Tom Felton’s “Belle” to screen in select US cinemas May 2, 2014!

Fantastic news, Felton Fans! Screen Daily is reporting that Fox Searchlight has set a release date for Belle in selected US cinemas: May 2, 2014.

Tom plays the character of James Ashford. In our exclusive interview with him at NY Comic Con last year, Tom had the following to say about the film and his character:

Tom: “Belle” is a pretty special, pretty special piece. It’s a BBC drama about the first introduction of a black woman into high society England. I get to play a…. horrible guy. That’s all I’ll say. I was going to give more away there, but no, I realize I shouldn’t. He plays, yeah, a very, very old, and a very stuck-in-his-ways. I’m not happy to see a young black girl in

Bets: That’s your character? You play an old guy?

Tom: No. No. No. As in old in his ways.

Bets: Oh, okay.

Tom: Doesn’t like the idea of modern. This idea of something new coming along to shake up the system.

You can also follow the film’s director, , on Twitter. In January this year, she posted this fun picture of Tom behind the scenes with fellow actor, James Norton.


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