Feltbeats.com interviews Executive Producer and director of new TV show featuring Tom Felton, “Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie” (Part I)

Photo taken in South Africa while shooting “Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie.” From left to right: Executive Producer and director Craig Pickles, Tom Felton, Jack Osbourne, fellow Celebrity Junkie and model/actress Gemma Atkinson. (Photo courtesy of Craig Pickles)

Feltbeats.com was lucky enough to sit down (electronically) with Craig Pickles, Executive Producer and director of “Jack Osborne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie,” a new reality show where Jack Osborne gets a group of celebrities (including Tom Felton) to perform crazy, dangerous stunts. NOTE: Don’t worry, the show has already been filmed, and Tom survived in one piece. ๐Ÿ™‚

“Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie” is ITV2 on Wednesdays at 9pm. Tom’s episode will be the last one shown, at the end of November.

Today we will post the first half of our interview, and on Friday we will post the rest – including answers to such burning questions as – What good luck charm did Tom take with him on his stunts?

Feltbeats.com: Please tell us a little more about your company, Ginger Productions, and what other TV shows have you worked on?

Craig Pickles: Ginger Productions have produced the previous three seasons of Adrenaline Junkie, this year the company has also produced: โ€˜Shooting Britney,โ€™ a fly on the wall documentary about Britney Spears; โ€˜Take Me To The Edge,โ€™ an eight part round the world adventure series focusing on tribal rights of passage; and a cinema advertisement for the outdoor clothing company, Berghaus.

FB: Tell us about meeting Tom Felton for the first time. Were you excited to meet him?

CP: Tom was open, genuine and really exited to take part in the show. Enthusiasm is something we always look for and Tom had it in spades. My girlfriend in particular was very exited to meet him!

Screenshot taken from introductory clip of ITV 2’s “Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie,” right before Tom’s 700-ft bungee jump.

FB: Please describe for us the various locations to which you traveled with Tom Felton during the course of filming. Which stunts did Tom participate in?

CP: During our time in South Africa, Tom came face to face with a 700ft bungee from a bridge, a 20ft great white shark, a very exited ostrich, a stunt glider (which Tom had a go at flying) and a skydive out of an ex-U.S. military helicopter. Despite being scared of the bungee jump he showed real grit and threw himself into the challenge. Likewise, he conquered his fear time and again on the other challenges. He was a real trooper!

Feltbeats.com would like to thank Craig Pickles for his brilliant enthusiasm and helpfulness! We appreciate it, Craig!

Check back on Friday for the second half of our interview.

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