First photos of Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright, and Matt Lewis at T4 Now Online

As we have previously reported, Tom was to attend the Stars of T4 event today in London. If you follow his Twitter, you will know that he did, and we now have pictures to prove it!

Had fun at T4. @mattdavelewis got a photo with peter andre….was priceless (extremely witty pun) On my way home now. Quite tired x

Even our friends at @heatworld got into the act when they tweeted us this Twitpic:

Keep checking back as more photos from today’s event become available.

14 thoughts on “First photos of Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright, and Matt Lewis at T4 Now Online

  1. OMG, Tom looks like a cute sailor from those old black & white movies! Cute!!!! Kudos on all your success, Tom. You rock! Your biggest Canadian fan here. ;D

  2. Matt looks the best imo, casual but neat, ready for a night out. i dont like tom’s striped shirt, what was he (or should i say jade 😡 THINKING when she chose that shirt for tom?!?). whatever bonnie’s wearing looks weird as well 🙁 kida looks like she’s wearing 2 dressed that are merged into one? especially looks like that towards the bottom/hem of her dress…

    NONETHELESS im quite content for those 2 pics of bonnie and tom (along with matt :P) as its a bit of a D/G tease in real life 😀

    draco/ginny fan here, what do u expect? lol. a VERY RARE photo that has bonnie and tom in it. omg, my D/G shipper heart beats rapidly *squeeee*

  3. Seeing you so at ease and all smile like that along your fellow co-stars, Thomas, it’s hard to believe you were exhausted, after that!*lol* Thanks for sharing these photos of yours, I know where is their place…

    With Love,


  4. I love this pic ^-^ Tom really suits this! And Bonnie looks amazing – Matts, well.. he’s Matt! 🙂

    Also, the tweet at the top I adore, ‘cos I replied to it, and he replied back! 😀

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