Song titles! Tom Felton’s new album, “Tom Felton – In Good Hands”: Track Six

Track Six of the new album will be “If That’s All Right With You.”

This song was created a few months ago with Tom and a few of his friends, so it will be, as Tom describes, “something a bit different.”

What do you think the song is about? Post below and tell us your answer! When the music finally comes out, we’ll review your answers and see who is closest. 🙂 We’ll post a new song title every day – there are six in total. to interview Tom Felton about his upcoming EP, “In Good Hands”

In a few days we will be interviewing Tom Felton regarding his new album, “In Good Hands.”

We will be taking questions from fans (like you!) and asking a select few to Tom directly. We will be including your Twitter account along with each question – so please do a Twitter reply to @feltbeats with your question so we can confirm your account! If you want to e-mail questions or leave them in the comments below, be sure to include your Twitter name!

Please note that we are specifically discussing music, so please try to make sure the questions relate to that. 😉

Note, of course, that many people will ask the same type question, so I apologize in advance if you asked something and it ended up being attributed to someone else. Them’s the brakes!

Also, originality helps! We want Tom to have to think on his feet for some really insightful answers. Search on Twitter for @feltbeats