Tom thanks readers for his 21st Birthday Project

Earlier this week Tom left a message on our birthday project page that he saw our Birthday V-Card and our Birthday Video and was very thankful for all of our hard work! We have confirmed that this was indeed him, so you can all start going, “OMG! OMG! OMG!” now. 🙂

Here is what he said:

can’t believe i didnt see this earlier!
thank you so much! its very strange for me to see it but its very humbling. thanks for the song(love the guitar), i greatly appreciate everything you do for the site and you did for my birthday. i look forward to a good year so thanks for kicking it off in style
thanks again to everyone involved, i hope to be more so in the coming year
love tom x

Thanks so much for sending us a message, Tom!

14 thoughts on “Tom thanks readers for his 21st Birthday Project

    • I knw eh !!!
      He is relli relli Sweet !!
      U sld see him in his interviews and his responses to what Fans say to HIM !!
      Soooo CUTE ! He respects his fans soo much
      I luv UUUUU TOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U the Best ….
      Be like dis all the time
      Wish u all the best for yr future … 😀 8)

  1. Omg…..he is soooo SWEET !!! i relli like him …he seems like a relli cool guy to hang out wid and he has a relli nice personality and plus he seems very grounded u dont hear anything abt TOM FELTON like how u hear abt DAN & Emma all the timeeee..and Rupert is also like Tom …very grounded sooo nice..except TOM is SUPER NICE !! 🙂 8) 😆
    I luv U TOM !!
    All the way from CANADA ! 🙂
    I LUV u … :mrgreen:

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay Tom, You rock the World
    Cannot believe he posted here. XD

    Omg, does this mean he reads the forum?
    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK my photo is on there. :S
    I’d so love for him to join and like post to us. It would be the best thing ever. *sighs* i miss his blog, oh well, yay Tom!

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