Tom Felton and the “Golden Trio” – the kids are grown up

How have they changed? In the latest German BRAVO is a picture gallery from 10 years of the Harry Potter stars Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe . We know all the pictures, but we like to see them always again.

He always was the meanie. Well, at least in the movie. As villain Draco Malfoy – with greasy blond gel-hair – Tom Felton did convince from the beginning on. Special feature: The now 23-year old grew over the past movies to an absolutly favorite.

The pic of Tom from 2010 is wrong, because the photo is from 2009. But we all know his current appearance. If not, here the photo of him from yesterday at WWOHP. 😉

16 thoughts on “Tom Felton and the “Golden Trio” – the kids are grown up

  1. Oh my Gosh.. their transition is really shocking. Time flies when having fun. Obviously they “really” had fun filming HP. 🙂 oh Tom.

  2. gee it seems like yesterday when we met but it’s 10 years….big change in all the HP kids… Tom is still the lovely young man now that he was then….such a joy…

  3. its true..that they have grown the difference is literally felt when the fotos f diff times are kept togeather!! they have grown up with us..or vice the difference is not much felt!!…the best part is that they all have grown to soo much good lukn and esp. tom…hotter every year!!

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