Audio and transcript of Tom Felton’s interview on Heat Radio

Thanks to our Feltbeats Army member Becka (Feltbeats Army Rep!), we have audio of Tom’s interview on Heat Radio!

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Thanks again to FA member Becka for this transcript. Becka is British so she can translate things into proper English for us Americans.

Tom Felton: Hello Brian.

Brian Dowling: How are you?

TF: I’m very well, thank you for having me.

BD: Is it true that you originally auditioned for the role of Harry in the Harry Potter movies?

TF: Yes, I mean…

BD: That is true?

TF: It is true, it is true. This is going back nine years now or something, back when we were just children so to speak. So yeah, we did a few for Harry and then a few for Ron as well.

BD: Oh really?

TF: Yeah. (laughs) They dyed my hair ginger and brown.

BD: You liar, did they?

TF: I’m no liar, I got, I got a fair uh, I got a fair digging at school for that.

BD: What’s it like being ginger?

TF: (Laughs) Ginger for a day! It was an experience.

BD: Ginger for a day.

TF: It was an experience, I recommend it to any one.

BD: What about being brunette, what about being brunette for a day?

TF: It’s not so bad, not so bad.

BD: Is being blond better?

TF: I dunno, I’m willing to say blonds have more fun but uh…

BD: Do they?

TF: I’ve been blond for the last seven years, so it’s hard to say, really.

BD: And, tell us about “The Half Blood Prince” movie, what can we expect?

TF: A lot, a lot, I mean obviously I’m restricted, I haven’t seen much, I limit myself to how much I actually watch whilst we’re shooting it. It was an seven month shoot and I was there throughout, and for what I’ve seen and done, it’s gunna be a… it’s gunna be an epic film.

BD: Now you’re also taking part in Jack Osbourne’s show, Adrenaline Junkie, this Wednesday.

TF: Yes, yes.

BD: Now I’ve actually seen the show, that’s how important I am.

TF: I’m very excited.

BD: You’ve not seen it yet.

TF: I’ve not seen any of it, no.

BD: Now can I say, you’re on up with Wendi Peters from Corrie and Gemma Atkinson.

TF: Correct.

BD: Did you enjoy it, ’cause you do some pretty… weird, crazy stuff.

TF: I know, yeah. Truth be told, I’m not an adrenaline junkie by birth right, so this was uh, a totally new experience for me so, I’m kinda glad that I pushed myself to do what I did, ’cause there’s no other way I would have ever done it otherwise.

BD: What I find quite weird, obviously having watched you in the movies, was you swearing.

TF: Uh yeah, yeah.

BD: You swearing, I was like “Oh, you shouldn’t say that!”

TF: Ohh!

BD: “Oh, he’s gunna get done for that!” And you did swear quite a lot!

TF: Do I really? Oh God! My mum’s already warned me! My gramps is gunna be watching, he’s gunna be holding his head!

20 thoughts on “Audio and transcript of Tom Felton’s interview on Heat Radio

  1. Hey i listened to it and I am not sure if heard right but at the end I think something was said about him being back next week perhaps someone could tell me if I am right or wrong.

    • The interviewer, Brian, was just filling in for the main host. So Brian was asking that if he filled in again, would Tom join him? I think it was just a formality, however. πŸ™‚

  2. lol, it’s funny when he says that he doesn’t want people to watch his show because he’ll be embarrassed! πŸ˜†
    He’s sounds so cute when he laughs πŸ™‚

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  5. i hate that Brian still interrupts him!

    but well, thank you so much for this record, it’s really nice from you wwho has recorded it and Becka who gave the transcript!

  6. Rofl, I Love His Voice. Barely? Tom are you serious! You rock the world, you rock the universe, and soon you’ll be rocking my youtube account. Feltvlogs. Uber Excited. πŸ˜€

    Yay Tom, You rock this cheeee.

  7. lol that’s pretty funny about his mom and gramps. XD hope you don’t get in too much trouble Tom. and i didn’t know he read for Ron too! that’s pretty cool. πŸ™‚

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