New Photo of Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs Having a “Great Night” at GOSH Event

For those of you that stake out Tom’s tweets, you may remember back in November when he tantalizingly tweeted about an event he went to in support of the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Charity, a cause he has actively supported for quite some time.

Had a great night with the lovely people from Great Ormond Street Hospital. Please help support this amazing cause

GOSH has just today uploaded photos, and as you can see, Tom attended the Theatres for Theatres Autumn Reception with his on screen dad, Jason Isaacs.

with Jason Isaacs, and GOSH patients Scarlett and Olivia

Thanks to Feltbeats Admin Estrella89san for the links!

29 thoughts on “New Photo of Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs Having a “Great Night” at GOSH Event

  1. I am FILLED with SQUEEE looking at this picture. The adoring look on Tom’s face, the precious girls, the ever fabulous Jason.


  2. @feltbeats Thanks for posting this. I swear I’m in love with Jason Isaacs. LOL. The picture is so adorable.

  3. Of course I recall reading this tweet from Thomas’s share done last November!

    Nothing please me that seeing than both on-screen father and son attended the following reception. You can clearly perceived the affection and admiration of Thomas linking him to Mr. Isaacs. It really shows.

    With Love,


  4. …that just sounds so nasty. :D:D:D:D RT @feltbeats “New Photo of Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs Having a “great night” […]”

  5. @feltbeats Aw that stinks! At least he’s enjoying the sunshine and In-N-Out while he’s here!

  6. AWWWWW my two favourite guys togethe. Obviously Tom loves his screen Dad Love em both to bits XXXXX

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