Tom Felton Begins “Caesar: Rise of the Apes” Filming In Canada

Just Jared Jr. has reported that Tom Felton is in Vancouver Canada filming one of his latest projects: Caesar: Rise of the Apes.

There are several pictures of Tom signing autographs for fans (though these pictures only show one of them) while he’s out-and-about in Vancouver. Check out our Caesar: Rise of the Apes album in our gallery for photo updates as they come.

Thanks Just Jared Jr.

And Enjoy, everyone.

17 thoughts on “Tom Felton Begins “Caesar: Rise of the Apes” Filming In Canada

    • @feltbeats when I saw the part about Canada I got so excited, then I read that it was in vancouver, I’m in toronto πŸ™

      • lol same!! I saw Canada and I was so happy, then I read Vancouver and I literally wanted to scream. Almost everything movie related happens in Vancouver. What about Toronto?!? I’m even sadder because I missed him last year (by one day T^T) for HBP. I really hope at least one HP cast member visits Toronto this year :))

    • @feltbeats Ugh, I live on the wrong side of Canada. Why must Vancouver be so awesome and Ontario in general, not be? Grrr…

  1. OKAY, NOT COOL! I live only a few hours away from Vancouver, and yesterday and the day before I was there, but now I’m all the way in California. WHYY CRUEL WORLD??? WHYYYYYY?????

  2. I’ve been to Vancouver twice (first as a shool trip with people of my college, second as familial vacation). I loved the place!

    I sincerely hope than Thomas’s enjoying filming there, and will even take the time to visit the Native Americans Museum. It’really worth it!

    With Love,


  3. I got so excited when I read he was in Canada, but then I realized he’s in Vancouver. πŸ™ I live all the way on the other side in Nova Scotia. This is exactly why I told my parents we need to move to Vancouver. Whenever celebrities come to Canada, it’s always Vancouver. πŸ™

  4. Tom is in Vancouver for beginning Rise of Apes… I donΒ΄t what the film is, but it must to be a very interesting film.

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