Tom Felton in the latest issue of German magazine BRAVO

In the latest issue of Germany’s BRAVO magazine, Tom warranted his own full page spread as they compared his current shorn and svelte look to just a few months ago when he attended the “Remember Me” premiere in London. Isn’t it amazing what a haircut and tan can do to a man?

14 thoughts on “Tom Felton in the latest issue of German magazine BRAVO

  1. the article acutally talks about how extremely thin he is, and that he nearly looks peaky…-.- but that’s typical for this magazine.
    sry if you meant that…for me the comment sounds positive although the article is quite negative.

  2. I think he looks almost too thin in this picture. Actually, scratch the ‘almost.’
    I think he does look too thin.

  3. That’s really typical for the ‘Bravo’. I’m from Germany and I don’t read this magazine, because they make always everything bad…
    Tom is thin, but it’s ok. That’s what he is! He looks amazing everytime :)) Doesn’t matter what he wears or how his hair look. He’s great!!

  4. Now, the real question is how does he stay this thin when he eats at McD or Burger King just about every day? 🙂 I am starting to suspect that — judging by his outfits — he knows his neck is his best feature 🙂 Tom will probably look better with some toning exercises and protein shakes 🙂

  5. Is it true that he lost 5 kg over the last months??? Or did they make that up?! They make it sound like he lost weight on purpose, because he’s after the skinny hollywood look.

  6. Tom has always been thin, it looks good on him.

    I hate it when gossip mags turn everything into a negative…..thanks heavens for feltbeats!!!!

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