Win signed books by Kate Mosse and DVDs of Labyrinth with Tom Felton

Today we have a raffle for you.

TANDEM COMMUNICATIONS, the production company of Tom’s TV miniseries “Labyrinth”, sent us for this raffle special “Labyrinth” prizes. Tandem Communications says on this way thank you for the great support.

Labyrinth Special

We have three signed books of “Labyrinth” by Kate Mosse (we have one copy in English, French and German) and a DVD of Labyrinth for you. You can watch “Labyrinth” on the DVD in English and German, but the region code of the DVD is 2 (click here to see in which countries you can watch the DVD). The German book is the edition of the film with pictures.

We just got an email from Tandem Communications that we will get another DVD of the film. The cover of this DVD is signed by author Kate Mosse, director Christopher Smith and actresses Katie McGrath and Vanessa Kirby.

DVD mit Unterschriften auf Cover

Now we have 2 DVDs to give away – a signed and an unsigned DVD ! 🙂

Englische Ausgabe Französische Ausgabe

English Book                                                   French Book

Deutsche Ausgabe DVD

             German Book (Movie edition)         DVD ( languages German and English)

What you need to do to get one of these prizes? It is easy! You just have to answer five questions about Labyrinth. No worry, if you have not seen the movie, you’ll find all the answers on the internet. (TIP: Search with Google or Wiki for the answers and go to the official site of Labyrinth!)

Answer the questions below and send your answers with the subject “Labyrinth” to

IMPORTANT: Please also add to your email which prize you want to win.

Deadline is the 28th February 2013, so you have enough time to search for the answers, if you do not already know them.

If ALL answers are correct, the lucky winners of our prize raffle will be chosen at random. Afterwards we will announce the winners on our site.


1. In the movie and the book there are two women, deeply connected but seperated through the centuries. What are their names (full name)?

2. In which year did Viscount Raymond Roger Trencavel die?

3. In which two cities was Labyrinth filmed?

4. What religion were many of Viscount Trencavel’s subjects? This was also the reason why Viscount Trencavel was target of the Crusaders.

5. The movie is about 3 books and a ring, which contains a labyrinth as symbol in it. What secrets will this all reveal?

Good luck!

Thanks to Tandem Communications for the great prizes!

Labyrinth – official Website / Labyrinth on facebook

Tandem Communications – official Website / Tandem Communications – Labyrinth on YouTube

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© TANDEM PRODUCTIONS GmbH & Film Afrika Worldwide (Pty) Limited South Africa. All rights reserved

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