Help “From the Rough” for your chance to win Tom Felton’s autograph!

Everyone here at is super excited to have From the Rough so close to being on the big screen! As such, we’ve decided to hold a raffle to try and give From the Rough‘s Indiegogo campaign the best possible chance at succeeding.

One of the most important parts of this campaign is being able to show the amount of people who are interested in seeing this film, and that’s why you can donate as little as $1 to show your support.IMG_20121128_143856

It’s that support that will earn you a ticket in our awesome raffle! We have this great autograph that Tom was kind enough to sign for us, and that is the prize for the lucky winner!

All you have to do is pledge $1 or more to From the Rough‘s Indiegogo campaign, forward us your “Thanks for contributing to ‘From The Rough Movie’!” email (minus any personal details you’re not comfortable including) and you’re in the draw!

We’ll allocate you with an entry number, reply to you with a confirmation email, and when the campaign ends, we’ll use – a random number generator – to select the lucky winner!

You can send your entries to, and if you’ve already been awesome enough to contribute, you can get your ticket immediately!

If you want to know more about From the Roughyou can check them out on TwitterFacebook and their Official Site. And keep checking for exclusive From the Rough content in the following months!

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