The Ultimate Fan Interview (Part Two): interviews Tom Felton

Tom Felton has been extremely busy recently – from SoccerAid and Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie, to “Half-Blood Prince” and “The Disappeared.” He’s really kept us admins at on our toes trying to cover his many projects! So, to help us out, Tom agreed to give us a ring and discuss what he’s been up to and to answer a few questions for us.

This interview is the second part in a series of four, and we’ll post parts each Monday leading up to Tom’s appearance on “Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie” on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

A FEW NOTES: Because also had a question or two for her, Tom asked his girlfriend Jade, the assistant to the stunt coordinator on Harry Potter films (in addition to many other films in the industry), to be on speakerphone with him as well.

And, several times throughout the interview Tom refers to America or asks me about the States because that’s where I live. 🙂 We’re very excited about the prospects of the planned “Emma of Lulworth Cove” movie. Tell us what you think of it!

Tom: It’s very interesting. I was very flattered when Ray Stokes approached me and said, “Would you be interested?” It’s still obviously a little bit in the air, but I really hope that the funding goes through, and, if it does, I’ll be very excited about taking on that role. I look forward to filming in Dorset as well, because it would be a beautiful place to do it. How close is Dorset to you?

Tom: It’s a stone’s throw in American terms, but, maybe a couple of hours’ away drive? I’ve been to Lulworth Cove as a child, apparently, so my Mum tells me. We at are definitely hoping that soon we’ll be able to announce the green light on this movie!

Tom: I check your site nearly daily, and I’m sure that’s how I’m going to find out! It will be through you, I’m sure. But yeah, I really hope that the project goes through, obviously; it’s a very exciting project. This will be your first on-screen kiss; are you terribly nervous?

Tom: (Laughs) Ummmm, it isn’t something I’ve given too much thought, to be fair. I would think it would be slightly awkward; as I said, I’ve never done it before. So, I couldn’t comment on it, really.

Click below to listen to audio of Tom Felton soundly appropriately embarrassed and uncomfortable when asked about kissing on screen. 🙂
[audio:kissing.mp3] Your other new movie, “The Disappeared,” is currently being shown around the world in film festivals and various other screenings, and it is doing really well. It recently won a Best Feature Film award. And your acting is getting great reviews, so congratulations on that. Can you tell me a little bit about the film and what it was like playing a character who was so much more subtle and probably more genuine than Draco Malfoy?

Tom: Yeah, it was very different filming “The Disappeared.” We shot the whole thing in twenty-six days, and my actual part only required six days filming. So it was great working as fast as we did, which was a big contrast to filming on Harry Potter.

It was a very small crew, so we got to know each other very well and very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Johnny [Kevorkian]; he was great, and really enthusiastic. Harry [Treadaway] was also great to work with; I learned a lot from him, and I think he is very talented actor.

The genre of the film is different to what everyone is used to; its a very dark and British film. Playing Simon was strange. It was slightly weird to be playing someone who was so normal and real. In many respects, it was good to be able to play a character that wasn’t so contrasting to myself; it helps to be able to relate to the character you play.

NOTE: I was hoping to include at least two audio clips, but most of the audio from this week wasn’t usable, so I’m including an audio snippet from last week’s interview (and I’ll include the question and written answer in case you can’t understand the audio). Hope you don’t mind! We’d love to know a little bit more about Feltbeats! Does anyone help you with it?

Tom: Not really, no. My team consists of me and Jade. All the songs – they’re not even really finished songs, if you will, they’re just sort of ideas.

When the YouTube videos sort of started taking off, I used to look at every positive comment and felt really touched that A) all these people had listened to it but B) most of the comments sounded genuine, and there weren’t really that many negatives. So that sort of spurred me to write a few more and to put them on and make them available in any way I knew – through the web site, and through iTunes.

Click below to listen to audio of Tom Felton discussing his music.
[audio:songs.mp3] would like to thank Tom Felton for taking time (and it was a long while, actually!) to talk to us. We are eternally grateful, appreciative, pleased, and so forth.

COMING NEXT WEEK: We discuss some movie Tom was in called “Harry Potter.” You’ve probably never heard of it, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

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  1. I got home just in time for this. Yeah!

    Well, Tom, you wouldn’t be the only one who checks this site daily 😉

    Thanks, Misha, for the work and the audio clips. You rock! (and you, too, Tom, for giving the interview) 😆

  2. Thank you for the interview 🙂

    Yeah um “Harry Potter” you say?? Is that an Independant Film he has also been working on?? :-p

  3. what? WHAT?! that’s it?! i feel so jipped! bamboozled! it ain’t right! must have more interviewy goodness! and i didn’t know about a “Harry Potter” film. how new interesting! lol XP

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    • Thankyou for taking the time to do the interview Tom. You have many talents and for someone as well-known as you to be so down to earth is a relief. I look forward to hearing more beautiful songs as time goes on. Keeps smiling and stay true.

  5. -jumps around with glee-
    Omg, he checks this site daily?????
    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek. :DDDDDDDD

    Yayness. Thanks for this interview, it’s soooooo brill!!!

  6. Omg, i can’t believe he goes on this site everyday! 😀
    Thanks for posting and thank you Tom for doing this interview!

  7. OMG Misha you’re kidding…
    are u trying to say that Tom was in a Harry Potter movie…
    I am pretty sure we would’ve noticed

    perfect interview…..

    can’t wait for the next part….

    I really love this side….
    if I’d be a firefox browser I would use as startside (dunno if thats the right name)


  8. Really enjoying the interview so far. Thanks so much to Tom for taking the time to do it, and to you Misha for taking your time to post it and all the audio clips and everything. I noticed in the first part he said he does all the guitar, bass, drums, and vocals but he didn’t mention the piano, which he has some of in at least one song. Hmmm… Such a talented guy, and dreamy too, he’s hogging all the greatness! haha.

    • Yeah, and there’s a… harmonica in there? I think? I wonder what other talents he’s not telling us about… I bet he’s a superhero in his spare time. lol. 😆

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  10. Aww thanks Misha for part two of the interview.It must have been really fun doing it. Tom really is a super guy who seems to appreciate what his fans think of him and it is great to know he looks in everyday and reads what we put on here. Who knows he might even get reply to one of us one day ❗
    He will be absolutely fantastic as Robbie in Emma(but whats these Harry Potter films NEVER HEARD OF THEM. Only kidding He He!) He will overcome his nerves for that first kiss on screen he is a true proffessional in both the acting and musical worlds something other actors have attempted and not succeeded but I am sure Tom you will be sucessful in both you really are a talented guy. You’ve got my support for all you do or going to do lol

    xoxo Tina

  11. [Haha, i wish tom would make a clone of himself and mail me “tom2” on x-mass day…ohhh 8) that would be fun :D…and the best present :mrgreen: oh pleeaase Santa]
    Ahm sorry, i was thinking out loud…how embarassing 😳
    Anyway, great interview people, part one was good 2. Glad he cleared the myspace thing out-yea Tom thank you alot![and pls have another thought about my “tom2″…ideea]
    ps: Jade you lucky girl you hehe
    …i just can’t help myself damn

    • Well while you’re at it Tom can you make me Tom 3? haha What? If he’s already going through the trouble of cloning. hahaha! You’ve got it right, Trouble. Jade is the luckiest girl!

    • Actually, cloning is a very difficult scientifical concept to understand, let alone actually create properly. To clone you need a fair amount of Deoxyribonucleic Acid to work with, then, you have to read the whole Gene Sequence and check it has no flaws in it. If there are gaps or uneven ratio in the Gene Sequence, you then have to fill it in with the DNA of the same blood type, or the closest mammal-in Homo-Sapien Sapien’s case, the monkey. If then, the DNA Gene Sequence is wrong, the cloning could go terribly wrong. And Scientists are currently trying to recreate the dinosaurs. They will tamper with an even more difficult subject called Gene Sequence Denial. This is when at a certain stage of embryo formation, they deny the X-Chromosone. All embryo’s are inheritantly female, the males get the X-Chromosone at a certain stage in embryo formation. However, to recreate reptiles they will use the DNA of frogs, but most frogs can change sex in a single sex environment. If this DNA is then transferred into the Clone DNA, this means that dinosaurs can then change sex, reproduce, and if possible, the most formidable dinosaur alive, Velociraptor, may outrun the humans as a dominant species. But dinosaurs weren’t a species that was obliterated by the destruction of forestland, or the building of a dam, dinosaurs have had their shot, and nature selected them to be extinct, and even if they clone them properly, the dinosaurs will have no idea what century they are in, and will defend themselves, violently, if necessary. But only if scientists suceed.

      Sorry for the lecture, I’m a 13 year-old at a 18 year-old science level.

      • That was a quite interesting lecture. I’m twelve and I had just watched a video on cloning. I don’t know how much of that is true, but I do know that it takes a lot of money to make a clone. Besides, a clone might look jut like Tom, but it might, or rather, he might still have a different personality. Clones have the same genetics,like twins, yet twins may act like opposites. But that doesn’t keep one from dreaming.

  12. It’s so nice of Tom to give up his time to talk to us. And reading whats there sounds very interesting, I’ve just loved reading both half of the interview. 8) 😛 😀

  13. Great interview! Thanks for the audio clip.
    I really hope there’s a screening of Disappeared around my area. I want to see it.

    Can’t wait for the next interview!

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  15. So incredible! I liked to heard his voice!)))) So sexy 😳

    I’d wish he rings to me and talkin’ with me! But this is just a dreams(

    TOM! IF YOU SEEN THIS 😆 :mrgreen: 😈 PLEASE CONTACT WITH ME! My e-mail address is


    Love you so///

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    • OMFG… she is so not beautiful!!! she aint ugly, but she looks plastic! and im not jealous. i stopped liking tom/draco about 2 months ago or even frickin more than dat. i just think that he deserves soooo much better than her.

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  18. Do you really have the time to visit here daily. I don’t believe such a busy person have such a time.;)
    Anyway, good luck.

  19. COMING NEXT WEEK: We discuss some movie Tom was in called “Harry Potter.” You’ve probably never heard of it, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

    that made my day

  20. Tom Felton is probably one of the more talented young actors of today an i’m glad fame hasn’t gotten to his head. Good interview 🙂


  21. Wow! For such a famous and recognised person to be so down to earth is incredible!

    You see heaps of celebs who think that they are better than the rest of us, purely because their talent (or chavviness) has been recognised.

    Well done Tom! For a) not letting fame get to your head and b) just being you!

    Misha, you are soooooooooooooooooo lucky to have interviewed Tom! Eeep!

    Izzy x

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