interviews Tom Felton, an “interview website that conducts innovative interviews with intriguing people,” has just released a new interview with Tom Felton. The interviewer does experience some trouble with the Skype connection, but otherwise it is a fantastic interview. More of the interview will be posted later.

Hey, Tom?

Hello! How—I can’t hear you that well.

I’m sorry, say again?

I can’t hear you that well. We’ll do our best!

Oh, okay—can you hear me now?

Yes, I can hear you.

Okay, let’s get started. First of all, I wanted to talk about your music before anything else.

Okay, sure.

So, recently you’ve been putting up songs on YouTube, on iTunes, under the handle Feltbeats—

Yeah, yeah.

Just—how did that come about?

Well the long and short of it is, I’ve been trying these out for a couple of years now, and a few of my friends moved away and to keep them in the loop of new songs, I posted them on YouTube under a different name, and once people started hearing it, people I knew started distributing it in their own fashion and it became relatively successful after a girl I know put it on iTunes and a portion of it—we put the money toward [unintelligible]. Nothing’s been set at the moment, but…

I noticed that the first song you put on YouTube, “Time Isn’t Healing”, now has backing tracks on iTunes. So you’ve been developing your music as you go along, I assume.

Yeah, I have.

So, is this entirely a solo project, or have you been collaborating with other people, or…?

Do I collaborate, did you say?

Yeah, have you been collaborating, or is this all based on you?

At the moment it’s pretty much a one-man band, but I’d like to collaborate, and I’d like to develop the songs further. But at the moment I’m doing it as a hobby, I’m not doing it as a financial venture. I’m not looking to make a pop career out of it or anything like that. At the moment it’s just a bit of fun, and hopefully in years to come it can be something that I can contribute back into music somehow, but just a bit of fun at the moment.

Well, you’re very talented, and it’s great to see you embarking on another sort of endeavor.

Well, sure, thank you very much, I appreciate the comment. It’s something that I do for fun. I wouldn’t want my rent being paid to be relied on me writing a good song, because that’s not the way that it should be done.

So, you said before that even before you started with Feltbeats you’d been playing guitar for a couple of years, right? How did you first get into music to begin with?

Um, I have to really think about this one, actually. You know, I was really interested in some different contents of music, and I went to Africa for my 18th birthday, and there was a little girl out there that we met and we played Jack Johnson for her in the car and pretty much ever since I heard that CD I’ve been playing guitar.

You went to Africa for your eighteenth birthday? …Hello?


Hi. Can you hear me?

No, sorry, go on.

No, you mentioned that you went to Africa for your 18th birthday?

Yeah, that’s right. It was amazing. It was just me and my brother for ten days just looking at animals and visiting different towns and having a real experience in the country. It was a great trip.

Yeah, and you get to travel all sorts of places, especially with Harry Potter, I’m sure—

Yeah, sure.

So are there any other places in particular that have just blown you away? Or, I guess, that you would like to go to?

Sure. I’d like to go to France, or a lot of Europe in general. I went to Venice not so long ago, and Venice is a town like I’ve never been to, like no other. I think every person has to go to Venice at least once.

What about… well, I imagine that you’ve been to New York, and the big cities in the States, as well.

Yeah, I’ve been to New York City, once, anyway—the premiere, the first one, and it was very nice. I plan on going back there in November, as well.

You should definitely come and check out Brooklyn next time you’re in New York. As a Brooklyn resident, I felt obliged to say that.

Okay, fair enough!

So, by the way, you also have a new movie coming out that’s not Harry Potter or anything. It’s called The Disappeared, right?

Yeah, that’s right. It’s a very small British film in between this and the last Harry Potter film. I don’t think it’s got a major release just yet, and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to make it to the States, but it was just fun filming it, and nice to see the other end of the finance world when it comes to filming.

Right. And the Harry Potter series wasn’t your very start, it was—

No, I’d done a couple of films before that.

So this was sort of a return to branching out and doing other films, I would imagine.

Sure, it was really nice to sort of see how the real world works, if that makes sense, because Warner Brothers has extensive time and extensive money, while this other company doesn’t, and it’s quite contrasting to see the style of filming between the two, and it was great fun and it was a nice contrast from Harry Potter.

So, could you talk about what the film is about and about your character in the film?

Yeah, his name is Simon and he’s best friends with one of the main characters, with the central role, and, again, it’s quite contrasting from Harry Potter, he’s very normal, really, and there’s not a lot of acting involved, it was more or less just being yourself, so again, that was very different to Harry Potter.

Yeah. It’s certainly quite a departure from the Harry Potter series, although I guess pretty much anything would be, because it’s such a singular experience.

Yeah, yeah. Very true. Anything would really be a bit of a contrast to Draco, though, because he’s quite unique character.

So, actually, let’s talk about Harry Potter now. The sixth one is coming out, and in this one Draco is a lot more important to the plot than he has been in previous books.

Sure, yeah, he’s quite a central role to the plot in this one, I think.

And I think what’s interesting is that we get to kind of see another side of him.

Sure, completely, completely. I think in the previous he’s been quite two dimensional. In this film another dimension really comes out. I think he’s very keen to play sort of the evil Harry, if that makes sense, the Chosen One, if you will, but you see it unfold, and he doesn’t quite have the courage and strength to become Harry.

Yeah, I actually think that Draco is one of the more complex characters in the series—because Harry views him so negatively, we only really see one side of him in the books until Harry himself sees more.

Sure, sure. The long and short of it, from my point of view, is that there’s—

Hello? [various obscenities are uttered; we have been disconnected]

Based on the posting history, I would guess the second half will be posted next week. Stay tuned!

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  1. My favorite part “Hello? [various obscenities are uttered; we have been disconnected]” HAHAHA… just kidding, of course. But Can’t wait for the second part!

  2. damnnn my dream is to visit africa 🙁
    and tom felton as draco malfoy…(but that’s another type of dream…that i have 😳 )
    nice interview…looking fwd 2 read the second part

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