Stars – Including Tom Felton and Rupert Grint – support ‘Christmas Spectacular’ for Great Ormond Street Hospital patients

Patients celebrated the festive period yesterday, with a special group of celebrity friends at their magical ‘Christmas Spectacular’ party.

Over 1,800 children and their families gathered throughout the day at Coram’s Field in central London for the annual Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Christmas Party.

Winter wonderland

All the children who attended have been treated by the hospital. They were whisked away to a wintry world, and plenty of assorted elf helpers were on hand to make sure they had an extra special day to remember – complete with elves, snow and reindeer!

Celebrities who attended to show their support and add some Christmas sparkle included:

  • Tess Daly
  • Strictly Come Dancing’s professional dancers Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova
  • X Factor duo Same Difference
  • Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson
  • Cast of Harry Potter including Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton)
  • Casts of  Phantom of the Opera and Hairspray
  • Boy band, ‘Avenue’
  • High School Musical dancers

See more photos of patients and celebrities in Great Ormon Street Hospital’s party gallery

Source: Great Ormond Street Hospital

10 thoughts on “Stars – Including Tom Felton and Rupert Grint – support ‘Christmas Spectacular’ for Great Ormond Street Hospital patients

  1. Wow his hair is longer now! I guess he wants to grow it all out now? There’s only 1 picture of him in the gallery, awwww I’d want a hug too if I met him! <333

  2. That’s nice that those people including Tom take part in these projects… it has certainly sense and the children can be happy at least at Christmas. i’m applauding!

    (and, by the way, the photo is so cute:)

  3. Never commented here before, but seeing that pic of Tom at the Great Ormand Street Chldrens’ Hospital gave me a brand new respect for Tom.

    I just hope I’ll be able to forget that picture when he has to play “the bad guy” in the next HP film! Then again, I’ve always thought him a fine actor, so I’m sure he’ll be able to make me forget!

    Good on ya’, Tom!

  4. It’s great that Tom and the others took time do do charitable things like this. I applaud them!

  5. I’ve always had a fondness for that hospital. I’m glad some cheer is happening there.

  6. his picture is just DARLING!!
    tom is good looking, amazing actor AND knows how to give back!!

  7. Wow – hot. Someone has not bothered to have a hair cut in awhile -try to decide if I like it —- I think i do.

  8. we all would love a hug from Tom He looks so so hot with hair like that it looks so much better longer lets hope he doesn’t have to have it cut just yet. I reckon he is a great big softy with kids he always looks relaxed and happy when hes with them and what a good cause to be involved with i worked with a girl who done her nursing up there it is heartbreaking 😥 at times but there are the rewards aswell.

  9. Well,, what can i tell… this is a very good, excellent web site, i really didn’t expect to find the things, the videos and everything i found, but i did know this was great!

    here i am with my best friend, peti (that means that she is not very tall) and she loves Rupert Grint very much but be sure that not as much as i love Tom… he es an amazing actor, singer… EVERYTHING!!!

    kissis!! 🙂

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