Stupid Monkey! Tom Felton Speaks in New “Apes” Trailer

It’s a twist on the old scenes that we’ve seen in the previous trailers of Rise of the Apes. The twist is that Tom Felton speaks, and his words are just as bad as his actions.

“Stupid Monkey. He’ll learn who’s boss soon enough.”

But there’s a twist to this post.

The twist is that I didn’t exactly tell you what the real real twist was. AHA!

So you wanna know what the real twist is? Twist my arm, and I won’t tell you. Ha. Pun.

Okay, okay… fine: Not only does Tom Felton have dialogue, he has dialogue in an American accent! Of course you knew this, but knowing it and hearing it are two different things, my friends, so click right along on the trailer and enjoy.

In my ever so humble opinion, which I now humbly express to you: It’s the best trailer yet.

What do you think?




Tom Felton Begins “Caesar: Rise of the Apes” Filming In Canada

Just Jared Jr. has reported that Tom Felton is in Vancouver Canada filming one of his latest projects: Caesar: Rise of the Apes.

There are several pictures of Tom signing autographs for fans (though these pictures only show one of them) while he’s out-and-about in Vancouver. Check out our Caesar: Rise of the Apes album in our gallery for photo updates as they come.

Thanks Just Jared Jr.

And Enjoy, everyone.