to me !我是一名中国女孩,我14岁了,我希望tom你可以回复我thank

  7. Hello, I have always liked a little bad but good role, and Draco is such. You were very good, I also very much like you in the planet of the apes rising in the show, but I was wondering, why do you like fishing? This in our China is too much patience.You seem very like driving, want caution! Oh!
    Recommend to you a English song, you may have heard of, but I like it very much, is Draco and Hermione,” Because of you”,This should be for you and Jade。

  8. hi tom!!! i wish u a very happy valentine’s day!!! i know at this very moment you would be with Jade but i wish to meet you once on a valentine’s day…. Tom, will you be my Valentine??? i love you.

  9. I luuuuuuuuuuv yur hair!! Blond and brown!! U sooo nice for (playing) a bad person! Come to Canada!

  10. Hi Tom.I am a Chinese girl.I am 13.I am your fans .And I really like your movies verymuch.I like your eyes.Now,I have a question.What do you want be in your childhood?….I hope you can come to China.It is a really beatiful country.

  11. Tom felton i from Iran and i know i can’t see you but iwant go to England or America because i want see you . Sorry you leave in America or England? I’m 13 years old but iloveeeeeeee you and. Iknow you don’t love me and love jade Olivia . I can’t speak english very well.

  12. Thank you for any other wonderful article. Where else may anyone get that type of
    information in such an ideal approach of writing?
    I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the look for such information.

  13. I have a few questions, but sorry, my English is not very good. I am from Germany and 13 years old. So, here are my questions:
    1. What is toms favourite colour?
    2. When you would really go to Hogwarts, in which house would you be?
    3. Which car do you have?
    4. Are there many people, who like to have your number or e-mail?

    Thanks for read and probably for ask this questions. Sweet greetings from Germany! 🙂
    Isabaul ♥♥

  14. سلام miss M اسم من الهامم منم ایرانی و کاملا درکت میکنم و اینم ایمیلم

  15. Hello, i’d like to ask you too, i’m french and my english is very bad, i’m sorry. Is it possible to me et you in France or in London ? (I’ll go in London on the 6 to the 13 of June) Is it possible to send you a letter ? Can I have maybe an addresse please ? For finish, will you continue music ? You’re a good actor ans a good musician, and I like what you do. I prefer your song “if that alright with you”. It’s si perfect. Thanks you so much if maybe you reply me. I love you, bye 🙂

  16. Somehow I missed that you sang as well . Very nice. You seem to be a nicely complex person . You should do more .

  17. Hey there, I just would like to know how Tom feels about turning 30 this year? Any panic attacks or thoughtful thoughts like unfamous people? 😉 The music is awesome by the way!

  18. Hey Tom! I’m Vani from India. Please visit India sometime. Also I wanted to ask if you ever lose your cool and burst out at someone. It seems impossible that a person can be so sweet and kind all the time!! Also how did you not let Fame and money get into head. I mean what keeps you so humble. Also tell him he is hottest man on the Earth.

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