“Time Well Spent” Medley

This video features a medley of Tom Felton’s songs, of which full, production-quality versions are all available on iTunes. It includes: “Time Well Spent,” “Right Place, Right Time,” “Under Stars,” and “One of These Days.”

“Time Well Spent” Medley Lyrics

“Time Well Spent” Medley
By Feltbeats (aka Tom Felton)

“Time Well Spent”

And I remember sharing lips with her
The coming weeks were to be a blur.
Cuz time with her is like no other,
She can make a winter’s day feel like the summer.

And it’s oh so nice to have her alone
Cuz you know I made her leave her mobile phone at home.
The clock’s ticking but I don’t mind,
Because there’s no one else I’d rather share my time.

And I’ve no idea where that day gone went,
Yet I know it was time well spent.
And I’ve no idea where that day gone went,
Yet I know it was time well spent.
So I sing…

“Right Place, Right Time”

“Let me take you out?” I asked her.
Then that week couldn’t go any faster.
I picked her up, but barely,
‘Cause London roads really do scare this country boy.

‘Cause I was in the right place at the right time.
That say we spent together…
There’s no where else I’d have put myself,
Or to share the say with anyone else.
Right place, right time…

“Under Stars”

And I wish I knew everything there is to know about you.
And I want you to see just exactly what you mean to me.
And you – you think you know me, yeah…
I guarantee there’s a lot more to see.
And you – you don’t believe it’s true –
That if I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming of you.

And I wish that I could hold your hand,
Feet beneath the sand.
And I wish that I could drive you in my car,
To kiss you under stars.

“One of These Days”

‘Cause I will find an answer.
And I will take my chance to…
Fly away.
Yeah, I’ll fly away.
Just one of these…
I will find an answer.
One of these…
I will take my chance to…
Fly away.
Yeah, I’ll fly away.
Just one of these…

192 thoughts on ““Time Well Spent” Medley

  1. Hi,
    I went to try to buy your songs on iTunes and it says they’re no longer there. I was just wondering if some of your older songs would ever be available to be again? Thanks, sincerely Bree.

  2. You have a very beautiful voice and your my favorite actor… You are wonderful!! (sorry if my english is bad, normally I speak french)

  3. I love your songs and your voice <3 Your music is such a great inspiration to me! I hope to be able to write songs like yours in future 🙂 Not to mention that you are absolutely gorgeous and funny and nice. Jade is so lucky 🙂

  4. amo esta canción y también “if you could be anywhere” y “lets take it back” son geniales!
    yo soy de Chile, te escuchamos por todo el mundo Tom! eres genial! 🙂

  5. Hi, I just want desirte you sing very nice, and I really like your lyrics, is like many other good xDDD hehehe good bye n,n

    PS sorry if misspelled some things esque Ensenada and then I’m just so English arendidendo forgiveness for the mistakes: D

    Atte. Michelle A.

  6. I watched this entire video with a stupid smile on my face. My cheeks now hurt, but I don’t care. I adore these songs so much.

  7. Hello!!
    Your songs are great! I play them over and over.
    “Time Well Spent” I like about the most, but the others too much you did!!
    Just supeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!:):):)

    (Ps: erm … I normal speak english and now I using a google translation … . It’s terrible!!)


  8. God…! I’m so hooked and in love with Tom Felton… GOSH! i love him. i love him. i love him! gorgeous boy + mesmerizing voice + great acting skills = what more is there to ask for girls, right? ^_^

  9. Hey. Tom. Felton. My. Name. Is. Kali. Rose. Kormosh. Tom. Felton. Can. I. Sleep. With. You. In. A. Hotel. Room. With. You. Tom. Felton. You. Can. Take. My. Clthous. Off. In. Person tom. Felton. If. That’s. All. Right. With. You. Tom. Felton. We. Can. Have. Sex. Together. In. Person. Right. Know. In. Person. Tom. Felton. Come. To. My. House. Right. Know. We. Can. Have sex. Together. In. Person. Tom. Felton. Kiss. Me. On. My. Lips

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