VIDEO: Great Ormond Street Christmas Party

Here is a video from the event. Tom is in it starting at 1:20-1:48.

Thank you to forum member, DeathlyHallows for the video.

21 thoughts on “VIDEO: Great Ormond Street Christmas Party

  1. George Sampson!!! :*********
    TOM FELTON!!! :***************************** xD
    Tom’s hair looks exactly like my hair 😛 ! But my hair has brown colour (Tom’s real hair colour is brown, too, right? 😆 )

  2. God, I LOVE his hair like that, seriously. SOOOOO hawt. It’s actually long enough to cover his eyes.

    Love the guitar guy on his shirt too.

    ….Did he say ‘Ghostbusters’ at the end too?

  3. This totally made my day!

    I just had exams, the last two weeks and
    today I went to school to know how I did..
    I failed math and I only have 64% in total (I’m Belgian) Sooo.. I’m so glad I got to see this!!

    Tom is soooo cute in this and his hair is just perfect!!

    And what George said about Tom having a lot of money or something.. that was kinda Idno.. weird.. 😕

    But Tom was soooo cute!!!! 😆

  4. that was actually so so nice of him to spend his time with some of the kids who are going through hell every day and cheer them up, its really admirable. we love you for that and support GOSH and im just so happy you gave those brave kids a christmas to remeber. good on you and have a wkd cristmas yourself,tom cause you deserve it. xxxxxxxxx

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