Tom Felton Appears At Fan Expo Denver

Last weekend at the Colorado Convention Center, pop culture fans of all ages reveled in the excitement of Fan Expo Denver! Such stars as Hayden Christensen, Henry Winkler, Bonnie Wright, and the casts of Scream and Vacation met fans, signed autographs, posed for photos and attended panels all weekend!

Normally when we attend a con, we have months to plan and Tom knows we are attending. When Tom was announced last minute for Fan Expo Denver, it was the perfect opportunity to surprise him! In life we get so few opportunities to surprise the important people in our lives, and this one couldn’t have gone any better! With the help of Kelsey from the T22penpals who distracted Tom, and filmed the interaction, it was pulled off without a hitch!

I also had an opportunity to present Tom with one of our 15th Anniversary tshirts! If you would like to get your own, they are available at the Feltbeats Redbubble shop!

Tom was gracious as always, and took time to make it a memorable experience for all who chose to meet him! He even photo bombed a couple of fan pictures with Bonnie Wright since she was set up next to him!

On Sunday we were joined at the con by another member of the Penpals, Meeshrose and her husband Cory! Tom was presented with gifts from the Penpals and asked to borrow Kelseys Ukelele for an impromptu perfomance at his upcoming panel! There may have been a little peer pressure involved from us, but it was all in good fun!

The panel itself was wonderful with fans asking multiple questions that have never been asked before! Tom closed out the panel by serenading the crowd with one of his favorite McFly songs and the crowd went wild! On a personal note, I have waited 14 years to hear him sing live, and when exiting the panel actual burst into tears I was so overwhelmed. So proud of Tom!

Tom jamming with Vivien Lyra Blair

Tom and Bonnie with Bserlori and the Penpals

What a weekend of memories. It just solidifies why we are all such a fan of this kind, generous, and talented man! If you get a chance to see him at an event near you, we highly recommend it! We also hope to meet you at an event in the near future!

We will leave you with a quote from Tom’s panel. “I’m a fan of the fandom. If we could treat everyone like we do here at a con, outside of here, the world would be a much better place.”

Till next time – Bserlori

New Photo of Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs Having a “Great Night” at GOSH Event

For those of you that stake out Tom’s tweets, you may remember back in November when he tantalizingly tweeted about an event he went to in support of the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Charity, a cause he has actively supported for quite some time.

Had a great night with the lovely people from Great Ormond Street Hospital. Please help support this amazing cause

GOSH has just today uploaded photos, and as you can see, Tom attended the Theatres for Theatres Autumn Reception with his on screen dad, Jason Isaacs.

with Jason Isaacs, and GOSH patients Scarlett and Olivia

Thanks to Feltbeats Admin Estrella89san for the links!

An Empirical BRAVO for Tom Felton

Thanks to Estrella89san and her fellow admins at TomFeltonFans_ for a scan of Tom from the latest issue of BRAVO magazine. The German magazine stated how Tom enjoyed his Miami holiday and is still filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in which Part 1 is due out later this year.

In addition to this fabulous scan, we were also treated with some new photos of Tom from March 2009, when he attended the Jameson Empire Awards in London. This year’s award ceremony is still in the voting stages, and whether Tom will be in attendance at this years event is anyone’s guess. We’ll let you know when we know.

You can see the rest of the new photos from this event here in our photo gallery.

Play Dress-up For a Chance to Meet Tom Felton on December 6th

New information concerning the signing Tom will be attending for the Half-Blood Prince Blu-Ray/DVD release on December 6th has come to light for those of you able to attend.

According to HMV, where the signing will be taking place:

Purehmv are very please to announce a in-store personal appearance on the 6th December at hmv 150 Oxford St, London between 4 – 6.30pm. Confirmed cast members are: Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis, Evanna Lynch and Jessie Cave. If you redeem a pair of priority wristbands you will be entitled to jump the queue and be the first of 30 people to meet the cast. We will also throw in a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince™ bluray / DVD set for you to have signed. (only 1 signed item per person allowed).

Please note only 1 pair of wristbands may be redeemed per member. Multiple orders will be cancelled and points refunded.

Wristbands: Please note you will need to bring your order confirmation on the day to receive your pair of wristbands for the event, they will not be posted to you. Once redeemed you will be emailed with full details.

Go here to purchase your wristband!

In addition to this fabulous news, our friends at Snitchseeker have informed us that there will be a fancy dress competition during the event, with the winner receiving personal face time with the cast backstage!

Only 450 souls will be allowed entry starting at 10 am. Make sure to buy your Blu-Ray onsite for the chance to meet Tom and snag his signature. Good luck!