FINALLY! A Clip of Tom Felton in Second Sight!

With only our greatest thanks to KsuhaJade I now present to you a couple of scenes of Tom Felton in the much mysterious Second Sight TV movie that Tom Felton was in [I’m not sure if it’s in sync, and I think it’s slightly zoomed in, too, but it’s way better than a couple of pictures, yeah?]:

ENJOY, everyone.

Anyone have Home Farm Twins clip(s) out there? Any other clips of Tom in Second Sight [either the first or second one]? Be sure and let us know.

23 thoughts on “FINALLY! A Clip of Tom Felton in Second Sight!

    • Спс=)
      Я так хочу посмотреть полное кино.. так и не нашла:)
      У Тома были светлые волосы, забавно))

  1. I thought everyone (well not everyone) had seen all of Tom’s bits from Second Sight. I have the Second Sight DVD with Tom Felton in it. His role is pretty small, but very very enjoyable! There’s a part where he and Clive Owen are absolutely adorable together. I’ll see what I can do about sending his scenes to you!

  2. He’s so cute! You just want to pick him up and give him a squeeze!
    Not that he’s turned any less adorable. =P
    And I’m sure we’re all up for picking him up now adays too. =P

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