Burger or Spaghetti Bolognese at lunch for Tom Felton?

Today Tom was out for lunch with his mates from Six String Productions. The guys have uploaded a photo of Tom on Twitter:

At lunch with @tomfelton he just ordered spaghetti bolognese, he says hi!! http://yfrog.com/gyq0msaj:

But Tom wrote a few minutes before on Twitter:

Just been to the gym for an hour…now eating a burger. Is that a complete waste of time? It’s a vicious circle this fitness malarky x

At this time we were confused. Tom eats twice or what was going on? Tom wrote quickly the answer to the question, which employed many fans.

changed my order to spaghetti! got bullied by the guys at @sixstringprod to branch out! regretting it already! #iwantmyburger

@SouthernBets i hadn’t yet received the burger just ordered and then starters came and i buckled and changed to bolognese…poor burger

And the latest comment from this lunch came from Six String Productions :

what a splendid lunch! make sure you have signed up for the newsletter www.sixstringproductions.com it will be coming very soon 🙂

Thanks guys! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Burger or Spaghetti Bolognese at lunch for Tom Felton?

  1. All I can is, it must have been quite an agitated lunch for Thomas, today, for even myself got a bit confused for a moment, when I had first read the tweets!

    With Love,


    P.S: updated my website’s address. You’re now linked directly to my Twitter account.

  2. LOL*
    I liked about the fact that Tom just after the gym and just ate. Yes, I think it really is a loss, that Tom half eaten.

    With Love,


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