New review of Tom Felton in “The Disappeared”

Jason over at the “Jason Watches Movies” blog has been attending the “Dead Channels” horror film festival in San Francisco, and was lucky enough to catch the screening of “The Disappeared” with Tom Felton.

Jason wrote a glowing review of the film, and in addition has furnished with some additional information on Tom Felton’s role.

Here is an excerpt from Jason’s review:

What could’ve become a fairly standard ghost story is lifted by some great performances–including Matthew’s friend Simon, played by the unrecognizable Tom Felton (in his first role not as Harry Potter’s enemy Dracoy Malfoy). Also by the intelligence, creepy style, pacing, and reserve of it all. In other words, it succeeds because it is just so very, very British. Or at least, that’s the take from this stupid Yank.

Click here to read the review in its entirety.

In addition, Jason very graciously answered a few questions from In your blog you commented on the fact that Tom was unrecognizeable – did you know who it was before the film or did you have to look it up afterwards?

Jason: First, to let you know where I’m coming from, I didn’t know Tom was in the movie before I came to see it. However, the festival programmer mentioned it before the screening. I don’t know if I would have recognized him without it. His light blond hair is gone, and in fact his hair is cut so short he nearly looks like a skinhead (maybe one who has just quit being a skinhead and started growing his hair back).

FB: Tell us about Tom’s role. Are there any particular lines that are funny or that stand out?

Jason: He doesn’t have a whole lot of screen time. He plays the best friend, but the star is definitely Harry Treadaway as Matthew Ryan. There weren’t really any funny lines, this is a very serious drama. And there’s really no lines in particular that stand out, since it’s a very quiet, reserved movie. But restrained acting can be much harder, and Tom (and everyone in the film) does a great job of it.

FB: Tell us about some of the more remarkable scenes involving Tom.

Jason: As for remarkable scenes with Tom, I have to give you some spoilers to describe that. So if you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now.

[Note from – much of the following description has been detailed on our site already, by other reviews or movie summaries. However, we’re deleting a few parts which are spoilers and which the director has asked us not to reveal.]

Tom (as Simon, and I’ll refer to him by his character’s name in describing his scenes) is instrumental first in encouraging Matthew to pursue communication with his dead brother, mentioning phenomena of dead voices caught on tape. Later, Simon’s own sister is kidnapped, leading to a violent, emotional confrontation between the two (Simon stops humoring Matthew’s insanity when his own sister is in danger). [Spoilers are edited.]

Hmm…so I started by saying Tom Felton didn’t have much screen time, and when I went through the main scenes with him, it seems like he’s instrumental in moving the story forward in just about every step. would like to thank Jason for his time and his wonderful review! Check out his blog here!

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