New National Commercial For The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Orlando Resort will launch a brand-new national commercial for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter during Super Bowl XLIV. The ad, created by Universal Orlando and Rosso Media Ltd in the UK, offers guests a look into the magic that awaits them at the highly anticipated theme park experience set to open Spring 2010.

Set to air during the first half of the Super Bowl, the ad features all-new footage and pulls viewers directly into the new area – from the bustling village of Hogsmeade, to the immensity of Hogwarts castle. The commercial also features Harry Potter and two children who get a glimpse at the excitement guests can expect to experience when they visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

As we have previously reported, Tom Felton has made multiple visits to see the progress of the park, and will be attending the opening in Spring 2010.

Stay tuned to for the latest news on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Thanks to Universal Orlando for the information!


9 thoughts on “New National Commercial For The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  1. Merlin! I really wish I could go there for the Opening. Sadly I’m in a different country and can only wish and dream. Someday, oneday I’ll be able to go there. Even if it’s in a few years. hehehe! ^_^ xoxo

    • I’m sure somebody will record it. My contact at Universal will probably send me a copy anyways so we will definitely have video either way.

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  3. Jeez, man, one thing i hate about being German? – It’s kinda hard to get the chance to Orlando…haha..and way harder to get d Chance to see Tom Felton!

    • I’m Italian, but i’m going this autumn for my honeymoon, or we’ll go next year if we’ll go in Japan for honeymoon! My nearhusband promise!

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