Multiple Fansites Get Together To Send Tom Felton Around The World!

Well, sort of…… Flat Tom that is.

Flat Tom is here and he wants to go on a journey with you!

This project will be open for all fans who want to participate. As the whole word will be involved, this will be the first Fan Project done by more than just one fan site.

Together with TomFeltonEU and TomFeltonBrasil we want to start a huge and funny interactive “game” for all of you.

Flat Tom is just a picture on some paper with a stick to hold it, but it can be much more together with you and a sight of your home town.

The main idea is to send Tom around the world. Every Fan is welcome to join, but please read the rules before entering, because without rules it won’t work!

Main Rules

As soon as Tom is with you, you have 5 days to shoot a picture with him and send him to the next person

To keep overview where Tom is and where to send him next, we need an email of you as soon as you receive him AND when you sent him to the next person

As soon as we receive your email about having Tom, we will send you the details of the next person on our list

If Tom needs a repair or such, it’s your duty to take care of this as much as possible. For example: Putting new paper on his bag, taking a new envelope for sending or such.

As we can’t pay postage for all of you, please keep in mind that you will have to pay the postage for sending Tom to the next fan by yourself

You will receive an alert as soon as Tom is with the person above you on the list. If you don’t receive Tom within 7 days or he is broken, please email as soon as possible and we will send a new one to you!

It’s a duty to send Tom to other fans! We always know where he is, and we won’t be amused if someone keeps him and spoils the fun!

Picture Rules

As this is a special project we really want special pictures. This means NO pictures of you and Tom in your living room or such, but pictures at a nice place. Best is of course a well known sight or if you don’t have something like that close to you, at least a picture in the nature.

Please add your name (Twitter as well if available) and the place the pic was shot to your email when you send the picture

How to enter the project?

This is easy. As our sites are based in different parts of the world , each Fan site is sending one flat Tom around in his continent. This will also help you to save some postage 😉

So depending on your home town, please send an email including your Name and address to:

Europe: (TomFeltonEU)

Asia: (TomFeltonEU)

USA/Canada: (Feltbeats)

South/Middle America:

Australia/New Zealand: (Feltbeats)

Africa: (Feltbeats)

Once your picture is done, please send it to the same address (see above)!

10 thoughts on “Multiple Fansites Get Together To Send Tom Felton Around The World!

  1. So there will be someone who send the flat tom from the fan site each continent? and by “Once your picture is done, please send it to the same address (see above)!” so if we’re the last person who get the flat tom I’ve had to send it to the fan site’s address?

  2. There will be one for each continent, and when you are finished with Flat Tom, we will let you know what address to send it to next.

  3. That sounds so cool. I wish I could do it, but I am afraid I don’t picture well. I will enjoy seeing Tom around the world with everybody else. Good luck.

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