Tom Felton discusses his music in Scholastic interview

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Tom answers questions on Draco, YouTube and more…


 Here was my question:
You’ve posted some music videos on YouTube where you play the guitar and sing. Are those all original songs, and how long have you been writing and performing?

And here’s what Tom said:
I won’t lie. This is the first time an interviewer has asked me about that. A friend of mine, a good musical friend of mine, moved away about a year and a half ago, and she was always very keen to hear new music. And we just figured the best way to do that was to put it onto YouTube — under an alias, obviously. But it didn’t stay hidden very long, and now it’s very much sort of in the public domain. So it was never really intended to be an advertising spin by any means, but yeah, they are original songs and obviously not sort of developed by any means but just sort of a little early draft, if you will. Just a bit of fun! But it seems to have a positive response, so I’m enjoying it.

 Read the full interview, **HERE** 

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