New HQ photos of Tom Felton in Murder in the First

The fantastic team from Murder in the First has today sent us some exclusive high quality photos of Tom as Erich Blunt on the hit TV show!

The pictures include two happy snaps of Erich with Cindy Strauss (Brianne Davisbefore things went pear-shaped, one with Ivana West (Bess Rous) trying out the latest Applsn tech, Erich in court on trial for Cindy’s murder accompanied by his lawyers (as played by James Cromwell and Courtney Ford) and one behind the scenes shot of Erich being arrested.

With Cindy 1 With Cindy 2

ApplsnCourtroomBehind the Scenes

Be sure to check out Murder in the First on TNT every Monday night at 10/9C! Is Erich guilty or innocent? Let us know what you think here or on Twitter!

Feltbeats will be conducting an interview with Murder in the First‘s writer/producer Eric Lodal very soon, so keep checking back for more exclusive information!

3 thoughts on “New HQ photos of Tom Felton in Murder in the First

  1. Not guilty of being a killer, a bastard yes, killer no. I am tending toward the corporate lawyer who Blunt has belittled and put down many times over. If the way Blunt’s DNA was taken by Hildy is not thrown out as an illegal way to get it, I will have to give up on the show, Just too many lapses by the police and the lawyers for me to stand much more.

    Tom is wonderful in this show, and his American accent is spot on 100%

    • Interesting theories!! 😀

      And I totally agree about his accent. I actually forget he’s English a lot of the time! 🙂


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