Tom Felton’s ‘Full Circle’ to debut October 14th, 2013?

IMDb has attached a date to Tom’s new TV role Full Circle in the show’s season information. At the moment they list all episodes of Full Circle to be screened on October 14th, but the presumption is that the show will continue over a period of 10 weeks.

They are also currently listing Tom as playing the character of Tim Abbott, and being in two episodes of the show: Episode 1 and Episode 10.

According to DirectTV’s website:

“The series examines the human condition and relationships through a series of conversations between 11 people whose lives, unbeknownst to them, are intertwined.

“Full Circle” is a modern day La Ronde meets My Dinner with Andre as it explores the nature of human contact and true togetherness in our current technology-driven world. It marks a new foray into alternative television production, harkening back to the prolific days of independent filmmaking.”

As Tom tweeted the following today:

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 8.39.30 PM

We’re assuming that filming has occurred for the final episode, where all character’s stories come together.

Feltbeats will confirm the pilot episode date as soon as possible!

2 thoughts on “Tom Felton’s ‘Full Circle’ to debut October 14th, 2013?

  1. I just saw the first episode, and at first you feel sorry for his character because of the conversation… but at the end you get his snarky draco side and its a weird mix of excitement and surprise because you really do not expect it. I loved it, I wish he would be in more then two episodes. episode one, really gives you a huge surprise.

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