Tom Felton on the BBC The One Show

Tom Felton and Meg Bellamy joined Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas on the BBC The One Show on Wednesday. Tom and Meg Bellamy spoke about their new play, A Child Of Science, which tells the story of the discovery of IVF.

You can watch the full interview on the BBC iplayer (available for 28 days) or below (the interview starts at 6:03):

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credit: BBC – The One Show

Poster for Tom Felton’s upcoming new play “A Child of Science” and Behind the Camera Video

As we reported here, Tom Felton will star in the world premiere of Gareth Farr’s A Child of Science from 5th June – 6th July 2024.

Bristol Old Vic has now released the poster for the play and a behind the camera video at the photoshoot for “A Child of Science” with the cast.

Rehearsals start next week and will be on stage in under six weeks.

Tom Felton stars as medical maverick Robert Edwards

In 1978, Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards, and Jean Purdy changed the world as we know it – and most people don’t even know their names.
Bruntwood Prize-winning writer Gareth Farr’s brilliant new play tells their pioneering story, and those of the army of women from all over the UK whose immense bravery helped them achieve the impossible – to create human life in vitro.
Faced with fierce criticism and hostility, and hounded by the media for “playing God”, trials were kept largely under wraps. But their determination to give hope to the thousands of families struggling to conceive eventually led to one of the most remarkable medical breakthroughs of our time: the birth of a baby girl and the creation of IVF, a procedure which has supported the birth of over 12 million babies worldwide over the last 45 years.
Directed by the highly acclaimed West End director Matthew Dunster (Hangmen, 2:22 A Ghost Story, Shirley Valentine) and starring Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Jamie Glover (Waterloo Road, Casualty), Meg Bellamy (The Crown), Adelle Leonce (Fool Me Once, Black Mirror), Sonoya Mizuno (House of the Dragon), and more, A Child of Science is about determination, dreams, hope, and courage. It’s a celebration of life.

credit: Bristol Old Vic

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Photos & Videos: Tom Felton at Comic Film Manga Fest Rotterdam

Tom Felton was at the Comic, Film & Manga Fest Rotterdam last weekend.

Here are some photos of Tom during the panel and the unplugged session at the convention.

credit: officiall_l2lly –
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credit: Comic Film Manga Fest Rotterdam

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Panel on Saturday:

credit: Comic Film Manga Fest Rotterdam

Unplugged session on Sunday:

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Photoshoot by Tom Cornelissen:

Interview by Gaby Boterkooper for LINDA.meiden

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credit: Gaby Boterkooper & Tom Cornelissen

Photos & Videos: Tom Felton at Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show by TGS

Tom Felton was at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show by TGS on 16th & 17th March 2024.

Here are some photos of Tom during the panel and the unplugged session at the convention.

dredit: Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show by TGS

credit: lolo_the_magic_world2023, roster_con & fannyrlphotography

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credit: Boris Colletier / mulderville

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Panel on Saturday :

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Showcase on Sunday:

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