Winners of Tom Felton’s autographs

Thank you all for the congratulations and kind words to our 10th anniversary.
You are all wonderful! 🙂

Friday was the last day to take part in our autograph giving away.
Thanks to all who participated.

The answer to our question was, of course, easy. 😉 was born on 20th May 2008.

Tom selected the winners yesterday. He selected 5 numbers, and of course one was the number 22 😉

The 5 winners are :

Vanessa N. – USA
Melissa R. – USA
Valeria F. – Russia
Anjum N. – Canada
Susan E. – England

All winners are already informed by email and we got their addresses, which have already been forwarded to Tom.

And as we already wrote in the email:
Please keep in mind that it will take some time to get the autograph because Tom, as you know, is not home at the moment.

Sorry for those who didn’t win. Maybe next time.

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